How loose are your pants?

Are they so loose that you need to be double sure they don’t fall down?

Well, then get yourself a smaller pair of pants.

I saw this the other night and it kinda shocked me, what really shocked me was that a very ‘gentlemeny’ cigarette brand had dressed up there reps like this. Yep, wearing suspenders, and belts (not to mention the fact that their ties were only half way down their shirts). The ruling on this is simpleย “braces or belt”ย all you need do is chose one, both are designed to keep your pants up.

Just to avoid confusion, the rule applies to suspenders and braces alike. Yes, there is a difference.

The image above shows a pair of braces.

Braces attach to your pants with buttons, and are traditionally found on suits, they were designed to keep your pants at an exact height. I’ve seen a couple of casual items sporting buttons for braces, and its right up my style alley, a little bit of gentlemen style made young and fun.

The image above shows Chuck Bass (I don’t care, that’s what I’m calling him). Chuck is sporting a pair of suspenders.

Suspenders are defined by the clip that attaches them to your pants, and are generally made of cheaper materials than braces, generally, but not always.

Don’t worry if you didn’t know the difference, before I wrote this post, neither did I and I’m pretty sure you can get away with calling them either or, just please don’t wear them with a belt.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Weirdly enough, there is a lot of debate out there regarding wether your socks should match you shoes, or wether they should in fact match your pants. It would appear though that the general consensus is “your socks should match your pants” like in theย example below.

You see, all that you’re really trying to do is create a seamless transition from your the hem of your pants to your shoe so as you walk and your pants sway, there isn’t an unsightly break in the color. So the thought of matching your socks to your shoes is generally the same, though it can start getting tricky when wearing grey pants and brown shoes, either way I believe this rule should only be followed on the most formal of formal occasions, like meeting the queen. Otherwise your outfit is as bland as this grey blur above.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the bright colored sock. I think it takes something formal and makes it less serious and as with all rules in fashion if you break it with confidence it works.

Then there’s this guy, the “european sock” and for those of you who follow our Instagram feed will already know, I’m not shy to show a little skin around the ankles. I wish I had a better explanation as to why, but I don’t. It’s a european thing I guess, something I picked up somewhere ages ago and just loved, I believe it requires a good comfy hidden sock to work, but the fashionistas say go the whole hog. Meh, I’ll take the comfort route on this one.

Okay. Stay fancy.




This will be the second of the dressiquete posts. And again, these rules are not mine, just the formal rules by with men should dress by. This one is simple. “Your belt should match your shoes”, like this guy here. Hey dapper beard face man. The problem is, most men struggle with this, well, they either struggle or don’t care, I guess it’s because they think the rule is black and white, but like most rules it isn’t, it too has its little bit of flex.

Below I’ve shown the most common shoe colours, Black, brown and tan, If you don’t already own all 3, you should. What I’ve also tried to do, is show some flexibility in the rule, and this part may be a little more my advice than law, but I doubt the fashion police are gonna stop you for trying. Each pair of shoes is paired up with 3 belts, the belt on the far left is your fail safe, when in doubt match as closely as you can. The belt in the middle, is when you wanna have some fun and maybe introduce some colour, and of course I don’t mean roller coaster type fun, just merely fashion fun, you wanna have roller coaster type fun then ride a roller coaster. Better yet drink 3 beers and ride a roller coaster. I digress.

You see the “belt should match your shoes” rule speaks merely to the tone, If you only never wear a brown belt with black shoes, or vica versa you should be good to go, but introducing color will always work if you stick to the same tone. This is why I have paired the black shoes with blue (especially good when worn with jeans to make your look less formal) and some of the brown shoes with woven more textured colored belts. Finally the last belt is to remind you to pick up on the texture of the shoe, this small shift can change the look from formal to fun quite easily., however, when it comes to suede, stick to double suede, something about the inside and outside of a cow just fails to work for me.

All belts and shoes on this post (except beard face at the top) are available right now at ASOS, tell them I sent you. Kidding, they’ll never remember me. But seriously, tell them I sent you.

Okay. Stay Fancy

When it comes to mens fashion there are certain rules one should adhere to, after all we don’t wanna go out there looking like douche bags now do we? No, no we don’t! So I thought it would be good to start a little “Dressiquete” (see what I did there) part of the blog. Now before I depart with the first in the series let me make it super clear that these are certainly not my rules, I never made them up and I would go as far as saying that most of them can probably not be traced to an origin. They have probably been passed down from generation to generation, like a good brownie recipe, choosing to follow them is of course, up to you.

Ok, so tie length. The rule simply states “Ties run button to button” that is your tie should cover the top button on your collar and the button of your pants. There is of course some leeway here, not much, but some, I generally like the tip of my tie to touch my belt buckle. If you don’t get it right the first time, just do it again, you’ll get the hang of where to start tying to get it right.

Okay. Stay Fancy.