The Canadian tuxedo, also known as a “denim sandwich” is apparently a fashion faux pas that has been in and out of fashion forever. Personally, I like my double denim, but I do believe there is still a ‘technique’ to it. Don’t go doubling up on the exact same denim wash, go for opposites, like an unwashed black or raw blue denim with something lighter on top. To make this outfit feel less casual I decided to dress it up with a hunting jacket, i love the little suede details on this guy.

Here are the details of this outfit.

Sunglasses by Gucci

Scarf from Zara

Hunting Jacket from Zara

Denim shirt by Abercrombie & Fitch

Jeans by wrangler available at Stuttafords

Driving gloves from tiny boutique store in Lisbon

Socks from Ralph Lauren Rugby

Shoe by Zara

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