Watches have become a lot like ties.

Now, unless you’re Flavor Flav, I dont mean you should be wearing them around your necks. I just mean that now more than ever they are the ultimate male accessory.

See, not so long ago men would go out and drop a couple of pay-checks on a heavy watch in a beautiful leather box that they put down as an “investment” to be worn for the rest of their lives. Some of them even purchased wisely and to those, their watches are investments that are worth more now than the day they bought them – but even that’s backfired as they end up sitting locked away in a safe somewhere never seeing the light of day. The rest of those “investment pieces” just end up sitting at the bottom of an underwear drawer, out of fashion and out of date right besides a pair of Mickey Mouse boxer shorts.

So, I say again, “watches are like ties”, not only do they come in all shapes, sizes and colours these days but for about $100 you can pick up some really great ones. But who needs so many watches I hear you ask ? Well, again, just like ties, they help give you a chance to show off your individuality, they become a part of your look, even if only for that day.

To support this new desire for fast fashion watches, watch companies seem to be opening up daily all offering something new and unique to make their watch stand apart. Most get it wrong, but some like Thread Etiquette get it right.


The guys at Thread Etiquette take a classic approach – simple designs and quality materials all neatly and thoughtfully packaged. Like I said, simple.

I’ve been wearing these 2 for the last couple of weeks and I’m super happy with them. I’m a big fan of simple, in fact the simpler the better, I’m not going diving, flying a plane or running a triathlon at any moment so I don’t need all the bells and whistles. I just need to tell the time and look good in the process.

I love the softness and shape of the leather straps and the thin profile of the case. My favourite detail though is the placement of the crown, it’s the one thing that sets it apart from all my other watches and surprisingly so, it seems like the perfect place to put it so I’m surprised not more watch makers don’t.

The guys at Thread Etiquette also do some great leather bracelets – because sometimes your accessory, needs an accessory – allowing you to add even more versatility to your watch and overall look.

If you’re looking to ditch the big ticket watch for lots of style and versatility, I suggest checking these guys out.

Okay. Stay fancy.


4 thoughts on “WMBW Reviews: Thread Etiquette

  1. I agree that their watches are simple and a great design! However, I am now skeptical of them as a company. Nowhere on their website do they state how to process a return.

    They DO state their return policy, which shows conflicting messages (https://www.threadetiquette.com/refund-shipping-policy/). At the very top of their banner logo it states “Free returns within 10 days of delivery”, then in the ‘Refund’ section it states “You can return or exchange your purchase for up to 10 days from the purchase date”.

    Outside of contacting their general email inbox, there is no way (that I’ve found) to start a return. Nothing indicated on my invoice or purchase information. I admittedly purchased without “becoming a member” or signing up for marketing emails, so maybe that is available to members? If it is, that is suspect.

    The issue I’m having is, if I have 10 days from delivery to file my return, then time is already against me. Even more so because I can’t get a hold of anyone. I’ve posted on their social media pages, contacted the general email address and NOTHING. Consumers should not have to go through this length to return something.

  2. Hi! I placed my orders on their websites but the current status of my order was cancelled and I don’t know the reason why, I tried to send them an e-mail to the address they provided but until now no one is attending my queries that gave me a suspicion if their website is trustable. Is there any way or number can I contact to follow-up my orders?

  3. I appreciated your post. I’m considering Thread Etiquette for a groom’s gift. As far as you can tell, is the watch back engravable?

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