I’m a simple man, and I like simple thinks. I also just simply want these amazing shoes.

I already own a pair of two tone shoes and I’m surprised how much wear I get out of them, so I kinda feel like I need (WANT) another pair and I kinda feel like these are them. The navy in these will make them even easier to wear as they’ll just go amazingly with a a pair of jeans and because they’re all leather (including the sole) they’re just gonna age beautifully!

Surprisingly though, they’re relatively cheap for a “want of the week” at $79 and all leather its beyond cheap! So if your’e sitting at home thinking its time to ‘Treat Yo Self’ you can go do so here.

Wanna get them for a little less?Course you do! Then make sure you use your MasterCard, and promo code MCSHOP at checkout, yep the cross border promotion is still on so expect deals like free shipping as well as knowing exactly what the landing costs of these dbad boys would be.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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