When Inscribe Wallets Pro asked me to review their ‘Journal Wallet’ I was a little sceptical? When I need to remember something I usually just text it to myself or write a note on my phone – well, type a note really my handwriting has gotten progressively worse over all these non-writing years. I mean, when was the last time you wrote something down? I mean physically picked up a pen and wrote something on a piece of paper? Cant remember? Yeah, me neither.

The art of writing is all but lost, and with it the art of journaling – You know, just noting down thoughts, ideas, sketches etc etc. We don’t do that anymore, do we? And if we do it’s usually on a random piece of paper somewhere…somwhere…hmmm…now where did I put that!? This was the problem founder Salem was trying to overcome. As a writer sketcher himself he tired of carrying around notebooks and losing pens so designed an all in one solution of a journal and wallet you could always have on you. Seems like a real chicken and egg situation that – Where do you sketch the design for a journal that allows you to make sketches before you have it?

He got busy in his hometown of San Luis Obispo ( apparently the happiest city in America -according to Oprah) with local artisan sewers and leather makers to finalise his prototype before sticking it on Kickstarter. Needless to say, there was a massive need for a product like this and the campaign was quickly funded! The rest as they say his history.

I decided I would give it a try for a day, dumping all my credit cards and cash into my Inscribe Wallet Pro before leaving the house in the morning.


It didn’t really take up much more space than my regular wallet and sat pretty flat and compact in my jacket pocket. The wallet holds 4 cards that are easily accessible on the outside (2 per slot) together with further storage for cards and cash in the RFID safe main compartment. The 32-page journal is the same size as a Moleskine Volante notebook and slides right into the back. The pen slides into a dedicated sleeve in the main compartment so that its always at hand – Both the pen and notebooks are refillable. Personally, I liked the attention to detail with the logo insignia on all the individual elements.

I’m busy working on a new men’s accessory line so have really been in ‘idea’ mode lately coming up with different concepts and designs. Most of the ideas have been fleeting and the good ones have just been filed in the back of my head – I’ve truly written nothing down. I decided I would use this opportunity and get to work sketching and writing over a cup of coffee. I really made a difference. Seeing your ideas written down really makes you see things clearer and inevitably brings on more ideas.

In the middle of all of this, I received a call and that’s when the Inscribe Wallet Pro really fell into place. I’ve been in so many situations where I need to jot down a number or e-mail address off a phone call and have nowhere to do so. This made having a journal and pen at hand invaluable.

When I was done, I slipped out some cash, stashed the new business card I had received earlier into the wallet and I was off, ideas in hand! Later that night I went through it all again and it just made such a difference having something physical to hold. I really ended up using it a lot more than anticipated.


The guys at Inscribe Wallets Pro believe that they are in the app business, just that their apps are physical. Not because they are anti-technology, but because they believe writing is a much more efficient strategy than typing. In the end, I have to agree, I found it so much easier to quickly jot something down rather than wrestling with my predictive text and miniature keyboard to take a note. Besides, in a world where we are constantly connected, the little screen break can be quite refreshing.

If you’re the guy with 1000 ideas running through your head all day (or know someone who is) then this is the perfect addition to your “everyday carry”. The team at Inscribe Wallets Pro are offering the first 25 Readers a 25% discount with coupon code “25BOYFRIEND” – Be quick though, with fathers day approaching I think this will go fast.

Okay. Stay Fancy.


39 thoughts on “WMBW Reviews – Inscribe Wallets Pro

  1. Oh yes! That’s a must need i guess, hmm i was about to find something like that for me, and i guess i don’t need to search for it anymore 😌
    High quality wallet, as i see! Nice blog post big blogger inspiration for me!

  2. That wallet looks so reliable and well made! Really digging your blog, and the quality of your photos are amazing! This was a great read, thanks for sharing!

    – Kiers + Danii

    1. Thank you so much for all the kind words Kiers and Danii, so glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  3. Such a stylish and versiatile accessory! Really love all the shots you took as well, extremely aesthetic!

    1. Thank you Jeremy, I’m glad you like the shots! The wallet is the ultimate accessory for someone who loves documenting life!

  4. I can only imagine how you feel, that’s why when I have to write my signature I usually just bullshit cause it’s already bad even trying 😂

  5. Wow I love that it has a notepad! I always feel a bit old school but I love to write things down.

  6. Hey Sergio great post, as usual, but I gotta know all the details of the shoes in this post! (I realize it’s a review for the wallet :-p)


    1. Hey Kam, not a problem at all. I got the shoes from a local store called Fabiani, it was about a year ago though. : (

  7. Hey Sergio, first of all I’d like to say that you have a great blog, and thanks for sharing as much as you do. My question though is about the glasses you’re wearing in this blog, would like to know where i can possibly purchase them?

    1. Hi Luis, those are from an old Persol collection my friend! about 3 years ago! Hope you find them and thank you for all the kind words.

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