Know your pattern- Plaid

This is actually a tricky little pattern.

Turns out plaid is actually the fabric and that the pattern is called tartan.

The term ‘Plaid’ is only used to describe the pattern in North America where as a tartan is defined by any pattern containing stripes of varying widths and colours crossed at right angles against a solid background.

It wouldnt surprise you of course that the pattern originated in Scotland where it was used to define different scottish clans. How cool is that? Imagine having a suit, or in this case a ‘man skirt’ made to a fabric unique to your family? Sweeeet!

Clearly the pattern has moved on from blankets and kilts where it originated and is found in every aspect of mens fashion, here are a few.

Okay. Stay fancy.

11 thoughts on “Plaid / Tartan – Know your patterns

  1. Do you have any idea were I can find pattern blazers or the one in particular that Is in the middel in the three frames?

    1. Hi Paul,

      I’m afraid the images I use are from tumblr’s and blogs around the world, so I’m afraid I cant help you with that particular blazer. If you have a ZARA in your part of the world, I would suggest trying them.

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