nick-wooster-in-madison-square-park-fashionThis weeks Wooster Wednesday is a little bit of inspiration for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere.

As we start taking on the cold weather here on the southern most tip of Africa, spring is springing all over Europe and the U.S and my tumblr and Instagram feeds are filling up with short sleeves and even shorter pants.

So I thought I would share this look of Nicks, It’s one of my favourite, though I’ve never been brave enough to try something like this myself.

A blazer with shorts and some semi formal shoes I think will go a long way to owning spring this season, though I’m a little on the fence about the man bag (I have been for a while now)

Nick Wooster 4Nick-Wooster-in-Madison-Square-Park-blog-fashion-menThis hat on the other hand, I love! Yessss! (Ive told you more than once to get a hat – he says without having one himself)

Nick seems to have quite a penchant for his patchwork blazers, and I’m warming up to them myself, very ‘hobo chic’ as if it came straight out of Mugatu’s derelicte camapign in Zoolander. It does however feel like it’s the perfect match to that tartan shirt of his.

Wooster lesson for the week?

“Shorts does not a casual outfit make”

Okay. Stay fancy.



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