This was the first of the most beautiful days here in Cape Town.

It was definitely T-shirt time.

And there is only 1 T-Shirt that sits at the top of my T-shirt pile. It’s this guy. It’s so old now it’s stretches for miles, it’s stained and has holes in it! Yessssss! Perfect! Don’t get me wrong, I have roughly 50 T-shirts (as you would imagine) in my closet, but Im obsessed with this Cheap monday skull Tee. I also decided to launch my yellow laces after seeing how great they looked on a pair of brown shoes after writing that stolen riches post. Add to that a little pocket square detailing, that matches absolutely nothing and I was happy with the first of my summer day outfits!

The details of this outfit are the following:

T-Shirt by Cheap Monday (available at ASOS)

Checked Blazer from Zara 

Pocket square from ASOS (already sold out)

Jeans by Levis

Shoes from Zara

Laces by 1901

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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