I finally found a hat that I can wear!

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I’ve been complaining about not being a hat guy for ages! Or at least not finding one that suits me and my tiny little child head. Then I found this guy, you may remember it from the Tread & Miller post from a couple weeks back. Even though I liked it, I wasn’t sure it suited me. Eventually I decided to practice what I preach. Fashion is all about confidence, and if you wear anything with confidence you can pull it off! So I decided to own the hat rather than letting that hat own me!

It’s pretty bad ass!

I wont dedicate this post entirely to the hat, but more on what to wear your hat with. Sartorial Sundays are usually about a little fashion inspiration for those Sundays that requires a little more dressing up. We’re not going full dandy here, just a detail or two to make your outfit pop.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail asking “what to wear to a Havana themed party” at the time I responded with lightweight jackets, shirts and trousers, all mismatched and possibly loafers with a hat. Next time I’ll just respond with “this” wear this outfit 🙂


There are a couple of tricks to wearing mismatched items though, the most basic of which is keeping things in the same tonal range where you can. In this case the shirt and jacket. The hat was quite dark, so balancing it off with darker coloured pants helps keep everything together. Now where nothing else really matches you want to make the outfit still feel considered, so I made sure I stuck to the golden rule of matching belt and shoes. The final detail is the pocket square, it has enough green to talk to the hat and the dark tones help pick up on the pants and shoes making sure that the top half of the outfit isn’t just one light block.

I decided to ditch the tie and the lapel flower so that the outfit remains kinda casual, but “fancy” at the same time. Sartorial Sundays are about dressing up so that  you fit in where ever you find yourself. In this case I don’t think I would feel out of place having drinks round the pool bar or a brunch in a 5 star hotel!

If you’re liking this vibe it’s all available here:

Hat by Simon and Mary available at Tread and Miller

Blazer from Topman

Pocket Square from The Tie Bar

Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger (available locally at Stuttafods)

Pants from Ted Baker (available locally at Stuttafods)

Belt from Suit Supply

Shoes from Tread and Miller

Okay. Stay fancy.

6 thoughts on “Sartorial Sunday in a hat

  1. Great post – very inspiring for those of us who should really start wearing more hats, in my case due to my short stature, I feel they would add a few inches as long as I’m careful with its shape and size.

    But it’s really the Tread and Miller shoes that made me a fan of the outfit. An absolute winner!

    Let’s stay fancy, indeed!

  2. Hey, I tried to find this shirt and couldn’t could you recommend one like it maybe from Banana Republic or something of the sort in slim fit? I wasn’t sure if this was checkered or strips.

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