I’m afraid I’m really reaching the end of googles Nick Wooster image library.

Unless some street photographer tracks him down and does an inspiring shoot, this may have to stop being a weekly post.

This is one I’ve been holding on to for a while, I liked the outfit, but wasn’t sure why. But, now I have it. I’ts like the menswear mullet – Formal at the top, party down below.

The lesson for us gents? Well, it’s a simple one really. Don’t think your suit can only ever be worn as a suit, even though popular opinion dictates it. It’s not a completely useless opinion, but it’s mostly meant to prevent you from wearing out 1 item before the other and sitting with half a suit in your wardrobe. I on the other hand believe you should look for a suit that can be worn as its individual elements, sure you’ll ruin your suit, but you’ll definitely get a lot more wear out of it. I did that exact thing 2 fancy fridays ago, not with the same amount of bravery as Nick, but I took a 3 piece and split it in half. It made me happy…maybe next time I should try some ‘statement pants’.

Okay. Stay fancy.


2 thoughts on “Wooster Wednesday #24

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    1. Hi Phillip

      Thanks for the massive compliment.

      I’ve never thought about writing for a Journal, no. Either way, I struggle finding the time to write for the blog, been so slack this past week.

      Either way, I appreciate all the love.



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