nick-wooster-checkerboard-vans-blazer-sitting-580x871So, here’s a new Nick look.

I’m gonna say it’s borderline casual, maybe even borderline normal.

Maybe Nick is taking a bit of a break after his recent departure from JC Penny, and as summer roles around in the Northern Hemisphere Nick is gonna take it a bit more casual.

Well, casual for Nick, he is after all still wearing some seriously cerise pants with that very classic navy and white combination he loves so much. His spectacles are outstanding and that trimmed beard really gets that moustache to pop. Good job!

Personally, im just not sure about the shoes.

nick-wooster-checkerboard-vansI’m all for the classic white plimsole with a pair of chinos on a Sunday afternoon while you kick back, but Ive never been a fan of the checkered Van, it’s a little to skateboardy for me.

Turns out though, this is Nicks most prized possession, at least thats what he told GQ in a recent shoot entitled “The Favourite Clothes of Fashions Most Stylish MEn & Women”

I was a little surprised, until I thought about what my most prized fashion possession is, and I kinda think it’s my cheap monday skull T shirt, I’ve had it for ages, it’s completely out of shape and full of holes, and I just love it more and more.

So, what could our Wooster Wednesday lesson be for the week? I’m not sure there is one. Maybe the lesson is to never stop surprising people with your fashion choices. Is that a lesson? I’m not sure.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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