UnknownUnknown-1A classic want of the week this. An incredibly beautiful, incredibly expensive leather bag.

I’m a bit of a briefcase hoarder, well, I’m actually a bit of bag hoarder if I was to be completely honest. I like big bags and I can not lie. So it kind of feels like there is always room for one more, and there is,or at least there should be.

Like this one. I don’t have anything in green, well, not this particular green, especially not with blue handles, and I’m pretty sure we can agree that is the best part.

So yes, If I had 20K, this bad boy would be being shipped to me right now. Briefcases are a statement people, you gotta be making the right one.

Maybe you have 20k? Excellent! You can get this above beauty right here. Or maybe you just want a fancy briefcase that no one else has, well, you have only till the 31st of December to make use of the MasterCard Cross-border promotion. Simply enter Promo code MCSHOP when checking out with your MasterCard to take advantage of anything from free shipping to special discounts.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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