Okay. So, I know this will now make my 3rd “how to tie a bow tie” post on the blog.

And I promise, it will possibly be the last. But this is Nick Wooster teaching us how to tie a bow tie, and this is Wooster Wednesday.

The other reason I stuck it on here is because some of you may have made the brave step in buying a self tie bow tie and have just struggled to get it right, now you don’y have to feel so alone. See? This man with a beard also couldn’t tie a bow tie.

So, what has Nick Wooster taught us this week? Yes, yes, he has taught us to tie a bow tie! True. He also taught us that shark pants are cool, and if you know a little something about fashion…and your friends don’t, well, pass it on.

Friends don’t let friends dress badly!

Okay. Stay fancy.

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