There is something about an umbrella with a wooden handle that is just so posh, its very ‘London Gentleman”

But they’re usually quite boring, in black or a standard navy blue. Lame!

But then there is this guy By London Undercover from J CREW! Sure it’s a little trendy with the camo print, but I think you could walk around with it for another year or 2 without being completely out of fashion. As like all objects of beauty, it’s the little things that make the difference, in this guy, its that little orange fastener, it’s just so freaking cool.

I want it, I want it real bad, mostly because I don’t own an umbrella with a wooden handle (I’m still struggling with a pop out guy that turns inside out in the slightest breeze – I think that every man should own at least 1 decent umbrella, sure it doesn’t have to be $182.50 umbrella, but as my dad always said “You buy cheap you buy twice”.

Luckily though if you’re buying from South Africa, like I would be, you can take advantage of the MasterCard and Border free Coss-Border promotion as well as knowing exactly what you’ll pay with landing costs and custom duties all included and all in Rands. How do you take advantage, well up until the end of December simply enter promo code MCSHOP to take advantage of discounted or free shipping at loads of participating retailers.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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