Full-LengthOk, I admit this blazer has seen more fancy fridays than most, but I assure you its coincidental. Well, that and its a killer blazer, this blue goes with EVERYTHING and that can sometimes be a problem.

Well, as far as problems go it’s a good one, and if nothing else it proves that investing in the right pieces is key to having a versatile wardrobe.

I wanted to wear some new goodies I had received from my friends at Weekend Casual, and the blue touches in that killer pocket square made me reach straight for this blue blazer, it just sat perfectly together. The rest became an exercise in texture ( with me its either mixing textures or mixing patterns – sometimes both). So I had established a primary colour palette of blue and creme, the rest just fell into place, I had a wonderfully textured creme tie that was going to work perfectly against this lightly striped shirt. So far the pocket square and tie were talking nicely and the final detail was the brown lapel flower, it helped bring out the earth tones in both the tie and pocket square bringing it all together. Well, at least that was the plan.

The grey pants came in at the last minute, mostly because I thought brown pants (which I had waiting and ready) would make everything far to matchy matchy. Also the grey pants are new (picked them up triple reduced at H&M in Dubai for like $20 – score) and I like wearing new things till I am absolutely sick of them. I decided on these shoes in the hopes of adding contrast but also because they referenced the creme and brown colours on top

Again, none of this stuff is full proof and it’s all a matter of taste and preference, but the theory up there is pretty solid I think. Lets take a look at it in a bit of detail shall we.


Thats it fold, this weeks fancy friday.

Here are the details of where its all from:

Sunglasses by Persol

Blazer by Topman

Shirt by TM Lewin

Tie by Weekend Casual

Pocket Square by Weekend Casual

Lapel Flower by Weekend Casual

Watch by MVMT watches

Pant by H&M

Shoes by Zara

Okay. Stay fancy.


5 thoughts on “Fancy Friday in Blue and Grey

  1. I am in love with this look! The colors are so classic. Makes me think Meet me in St.Louis and boater straw hats! My favorite touch – the lapel flower!

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