TitleThis post is long overdue, I mean, really long… We’ve been back from our US trip for a couple of months and still catching up on all we did and saw. After leaving Mexico we decided to take a little road trip around Florida, seeing all the places that were on our bucket lists… or at least all the places we recognised from TV shows and movies. Palm Beach was definitely one of those places, it just sounded so fancy.

We were lucky enough to be invited by the Brazilian Court Hotel to come and spend a couple of nights exploring this multi-award-winning historic landmark hotel. As the old saying goes “If it’s good enough for the Kennedys…” – Okay, that’s not actually a saying, but it should be, don’t you think? Either way, it was good enough for the Kennedy’s who booked the hotel annually to house their overflow guests. In fact, since it opened in 1926, it’s housed everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Marlon Brando – both who now have suites named after them! Imagine the crazy parties this celebrity playground must have hosted back then.


With only 80 rooms, this Mediterranean styled boutique hotel defied all the mega-resorts going up in Palm Beach at the time – opting instead for a “Home away from Home” feeling, that remains the cornerstone of the Brazilian Court. Built around a series of lush green courtyards (hence the name) the hotel definitely hasn’t lost any of its old-world charm.

The interior is a mix of intricate wood panelling and Spanish tilework contrasted against modern furnishings and modern art – in fact, the hotel even has its own in-house gallery. That’s pretty fancy. There are also a bunch of nooks and crannies you can escape to and catch up on last nights episode of the bachelor (I know ya’ll are watching) or get stuck into a board game with the missus. Totally smashed a triple word score with ‘Amazing’ which is amazing in itself if you ask me.

The rooms continue that old world charm, with floral linens and dark wood furnishing. We took a small tour of the hotel with our hostess and although every room is individually decorated, they do all seem to carry the same general look and feel. We were put up in a 1 bedroom suite (just off the pool court) that was massively spacious and had so much closet space it felt like another room. In saying that, the bathrooms were so big it made the walk-in closet look like… well, a closet I guess. The rooms have all the regular amenities you would expect from a 4-star hotel, but we did miss a little Nespresso maker in the room to help us get the day started.


Upon check in we were offered a complimentary drink at the bar while we waited for our room – they were running about 2 hours late with our check-in so I don’t think it’s a regular occurrence. This did, however, give us a chance to check out the bar and Cafe Boulud as we sipped on our Moscow Mules. Bar Boulud is famously known for its happy hour drink specials from 4-6pm served with a light fare menu that changes seasonally.

Unfortunately, with only 3 nights in Palm Beach, we never got a chance to experience Cafe Boulud for ourselves. However with Michelin Chef and James Beard Award winner, Daniel Boulud at the helm of this upscale French dining establishment, I’m sure the food is nothing short of amazing. Maybe on our next trip.


Nothing makes you feel like you’re on holiday like a day spent by the pool, right? It’s a rhetorical question because… OBVIOUSLY nothing beats lying in the sun while someone else brings you drinks all day. Literally nothing.

Despite having had a spot of bad luck with the weather in Palm Beach, we did manage to spend an afternoon relaxing at the pool situated in yet another courtyard right outside our room. As with all the courtyards, it is overgrown with palm trees and massive ferns providing an incredible tropical jungle feeling in the middle of the hotel. The pool is not massive but I think that’s the point of the “Home away from Home” philosophy – you just wouldn’t feel at home around a gigantic resort sized pool complete with water fountain and slippy slide, would you? There are however plenty of pool lounges and towels around, so there is always somewhere to chill for the day.

SPOILER ALERT: The pool is lit with LED lights at night and constantly changes colour. It really looks spectacular!


If you ever find yourself visiting Palm Beach, it seems as though the Brazilian Court is definitely worth considering. It’s set in a beautiful residential neighbourhood 2 blocks from the beach and a 5 min walk to Worth Avenue – for those who don’t know, Worth Avenue is apparently the original Rodeo Drive, running edge to edge with high-end luxury boutiques. I’ve personally never seen anything like it. The street glistens in the sun from the seashell fragments added into the tar. I mean? What!?

Palm Beach itself is just beautiful, and definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It’s all very pristine and spotless, and it almost doesn’t look real – though it is, I was there! From the palm tree-lined streets to the magnificent houses and incredible cars you can almost smell the money in the air. If you’re looking for somewhere with little to do other than lie at the beach and dine at fancy restaurants, then this is the place for you.

Okay. Travel safe and stay fancy.


25 thoughts on “WMBW Travels – The Brazilian Court Palm Beach

  1. All these shots are so amazing and great, you have such an amazing blog brother I really love this and enjoy reading it also. Keep up the creativity and the amazing post brother, much love

    1. Thanks for all the kind words Miguel! Really appreciate all the positive feedback!

  2. What a beautiful place to stay and you’ve done such a professional job presenting it

    1. Thanks Damian! If you ever find yourself in Palm Beach, check it out for yourself!

  3. Excellent photography! You guys look like you had a great time at a beautiful hotel. I haven’t been to Florida yet, so I’ll be sure it check out this hotel when I plan a trip!

    1. Florida is great and so diverse it’s well worth visiting! From Miami, to the keys all the way to Orlando everything is completely different! Glad you enjoyed the post though!

    1. Travel is what makes us feel alive so we do it as often as we can. Thanks for the compliment my friend!

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