Final-review-book-(Birkenhead)It’s been over a month since we had lunch at Birkenhead House in Hermanus, and the truth is I think I’m still full.

Elzaan and I had the pleasure of staying at Birkenhead House for a couple nights at the end of July – That blog post is on its way and if you’re a fan of the most incredible sunsets known to man, you’re in for a treat. If however, you’re a fan of the most delicious food known to man, well then, keep reading. UPDATE: That blog post is now here

The Birkenhead House restaurant is located inside this incredible Hermanus hotel and although its main purpose is catering to hotel guests they happily open their doors to the public when there’s availability. Lucky for us, we were hotel guests and as Birkenhead is an all-inclusive experience, lunch was on the House…the Birkenhead House that is! Heeeyyyyo!!


The hotel is situated right on the edge of a cliff offering 180 views of the magnificent Atlantic. Whale season had just started so Elzaan and I decided to take our lunch with a view, in hopes of spotting a  giant sea mammal or two. In true Royal Portfolio style, nothing was too much trouble and a table was quickly set up for us on the edge of the deck.

It was a beautiful sunny winters day…

It was however still winter and when the wind picked up with a chill factor of what felt like -20 the whole experience became a little too ‘al fresco’ for our liking and we canned that idea. Once again, nothing is too much trouble and we were seated in a nice cozy corner offering the same ocean view without the onset of hyperthermia. Oh, and we managed to catch a whale showing off somewhere in the distance in the end so all was not lost.


The tapas menu at Birkenhead House is relatively new and as Executive Chef,  Oliver Coetzee explained: “A way to offer guests whatever they feel like”. The real reason is, that you never stop eating in this place, I mean, you barely have time for a nap between meals.

The menu is not only seasonal but can also change daily to keep it fresh. On top of that, if you don’t see anything that takes your fancy, you can go ahead and ask the kitchen to rustle up something that does – if they’ve got it they’ll make it (within reason of course). This obsession to please runs right through the menu and nearly everything served is made in house. I’m not just talking about the main dishes either, even the mayonnaise and breadsticks are made to order.

The menu choices don’t really seem to follow any particular style of cuisine to be honest and so you’ll find anything from fish tacos to gnocchi (yes made on site). We really couldn’t decide, and so selflessly ordered everything on the menu in order to bring you the most in depth review possible – That’s right, this is how far we are prepared to go for you our reader : ) Everything was truly outstanding but the pasta dishes and fried calamari definitely stole the show for us. In saying that every plate went back empty, yep all 10 of them.

In the end were too full for dessert, but ordered it anyway. Again, selflessly. A perfect pannacotta served with berries and crisp chocolate wafer. That bowl also went back empty. Soooo, you do the math.


Too full to move there was nothing left to do than finish our wine and watch the sun set over the bay. The perfect end to a perfect lunch.

Hermanus is a really special place and if you haven’t visited yet lunch at Birkenhead House is the perfect excuse to do so. You can find them at the Corner of 11th Street and 7th Avenue, Voelklip, Hermanus just don’t forget to call ahead and check for availability on +27 028 314 800.

Okay. Bon appetite and stay fancy.

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