I’m a sucker for a woollen tie.

I just love the texture and non-shinyness of woollen ties, so when the gents at Aristocrats Bows n Ties asked me to review their woollen ties my biggest problem became picking just one. The range is pretty extensive and extensively awesome, if you prefer your ties a little slimmer you’ll be spoilt for choice.


I didn’t just stop at the tie though, the mark of a good haberdashery (even an online one) is that the range is cleverly selected, it needs to allow everything to go with something else on the site. I had no problem matching accessories (something I usually struggle with online), in fact my only problem was again having to pick just one item.

In the end, this Ivy League Maroon Tie was the winner (I’ve had a thing for maroon lately – seems to be the perfect autumn/ winter colour) and tried to pick the accessories around the rest of the tie colours. The Grey Felt Lapel Flower picked up nicely on the tie, but didn’t have to POP on the jacket. In this case I wanted the pocket square to do the popping, so I also went for a Navy Blue Skinny Tie Bar so that it all worked harmoniously.


Here’s a little pocket square tip though, pick a pocket square (wow, try saying that 3 times fast) with a different colour border, it gives you versatility in how you can use it and what you can wear it with. This Maroon flowers Pocket Square worked perfectly with the tie, but you could turn it around and let those points shoot to the sky for a completely different look.


So, if you find yourself needing to upgrade the warmth of your tie collection, I’m gonna strongly suggest you go woollen! Maybe start with the guys at Aristocrats Bows n Ties.

Okay. Stay fancy.

9 thoughts on “WMBW Reviews: Aristocrats Bows n Ties

      1. Could you give us more information on the pocket square? I don’t see it listed on the aristocrat website.

    1. Hi AJ, again, i’m afraid as these posts are a little older most of these Items are no longer available online. Really wish I could be more help! Why not look at subscribing, that way you can be on top of all the new posts and I can help you find the items you’re looking for sooner!

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