p437958_black_1p437958_black_3velvet slippers embroidered del toro skull bones blackI have wanted a pair of slippers for a while now.

After all, just because you’re lounging around getting ready for bed doesn’t mean you cant be all bad ass about it. It doesn’t mean you cant be dapper about it either. So this weeks want of the week are these amazing Del Torro Shoes Prince Albert embroidered slipper from gilt.com

Not the reason I’ve always wanted a pair of these slippers, is that they look just as good outside the bedroom as they do inside. You can pair these bad boys up with a pair of dark denims, skinny pants or formal shorts and walk around confidently (and comfortably) knowing you look the part.

Sure, they’re $219 a pair, but this is the want of the week, its all about treating yourself. So treat yourself to a pair of velvet leather lined slippers, in either ‘Bad ass black” (not the official name) or this rad green or purple pair.

So now you’ve decided you cant live without these guys, I feel you, I’m having the same problem, thats when Mastercard steps in with it’s Cross-border promotion. Firstly you’ll get free shipping with these guys, you’ll also know exactly what the landing cost are with duties and all the rest of it, yeah, I know it’s pretty sweet. All you need to do is use coupon code MCSHOP when checking out with any Mastercard. Don’t forget, it’s not just at gilt.com you can check out all the retailers here, and I’ll of course be keeping my eyes out for some more want of the week stuff over till the end of the promotion on the  31st December 2013.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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