51512CanalSt4777WebRecently I was asked if I could start offering some advice on a more casual approach to dressing.

And maybe it is time that I started sharing my more casual approach to dressing, after all I certainly don’t walk around in ties and blazers all day.

So I decided to start off by picking a less formal Sartorial Sunday, as a kind of proof point that with the slightest detail, even the most casual look can appear dapper. In this case it’s all about that over sized bow tie and it’s strong contrast to everything else he is wearing. It’s perfectly preppy and works amazingly I think, I might of done it a little different, some white plimsole sneakers and some slightly slimmer pants, I may of even kept my shirt untucked though (contrary to everything I usually believe)

Wanna re create this look?

Try this:

Denim jacket – similar here

Bow tie, with this look any will do, but here is a rad one.

White button up shirt – similar here

Brown chinos – similar here

Converse sneakers here – but prep it up with these rather

Okay. Stay fancy


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