Oxfor ShirtsI love my oxford shirts.

But I only found out quite recently exactly what makes an oxford shirt, an oxford shirt.

First and foremost an oxford shirt is a dress shirt, which is to say that they have buttons all the way down the front and feature collars and historically sleeve cuffs – though now days they are available with short sleeves.

They look a little something like  this on from ASOS

Oxfor Shirts3But this is what most people believe defines an oxford shirt. It’s not.

An oxford shirt is defined by the cloth from which it is made, oxford cloth (no surprises there). Originating from Oxford (surprise surprise) in England the original pattern was called The Royal Oxford and made using pure cotton only. The  weave of the fabric resembles a basket pattern giving is a slightly elevated soft feel and making it very durable.

Oxfor Shirts2Despite it’s strict beginnings, oxford shirts now come in a variety of colours and prints as well as different styles, it’s the evolution of fashion I guess.

Although they never really go out of fashion they are currently quite fashionable and lend themselves perfectly to a preppy look.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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