Are you kidding me?

How awesome is this store?

It opened up about a week ago in its new home at the corner of Bree and Wale street in a building that dates back to 1860, and is without a doubt a much better fit for this brand then it’s previous home in the V&A waterfront. Whenever I travel overseas I make a point of visiting the local Paul Smith store, not only because they are so amazingly decorated, but of course in the hope that I’ll find myself something fancy.

This particular store has focused on Mother City fashion, so you wont find much in the London Line and Mainline fine tailoring department (they’ve kept that for the Parkhurst store in Johannesburg) instead you’ll get an amazing selection of PS by Paul Smith and Paul Smith jeans, the younger more ready to wear stuff.

_DSC5143_DSC5139Now I don’t have a lot of designer labels, and I don’t like most of them, but there is something about Paul Smith that I have just always loved, I think it’s because it speaks directly to my ‘classic with a twist’ style. Something that is so distinguishably gentleman detailed with something bold, like a pair of black derby’s with purple laces -In fact I’m pretty sure Paul Smith started the whole coloured laces fashion we all love so much now, I remember seeing it on a pair of Paul Smith shoes, and then hunting like crazy till I found myself a pair of purple laces a year or two later.

When I get married, it will be in a Paul Smith suit, this much I know, though throughout the years I’ve managed to pick myself up a few Paul Smith trinkets and even some amazing classic fashion pieces one of them my tan leather belt that I throw on pretty much every fancy friday, It’s one of my prized possessions, unfortunately this trip round, I was “only browsing, thank you” but i’ll be back, soon I hope.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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