garconjon-pitti-4R2A0299asA classic sartorial Sunday piece, all be it on a Thursday afternoon.

This has ‘strolling through the streets of Florence’ written all over it. Just not because one of my fav street fashion photographers (Garcon Jon) captured it in Florence probably while strolling, but more because of its classic european style cues.

Firstly, this young gentleman above seems to portray what the italians call sprezzatura (Italian for “studied nonchalance”), all while wearing fitted trousers and a fitted blazer. It really is the italian way. The colour palette is a little less ‘italian” but certainly very timeless. You can never go wrong pairing khaki and brown or khaki and navy, or in this case both. Brown and blue are often my go to colours (and you see it come through in a lot of my outfits.)

The white shirt and khakis should be a staple in every mans closet, they’re 2 of my 5 “absolute necessities”  The details are quite simple with just a classic white pocket square and the tasselled suede loafers. The loafers of course are the perfect shoes to show off that italian summer sock!

This is the absolute quintessential Sunday brunch outfit – assuming of course the brunch is served with champagne.

As always Sartorial sunday is not only about appreciating street style, but also about making it accessible to you. I usually need to search a couple of online stores to piece the look together. Not this time. I was lucky enough to find it all on Suit Supply – it has definitely become my go to place for classic online menswear.

If you want to go get this look, try these items.

I decided to change the tie up a bit as I’m not a massive fan of knitted ties, I dunno, they never look right to me. I also decided to add some sunglasses and a hat, because any brunch that serves champagne ought to be outside, and you’re gonna need those.

Get the hat here

Get the sunglasses here

Get the blazer here

Get the shirt here

Get the tie here

Get the pocket square here

Get the pants here

Get the shoes here

Okay. Stay fancy.


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