A while back, when we first started Fancy Friday we would host a little competition on our Instagram feed, encouraging people to dress up on Friday then snap a pic and send it to us. I

We did it again for the first time this year, last Friday, by asking people to tag #FancyFridayWMBW. t’s a great way to see what everyone all around the world considers fancy. It’s also a great way to spot some seriously edgy trends on the horizon and just get fashion inspiration.

So here is our winner @meladdiction.

I’m not a fan of black on black, but that pocket square wouldn’t of worked on anything else…and combined with those shoes, studs and leopard print! Wowsers!!

@meladdictionBelow are all the male entrants (in no particular order) that we received through Instagram and over mail.

What my boyfriend is an equal opportunity blog, so we love giving the ladies a chance to shine too.

Here is last Friday’s winner for the ladies, @airincupcakery. Mish and I just loved her use of bright accessories!@airincupcakeryHere are the rest of the female entries. Come on ladies, hoping to see some more in the future!

If you guys wanna take part and be featured on the IG feed or here on the blog just mail us at whatmyboyfriendwore@gmail.com or tag us on our IG feed with #FancyFridayWMBW.

Okay. Stay fancy.


5 thoughts on “Fancy Friday – Winners

      1. Tattoo’s, beards, cardigans, no shirt and tie, a bit more of high fashion for the casual male! – but keep up what you are doing, it got my attention, and it takes a lot!

      2. Ok, cool, been thinking of maybe doing a weekly ‘casual’ post to offset the tediousness of dressing dapper all the time, and I may even document and post my next tattoo. Beards, well, I’m afraid that even at the ripe old age of 35, mine is only inching along…bad genes I guess.

      3. Sounds intriguing – I’ve been thinking of a tattoo for ages (not a tribal one)!! And your site is very modern regarding the very dap look! (A bit out of my league these days) since moving from the coast I seemed to wear flip flops all the time – but did move to Birmingham recently, where I really like the look of many origins! So many wear similar to where they are from. Such a mixed culture! (Not like Cornwall – sun, sand and surf)!

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