Ok. So I’m back!

Istanbul and Greece were amazing, but that’s a different blogpost.

Today is wednesday, and yet I’m doing a sartorial sunday post. Much like this look, it doesn’t need to make much sense, it just is and it just works.

Thats the best part about fashion, is that sometimes the wrong thing to do is the only thing to do and this gentleman (another amazing capture by Garcon Jon) has done exactly that. He’s basics are very classic, a beautiful 1 button grey suit and white shirt, but when it comes to the accessories….or details, he’s all obver the place with textures and patterns. 

Does it work?

Not really.

Does he make it look good?

Uh…YEAH he does!

Proof once again that confidence is the ultimate accessory.

Or maybe it’s just that hair. Hard to tell.

This was an incredibly difficult outfit to replicate. I’ve had to delve into more pricey options for such specific details, especially when it came to the leather pouch…yep, its Gucci! The shoes are however currently on sale, so you might wanna snatch those bad boys up while you still can.

Get similar textured suit here

Get similar white curved collar shirt here

Get similar navy silk bow tie here

Get similar geometric printed pocket square here

Get similar (though ridiculously expensive) leather pouch here

Get leopard print desert boots here

Okay. Stay fancy.



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