I’ve been saying for ages how badly I need some pocket squares. They seem to be sneaking up on a lot of mens fashion blogs these days. It’s that whole “gentleman” look that I love, things like suspenders and driving gloves and wingtips and hunting jackets. I love how easy it is to make those classic pieces fun. Needless to say, you just can’t find any pocket squares here, well nowhere normal (you could probably find them at boutiques and luxury stores like Louis Vuitton or Dunhill) But when it comes to fashion items like this you want to spend as little as possible. After all you won’t wear them everyday and who’s to say they won’t be out as quickly as they came in. So Asos.com is the perfect place to pick up good quick fashion, and I did. All of these guys were only 5 pounds. Some of them are neckerchiefs, and I doubt I’ll ever use it as one, but there’s nothing to say it won’t double up as the perfect pocket square. I tried to cover all the basics blue, red, green and white. With some florals thrown in for fun.

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