See that?

That cupcake has my name all over it!

I was luck enough to invited to the preview of the adidas summer and spring 2013 collection, as well as be let in on all the plans they have for the upcoming year! I’m not sure I’m allowed to share that with you guys, but what I can say is get ready for awesome.

Now, I may have fallen off the exercise wagon a little, maybe my skinny chinos have become a little skinnier than I would have liked. But in the past I have been known to do a bit of running, and old followers may remember that I once posted an ‘Outfit of the day’ that was just me in running gear.   adidas is now sponsoring the 2 oceans marathon, and I reckon I’m gonna hit the road again, and aim for my first half marathon next year….also I ate that cupcake…and the white one (tasted like fluffy clouds)

Anyway, I digress, what I wanted to share with you – because I took some sneaky shots while I was there – are some of the goodies coming out of the adidas originals label, in specific the blue collection. The blue collection is like the older more stylish brother of the originals family and they have some pretty sweet stuff.

Being a big fan of details, I just love these skinny jeans with the blue stitching, it’s such a fun detail to play with and those blue plimsoles for a casual day out…are you kidding me! Hello Awesome!

Anyway, keep an eye out for these guys, I’m guessing they’ll be hitting our shores very soon, and our friends over in the northern hemisphere are already rocking the blue detailed turn up!

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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