There is almost nothing that beats the feeling of suiting up. Almost.

Look, I’m no stranger to dressing up, we all know that, a nicely fitted blazer with some contrasting pants a tie and all the details make this guy feel pretty dapper. But there is something about suiting up that just means business!! Now, I don’t mean you need to wait for a board meeting to suit up, I just mean that when you wear a suit, nobody’s gonna get in your way! Not todaaaaaaaay!

So why don’t we suit up more often?  I think it’s because we think suits are too expensive, or at least that a good suit should be. But it doesn’t have to be. I often get asked where to go for a good suit, or to have one made. My answer is always the same, buy the cheapest suit with the best fit and you’ll never go wrong.


So where to go for the cheapest suit that doesn’t look cheap?

Well, I have 3 suits (one of them is a tuxedo) and all 3 of them are from Topman. I didn’t necessarily plan it that way, but I always seem to find something there that fits me perfectly and is too well priced not to buy. The three piece suit in this post was under R5000 (and thats right at the top end), you can get a 3 piece suit for nearly half of that and a 2 piece suit for under R2500.

The reason everything always appear to fit ‘so perfectly’ is that everything is sold as separates. So you can pick the jacket that fits you perfectly and the pants that do the same. My favourite thing about Topman pants, is that they come in different lengths, so if like me you like your pants floating just above your ankles (showing a little skin), you just get a shorter length – no alterations needed! Now I know I always go on about having your clothes tailored to fit you, but the smarter thing to do is buy clothing that doesn’t need it right?

Once you have that suit, dressing it up or down is all up to you. You can wear the pants without the blazer and the blazer without the pants, you can wear it with sneakers and a T-Shirt, or some brogues and a bow tie, it’s your suit, all you need to make sure of is that you wear it confidently!


Now I know that there’s not a Topman in every mall or on every street corer for us here on the tip of Africa, so suiting up isnt easy for everybody who decides they want to. But it is getting easier. Edgars has just opened it’s 5 th suiting corner at Tygervalley, with the aim of offering Topman suiting to all those shopping on a budget. They already have suiting corners in Sandton, Eastgate, Westville and Clearwater allowing Edgars customers to purchase Topman suiting on their Thank U cards!

So, if you’re looking to SUIT UP anytime soon – and I highly recommend you do – I suggest checking them out.

Okay. Stay fancy.


33 thoughts on “Well suited to a budget

  1. Sergio ,where in Cape Town were these shots taken? And goodness , you should be in Suits, with a suit like that mate. Love it.

  2. My boyfriend is wondering where you got the tie and pocket square. Also, is it one pocket square?

    1. I’m afraid, that EXACT suit is no longer available as the article is over a year old. You should easily be able to find something similar at Topman or even River Island. Good Luck.

  3. could you please refer to the website where you got the pictures from?, I would like to go through their website and see more of their suits. thank you

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