wooster-×-cheetah-shoes-smoking-lookbook-cargo-e1369910566104It’s often said that your shoes make your outfit.

This is a prime example of that! Without these amazing leopard dessert boots, this would just be a classic khaki and navy combo by Nick Wooster. Thank goodness he is redeeming himself from last weeks Wooster Wednesday, with that…um…less than favourable choice.

I’m still not sure about those cargo pants Nick loves to wear so much, but, they kinda work here though, they help tone down the outfit and make it more casual.

Our lesson from Nick this week…well, its kinda obvious, don’t neglect those shoes. Make them count…also, make them leather…or real leopard at least.

Here’s how you can recreate this look (leopard boots and all)

Get the Persol sunglasses here

Get similar navy blazer here

Get similar white shirt here (I’ve gone for an oxford – it fits the casualness of the look)

Get similar cargo pants here

Get similar dessert boots here 

Okay. Stay fancy.

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