Fancy Friday

Full-lengthI bought a pair of red brogues. Yep.

But now what? How do you wear something that demands so much attention without looking like a clown?

I decided to give them all the attention by keeping my outfit completely neutral. Black and red, much like navy and red look great together, so the black pants were a must to let the shoes pop. BUT, to give the shoes ALL of the attention would make the outfit feel awkward, so I let the details like the tie and pocket square draw your eye down toward the shoes without getting surprised by the colour. I kinda think it worked too.

Lets look at the details

medium-shot The tie is quite textured (I do love me a woolen tie) so the blazer needed to have a texture of its own so that the tie didn’t feel out of place. And in the hopes of allowing all the patterns to work well together, the argyle on the tie, check on the shirt and slight herringbone on the blazer, it was a play of colour and pattern size. A white shirt would of made the tie pop too much, so the slight navy grid helps tone it down a bit.

With so much going on, I thought I would give the lapel flower a skip and rather go for a simple lapel pin, all be it a bad ass skull one. They do say the devil is in the details, so here they are.

medium-close-uptie-detailbraceletpocket-square-detailshoesIf you like the outfit above, Ive done my best to piece together the exact items or similar that I have found online.


Spectacles by Ray Ban

Blazer from Bellfield (Available locally at Stuttafords) get similar here 

Shirt by TM Lewin (Available locally at Edgars)

Tie by LVJ Haberdashery

Tie clip and Lapel pin by Suited Man

Bracelets by Caputo and Co

Pants from Topman – Get similar here

Shoes from Dune (Available locally at Edgars)

Okay, stay fancy

Full-lengthSo, I know i’ve been a little slack on the blogging front of late.

Not that you particularly care about my problems, but I’m in the process of moving into a new apartment while renovating. It’s been nothing short of a nightmare, but its nearly done and when it is, you’ll be the first to see it. Promise.

Anyway, so back to this Fancy Friday from a few weeks back, it was a classic “business” look , but of course with that little modern edge I enjoy so much.

Medium-lengthA slim fitting, french blue shirt with a double cuff, classic green and blue preppy striped tie and a classic 2 button grey blazer with black pants. The contrast came in the tan belt and brogues, it’s what made it feel very London businessman to me.

Then, as with everything, its details details details, I wanted to keep it quite simple for this look so kept it classic, directly matched greens on the pocket square and tie, and the brown on the lapel flower so that it didn’t pop out of the neutral blazer too much but still worked with the belt and shoes. Simple silver in everything from the tie clip to the watch and small accessories.

Lets take a look at some of the details:



If you like any of the above items, here’s where they are from:

Blazer from Zara

Shirt by TM Lewin (available at selected Edgars Stores)

Tie by TM Lewin (available at selected Edgars Stores)

Tie clip and lapel flower from Suited Man

Pocket square by ASOS

Leather bracelet by Caputo and Co

Watch from Alessi

Cufflinks from Stuttafords

Pants by Ben Sherman

Shoes from Zara

Okay, stay fancy.





_1874656 The other day I went out shooting with my buddy Thomas Ferreira from 187pictures, the dude is an epic landscape photographer and wanted to try his hand (or lens I guess) at some fashion stuff.

I was going for something super classic, cause I wanted to wear my new duck tie from Friday Tie Day – after all it was the tie of the month.

_1874786 The hunting jacket was the obvious first choice, and sticking with a simple blue oxford shirt and pocket square to match. Also, nothing says classic like a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters.

I wanted to have some colour pop in the details so decided to pick up on the slight red in the tie with a red tie clip and lapel flower to match. It’s also ben getting kinda cold down these parts so a perfect opportunity to let my new brogue boots have a little Fancy Friday spin.

Here are some of the details.

_1874843-2 _1874866_1874833-3 _1874812If you like one or any of the pieces in this outfit check out below for a possible recreation.

Classic Clubmaster sunglasses by Ray BanHere for other stockists

Checked blazer with contrast colour from ZaraGet similar here

Blue oxford shirt from Gap

Duck patterned tie from Friday Tie Day

Clue “exchange place” pocket square from Loft Trading

Red tie clip from  Suited Man

Red lapel flower from River Island

Blue slim chinos from Gap

Brown leather dress watch from Daniel Wellington

Brown Brogue boots by Ted Baker

Okay. Stay Fancy




Look Left, look right, then agree that black and brown are the most awesome colour combo.

It’s simple and classic though it very rarely see’s the light of day, till Fancy Friday that is.

Then, there are the 2 tone brogues, these guys are awesome, but incredibly difficult to wear, and if the rule is that your belt matches your shoes, well then, what colour do you match? What happens if like me, you have a belt that matches neither? I simply went for a black belt and let the blazer match the shoes, it still helps getting items in your outfit talking to one another.

Lets look at the details though.


