This is probably one of the most awesome give away’s Ive ever done.

Here’s why. Not only do you guys get to pick your prize (rather than me picking it for you) but with €777 (almost $900) in store credit from Cortese watches, you’re gonna end up picking up 2 or 3 different watches.

My recommendation is that you definitely go for the one I’m wearing, the Savoia C11111 Chronograph with it’s stainless steel body and thick tan leather strap, it is the perfect dress watch that can can transcend the casual barrier. There is just enough chronograph detail to make the watch interesting but not so much that you feel you need to have a pilots licence to figure out what all the buttons and dials are for. The tan strap means it literally goes with everything – don’t ask me why, it’s just the beauty of tan I guess!


Cortese is all about expressing the many sides of a gentleman, and their watch collection does just that, giving you a chance to pick out something for every occasion you may find your gentlemanly self in!

If I was to make the choice, I would definitely pick up the Dinastia Chronograph (ith that sweet vintage looking nato type strap) for those super casual days. To counter balance that I would go for the Singalore watch to use at the most formal of events – the single watch hand is a guaranteed conversation starter.

Right, so I know what you’re thinking! “gimme, gimme, gimme”

Winning, as always is easy, but it’s a big prize so it’s gonna need some work:

1: Follow the kind prize givers over at @cortesewatches on Instagram

2: Leave a message below on this blog post or on the ‘win €777 worth of Cortese watches’ post on  Instagram with the watches you would spend the money on. Something simple like… “I would spend my €777 on the Singalore C12504 and the Nautilo C18505”

That’s it folks. We’ll draw a name from the entrants on the blog or on Instagram and check it against the new followers for Cortese Watches. The competition is open to anyone in the world and will run from 12 April 2016 and close on the 18th April 2016 with a winner being announced before 22 April 2016.

Good luck and stay fancy.


119 thoughts on “Win €777 in Cortese watches

  1. If I had the chance to, I would love to buy the tan beauty Savoia C11111 Chronograph or the classy vintage Dinastia Chronograph.

    Thank you for this give away,
    loic_sanchoku on instagram. Bye !

  2. I would spend my €777 on the cortese singalore C12503, the cortese savoia C11111 chronograph & the cortese reale C10002 chronograph

  3. Definitely the singolare with the blue face and naturally the Savoia but the NATO would pair well with my monkstraps

  4. Its still the 18th here in the States. I would spend my $777 on CORTESE Singolare C12507 and CORTESE Singolare C12504. Stay Classy.

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