It was a day for socks.

Yep, and you know I’m not big on socks, though yo wouldnt think looking into my sock drawer..

See, in true Cape Town style the weather had turned on us and dropped 10deg over night, but it was still fancy friday. I started this outfit with the socks, because I could use that amazing hanky of mine, and let those shoe laces play with the hanky a bit. It was then just a matter of keeping it grey and black to let the colour pop, really pop!

The details of this outfit are the following:

Tartan button up from Zara

Skull and crossbones bow tie by Ralph Lauren Rugby 

Woolen blazer from Topman

Grey wool v neck jumper from Woolworths

‘Clarence’s Hank’ pocket square by Heywood 1922

Jeans by Wrangler (Vegas fit available now at Stuttafords)

Shoes from Socrati

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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