FLYeah yeah yeah, it’s Wednesday not Friday I know, but we’ll look at it as a throwback. So a back to the future type vibe.

As the weather slowly changes down here in Cape Town, dressing dapper starts becoming a little trickier. I wanna be warm but look cool at the same time, so it becomes a juggling act in layering and fabric choice. In this case, cotton layering at the top and wool down below. Mmmm…wooooool!

This outfit started on the pants! I just wanted to wear them. Because wool. The problem though was that they can get very busy. The check is just big enough to be noticeable at a distance, so you need to stop the outfit from getting too loud at the top. My trick is to let all the topside action blend in with subtle hints to the pants so that they don’t stand out more.

Chestbeltflowersquareshoes You’ll notice a very light creamish brown in the tie that picks up on the lightest check in the pants. The blue of course picks up on the blue in the blazer and the white shirt helps keep it very neutral. The flat colour pocket square with brown trim is yet another attempt at pulling all attention from the pants.

The last trick was mainining all the dapper details without overpowering the top of the outfit. In this case, the blue lapel flower was dark enough to standout while still blending into those blues. The wooden tie clip als managed to create some nice horizontal breaks with the belt and shoes.

Simple right?

If you like any or all of the above, here’s where you can find it:

Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Blazer from Zara

Shirt from Gap

Tie from Weekend Casual

Tie clip from Weekend Casual

Lapel flower from Weekend Casual

Pocket square from Weekend Casual

Belt from Suit Supply

Pants from Suit supply

Shoes from Dune

Okay. Stay fancy.

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