outside-signwindow-signSo I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about this place for ages, its called The House of Machines and It’s hands down one of my favourite places in Cape Town. It’s the brainchild of Brad Armitage (of Vide e Cafe and &Union beer fame) Paul Van Der Spuy (of blue collar white collar fame) and Drew Madacsi (I dont think Drew is really famous for anything besides being Aussie) who basically wanted to combine there passions and create a place they wanted to hang out in.

I say ‘place’ because it’s not a coffee shop, though the Evil Twin coffee is incredible, 100% certified organic arabica, grown in Honduras and master roasted in Spain.

It’s also not a bar, though they have the most incredible house lager and a bar man called Nick who only makes prohibition cocktails, the kinda stuff that pre dates the 1920’s and is pretty much liquor on liquor. Go have the old fashioned and tell Nick I sent you (life changing) though don’t tell him I called him a bar man, he’s officially an award winning mixologist and his passion for making you the perfect drink is unmatched. Expect about 15min to get your drink, sit down listen to the story, it will be worth the wait, I promise!

They also make bikes, any bike you want, hand crafted from the ground up, yep right there in the La Macchina workshop at the back.

Lastly, they’re not a clothing store, but they have tons of rad Tee shirts, caps and shirts under the THoM Workwear clothing brand. These pics below should give you a little taste for the place.

(Sorry about the barrage of photos, but there is so much cool stuff in this place, I just couldn’t stop shooting.)

There is however one very specific reason I love this place and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s the small range of, lets call them gentleman accessories that they stock, the kind of dapper delights that make you wish your wallet was a little fatter (though they do sell some pretty fat wallets). I picked some of my favourite pieces out of their little display case to share with you guys.

coastersShoe-Brush pocket-knife To-Hell-With-Work---Hip-Flask Funnel Fine-&-Dandy-Comb Pocket-square Best-Intentions---Hip-FlaskSo…it’s my birthday in May. I’ll be happy with any of the above. Thanks.

If you guys wanna visit this place, and I suggest you do, it’s open everyday, except sunday till 5 and the prohibition bar is open Thursday to Saturday and you’ll find it at 84 Shortmarket Street in the Cape Town CBD.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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