Know your pattern- nailhead

I know this category of the blog is called “know your patterns”, but when it comes to this one, im not even sure I do.

After a massive amount of research, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to take this little bit of fashion knowledge with a handful of salt and consider it more a tip than a truth.

You see, between birds eye and nailhead every resource I found had a different definition and even worse, a different example on each. The only thing I could find consistent is that it falls into what is considered a ‘solid’ pattern, which is to say that it give the appearance of a solid colour from afar. Upon closer inspection one should see that the weave has a resulting lighter dot on the surface giving it a Nailhead / Birds eye / bullseye / pin head appearance much like oxford cloth.

Those aren’t just adjectives, nope those are all variations of this pattern, where nailhead would carry a more square weave, birdseye a more diamond shape and bulls eye a more oval shape with pin head seemingly being a very tiny dot like pattern.

In the end, I think I vaguely get it, all I know is, I like it!

I’m hoping I’ve hit the ‘nail’ on the head with the examples below.

Know your pattern- nailhead2

Know your pattern- nailhead3

Know your pattern- nailhead4

Know your pattern- nailhead5

If we have any fabric experts in the house, please feel free to correct me.

Okay. Stay fancy.

3 thoughts on “Nailhead – Know your patterns

  1. I’m looking for more information on the black and white Birdseye? Pattern in the jacket of the last photo….this is Birdseye correct? Where did you get the photo or where can I find the exact material? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi James, this is actually nailhead (similar to birdeye just larger) Unfortunately, that image is about 5 years old and no idea where you could find something like that at the moment

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