11314fab1662Web1Sartorial Sunday are all about fashion inspiration, well, they are for me at least.

They’re a way of seeing what the worlds most fashionable do with everyday wardrobe items that Ive never thought of or tried. Sometimes its groundbreaking, and sometimes, it’s so deadly simple it makes you wonder why you’ve never thought of it! The example above (captured by the original street photographer “The Sartorialist” and the reason for the existence of these posts) has nailed simplicity in the most sartorial way.

What could be more classic then navy and white?

Nothing! That was a trick question!

I’ll tell you what I like about it! It gives the appearance of a suit, so it should be formal, but it’s not because the textures and details make it casual, everything from the simple small framed sunglasses to the casual tied, casually worn scarf. This guy wouldn’t look out of place anywhere, you wouldn’t blink twice at him walking out of (or into) a 5 star hotel, neither would you turn and stare if you were to find him scoffing down a whopper at burger king.

To me, that dude is perfectly dressed. Of course, it could just be that epic beard and great hair. But who’s to say?

If you need these staples for your wardrobe, maybe try the stuff below.


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