How loose are your pants?

Are they so loose that you need to be double sure they don’t fall down?

Well, then get yourself a smaller pair of pants.

I saw this the other night and it kinda shocked me, what really shocked me was that a very ‘gentlemeny’ cigarette brand had dressed up there reps like this. Yep, wearing suspenders, and belts (not to mention the fact that their ties were only half way down their shirts). The ruling on this is simple “braces or belt” all you need do is chose one, both are designed to keep your pants up.

Just to avoid confusion, the rule applies to suspenders and braces alike. Yes, there is a difference.

The image above shows a pair of braces.

Braces attach to your pants with buttons, and are traditionally found on suits, they were designed to keep your pants at an exact height. I’ve seen a couple of casual items sporting buttons for braces, and its right up my style alley, a little bit of gentlemen style made young and fun.

The image above shows Chuck Bass (I don’t care, that’s what I’m calling him). Chuck is sporting a pair of suspenders.

Suspenders are defined by the clip that attaches them to your pants, and are generally made of cheaper materials than braces, generally, but not always.

Don’t worry if you didn’t know the difference, before I wrote this post, neither did I and I’m pretty sure you can get away with calling them either or, just please don’t wear them with a belt.

Okay. Stay fancy.

3 thoughts on “Dressiquete – Braces or belt, never both

  1. “pretty sure you can get away with calling them either or” Sorry, love…

    No one can ever get away with calling them either or. The wearer of braces will be offended if you call them suspenders. The wearer of suspenders won’t know what your talking about if you call them braces.

    I believe you when you say you didn’t know the difference between braces and suspenders before writing this blog post. 🙂

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