walkingI have some excuses for being so slack, none of them good enough (except that I was camera less for 2 weeks), but lets not dwell on the past, or the lack of, lets move into this weeks Fancy Friday.

I picked up that blazer on sale in a recent rip to Istanbul and I’ve been wanting to share it with you guys for quite a while now. It has a lot of super rad details, my favourite being the button able cuffs, it’s usually the mark of a well made suit jacket, though in this case, it’s just a rad detail : )

The cotton khaki jacket was a great find, its very casual and so wearing it with jeans and a t shirt works as well as wearing it all fancy like above and below. I’m gonna hopefully find a similar one to link up on this post, but if you find something like this in store, snatch it up, it’s a great addition to any wardrobe.

full-lengthmedium-close-upbuttons-close-uppocket-square-close-upbow-tie-close-upshoesAdmittedly the socks came out of nowhere, and didn’t really go with anything else in the outfit, but thats ok, socks often can, it becomes that detail that stands out and makes the outfit different.

If you like the look and are wanting to create a part of it, try this stuff on for size.

The exact blazer was impossible to find I’m afraid, but you can get a similar one here

Shirt from Woolworths – Get similar here

Navy lapel flower from River Island – Get similar here

Blue denim polka dot ‘Strauss Hank’ by Heywood 1922

Light blue chambray bow tie by Levis

The green cardigan was impossible to find online, this one is by Gap

Brown leather and rose gold watch 151 series by Uniform Wares

Navy skinny chinos by Topman

Smokey argyle socks by Heywood 1922

Brown leather brogues by Ted Baker (These are similar – new season I think)

Okay. Stay Fancy.


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