This has been a massive want for a long time now – I know it’s hard to tell as I haven’t posted a want of the week for ages now, but just because  I don’t blog doesn’t mean I don’t want.

Over the last year I’ve seen more and more monk straps hit the menswear street fashion blogs, and yes, before then, they had never really caught my eye. But when I saw the casual dapper way that they were being worn I just had to get my hands on a pair.

They also, needed to be brown, or tan, or even ox blood, just not black, something about black monk straps just look weird to me.

The choice is then wether you go single or double monk? I’m more of a double monk fan myself, the whole unbuckled top strap look, just has that “broken fashion rule” vibe about it. And I love that…and so I want that!

I’m yet to find a decent well priced pair here in South Africa, so for now I want these glorious Santoni Upton that just seem to carry the right amount of european styling I like in my shoes.

If you feel like dishing out a pretty penny for these bad boys you can find them here

Okay. Stay fancy.

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