Everyone loves a suit and tie, right? Of course, they do! Nothing beats being dressed up to the nines with every detail in place totally owning the ground you walk on! Nothing!

Now, I’ve always maintained you can never be over dressed (or overeducated) and I stand by that 100%. In fact rather over than under I always say – except when I’m ordering eggs of course – But just because you’re losing the tie, doesn’t mean you cant still be dapper.

I get a lot of requests to post more casual looks on the blog. “What do we wear on the weekend?” is something that often lands up in my inbox. So here it is, my Dapper Guide to the weekend.


Saturdays for me are like mini Fridays. I’m not really working, but there’s always some or other errand to run, maybe even a coffee meeting or 2. So, I’m pretty busy running around. I want to be comfortably stylish.

If you work in a corporate environment and are restricted to corporate suits, now is your time to shine! This is the time to wear that bold blazer or those bold chinos (possibly even both). This is also the perfect time to whip out those sneakers and nail that suit and sneakers look


I decided on this bold Kurt Geiger blue blazer with a burnt orange window pane to bring a little fun to this look. Window pane can be difficult to get right though when you’re not wearing it as a full suit. The trick is making sure that you don’t have it competing with anything else in your look, so keep your shirt and trousers neutral.

In this case, I had a pair of Gant chinos that paired perfectly with the colours on the blazer and paired with a simple white Gant Button down, it all just worked perfectly. Button down collars are the best when you’re wearing a blazer without a tie as it stops your collar getting all bent out of shape.

Lastly, I decided to put a little twist on the sneakers and suit look by picking a pair of retro looking Carvela Luxe brown leather sneakers. Sure, I could have gone with a classic pair of white sneakers, but the brown leather just worked perfectly with the rest of the tones and sometimes you just gotta do things a little differently.



Sundays are all about taking it easy right? This is the ultimate chill day. My perfect Sundays are always spent having lunch in the sun with friends, so I want something super casual with pops of dapper. Yep, pops of dapper is a real thing.

Unless you have a formal event, loose the tie and possibly even the button up shirt. This is your opportunity to take the classic jeans and T-shirt look to the next level. You can easily bring a little dapper to your look with a pocket square or the perfect pair of shoes.


I decided to combat the Sunday blues with this bright red Kurt Geiger blazer. Remember, when you’re going with something so bold, you want it to be the star of the show not steal the show. I decided to pair it up with a simple v-neck tee and dark blue jeans. Something as simple as a turn up can give your jeans that dapper edge and make them less casual.

The finishing touches were the pocket square and shoes. The blue striped pocket square helped marry the blazer to the jeans while the burgundy tasselled loafers helped marry the blazer to the rest of the look. Simple right?

As we get closer to summer, you can’t go wrong with a pair of tasselled loafers, they’re so super versatile they work as perfectly with a suit as they do with shorts. The burgundy colour of these guys has made them one of my favourite new pairs.


In the end, keeping dapper over the weekend is the same as keeping dapper ever other day. Make sure your clothes fit you properly and keep an eye on those details.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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