Who is this guy? And how did he change our pants?

This is 24-year old Bavarian immigrant, Levi Strauss, who landed in San Francisco in 1853 and opened up a wholesale dry goods business. That business changed forever – and so did our wardrobes – when he partnered with tailor Jacob Davis in 1873 on a patent for riveted pockets on work pants for Western pioneers. Creating the original and first ever blue jean – the iconic Levi’s® 501® – he couldn’t have dreamed of its impact on modern culture.

The 501® jean was the original, made for the working men of the West, born in 1873. But Levi Strauss &Co. knew that there were many kinds of working men, and in the 1880s unveiled this style, made with a pocket on the thigh for a folding ruler.

554On February 26, Levi Strauss would have turned 185 years old—and on the anniversary of his birthday I thought you might be interested in taking a little trip down memory lane through the Levis historic Archives. They span everything from the first store to world wars. When you think about it, surely this is one of the most iconic brands of our time?

So happy 185th birthday Mr Strauss, though you may not be around today you continue to live in all of our wardrobes old chap.

Ok. Stay fancy.

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