Ive been doing a little bit of shopping.

But on a super tight budget.

I get a lot of “jeeeez you must spend a lot of money on clothes”! And, it’s kind of annoying, because, well I just don’t, I cant afford to. So I made a mission last weekend to get some super fun and stylish threads from some of our fast fashion retailers. Everything, other than shoes came to under R1500 (about $120) I already had the shoes, and I cant buy shoes if they’re not leather. You gotta draw the line somewhere. Would of been cheaper, but that navy blazer was R1000…and I just had to have it. Perfect fit and incredible detail.

The details of this outfit are:

Navy cotton and linen blazer from Markhams

Preppy tie from Markhams

Pale yellow button down oxford shirt from Mr Price Fashion

Turqouise slim chinos from Mr Price Fashion

Pocket square from ASOS

Tan wingtips from Zara

Okay. Stay fancy.


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