Over the last few weeks we’ve been going down the basics of pocket square folding! The kinda straight forward stuff  you need to get started. By now you shoud have mastered the puff and even managed to invert that puff to show off the tips.

Today, it’s time to take things up a notch. We’re gonna add a truck load of flair to an otherwise boring look with the flower fold. Now, I cant really confirm that it’s actually called the flower fold, a quick google will get you about 20 different looking flower folds so it’s hard to tell. In the unlikely event that anyone asks you, just go with flower fold.

The flower fold is perfect for a simpler more casual look, something without a tie or maybe even a tee shirt. The reason for this is in its flamboyance, this fold demands attention and if everything else on your outfit demands attention you’re gonna end up looking a bit like a Christmas tree.


Step 1

Step one as always is picking the perfect pocket square. In this case you have no tie to match it with and a simple white shirt doesn’t give you a lot of options. My best advice is try to match it with something else in your look, like in my case the denims. If you really want to be brave match it with nothing and really let that bad boy pop!

This kind of fold shows off the edges of the square best, so try and use a pocket square with a bit of trim as that’s what you will se in the end.


Step 2

Step 2 will be your trickiest step by far, so watch closely.

Starting at the edge, fold your pocket square down about 2/ 3 cm. Now, fold the first fold back on to itself the opposite way. Keep doing this all the way down the pocket square. Basically you’ll be creating a concertina type effect with your pocket square from edge to edge – This will be a little clearer in step 3 below.


Step 3


At this stage you should have your pocket square evenly concertinaed up and gripping it on the edges. Pull it nice and tight and get ready to fold it in half. Not yet though….that’s only step 4 and I don’t want you getting ahead of yourself.


Step 4

Okay. Now you can fold it in half.

This may not seem very tricky, and thats simply because it isn’t. Do take care not to let the edges all fall apart though. You want a nice neat rectangle in the end.


Step 5

Still on the easy stuff here, just take that pocket square and shove it in to your pocket.

The tips are the key to this fold so of course shove it in tip side up (that definitely sounds dirtier than intended – who would have thought pocket square tutorials would be so rich in innuendo)


Step 6

The final step is the adjustment phase. With this particular fold it’s the most important step as it will determine the outcome of you flower. Adjust the folds with a little pushing and pulling to get them evenly spread out and perfectly imperfect.

This might keep you busy for a while so you’re gonna need some patience. In some cases you’ll just end up starting from scratch to get the look you want. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day so take your time. Don’t take a whole day though, that’s too long for a pocket square.



Yeah you are!

Congratulations, you’ve just gone from boring to balling!! Now take  that flair with you into the rest of your day, who know what might happen!

If you’re shopping for pocket squares and like this tonal blue stripe one, you can pick it up at Kurt Geiger online here.

Okay. Stay Fancy.



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