The camo bow tie was to pick up on the contrast collar of the blazer, it’s also got some black in it so helps blend in with the outfit overall I think.

To be able to make this all work, together, I thought a simple white shirt with the slightest texture was best, it has a nice french cuff, so the silver on the watch and cufflink could all work together – matching metal with metal is key, and perhaps a dressiquette post I need to wright up one day



So If you like this look, below are some online choices to help get you started, the exact blazer and shoes were impossible to find.

Blazer from Topman – Get similar here

Shirt from TM Lewin

Bow tie by Heywood1922

Pocket square from H&M – Get similar here

Lapel flower by Chanman

Pants from Topman

Shoes from Zara – get “kinda” similar here

Okay. Stay Fancy.

Full-length-frontFull-length-back Sure, todays not Friday, I get it and yes, I know this was last weeks outfit, but I’m playing catch up here people.

This was however one of my favourite ever Fancy Friday outfits, I loved how it was for the most part so simple and ordinary and how those bright pops of colour really just helped bring it all together.

The entire outfit is built around that tie, I was in the mood for something floral and so I built everything around the colours in the tie.

medium-shotWith the blues and blacks in the outfit being quite neutral the colour on the tie was accentuated with the green pocket square and cerise lapel flower. It was really that simple, and I think it worked really well.

That is the trick though, is trying to let your details stand out individually but work together as a whole, so that all the small things, down to the green tie clip help pull everything around it together.

Here are some close up details


Most of these items above are really old pieces from my wardrobe and not really available online anymore, I have however done my best at putting together a similar outfit if you wanna attempt this kind of look.

Blazer from H&M – Get similar here

Oxford shirt from the Gap

Tie from Topman – Get similar here

Lapel flower fron Chanman

Pocket square from ASOS – Get similar here

Tie clip from The Tie Bar

Chinos from Topman

Shoes from boutique in Barcelona – get similar here

Okay. Stay fancy.

pic-3Guys, work and life has been crazy and I’ve been struggling to find the time to get some blogging done, so massive apologies

Either way, I’m back and wanted to share a Fancy Friday outfit from a couple of weeks ago, I loved how the very contrasting patterns and colours all came together on this guy. As always, pattern mixing is all about creating enough contrast within the pattern to make it work together.

Lets take a closer look shall we

pic-5The tie is incredibly busy, but there is enough blue in the tie to pick up on the overall blue of the blazer. I also wanted to let the colours of the tie feel more spread out so that it doesn’t become such a focus, so the green tie clip and pink lapel flower help a very bold tie become a little more tame.

tie-clip lapel-flowerIt’s often difficult to find the exact items I’m wearing online, but here’s some suggestions if you want to put a look like this together yourself.

So the blazer I bought on sale at Topman, but here is a non floral option

Non iron shirt by Gap

Clarence street tie from Loft Trading (unfortunately now sold out)

Lapel button by Chanman

Tie clip from the tie bar

Lived in skinny chinos by Gap

Belt by Paul Smith – Get similar

Shoes by Zara – Get similar

Okay. Stay Fancy.



full-lengthThe first Fancy Friday of the year, and I was determined to get it off with a bang.

I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping over the break and wanted to bust out some new threads (that sounded very gangsta, which clearly I’m not) .

When attempting to go mix and match 3 colours, you wanna try keep them all on the same side of the colour wheel so that they compliment one another or feel visually pleasing from our understanding of colour. In this case the blues and reds with some rich browns all came together nicely. The white shirt is a great way to just bring it all together as it is completely neutral.

medium-shotThe retro looking brown jacket with contrast colour was brought back in the belt and shoes, while the burgundy tie was accentuated with the multi coloured pocket square (which helped pick up on different parts of the outfit all round) I then used the blue lapel flower to compliment the pants and voila, I thought it came together quite nicely. Here are the details.

tie pocket-square lapel-pin broguesIf you like this or any part of this outfit, here are some items online that can help you get started.

Spectacles with clip on sunglasses by Gucci

Blazer from Topman – get similar here

Tie from Topman – get similar here

Burgundy tie clip from The tie bar – get similar here

Lapel flower from River Island

Pocket square by Paul Smith (though it seems sold out EVERYWHERE)

White shirt from Woolworths – get similar here

Brown belt by Topman – get similar here

Slim chinos by Topman – get similar here

Brown brogues by Ted Baker

Okay. Stay fancy.


And so we enter our final giveaway with Friday Tie day where you can win one of 50 tie subscriptions of these incredible ties. Yes we know it was supposed to be last week, but we were enjoying the festive season…why weren’t you?

Again, i’ve built the outfit around the tie, and because it’s so damn hot down in Cape Town right now I’ve had to forgo the blazer for a dapper waistcoat instead. Now this was a tricky tie to wear, because although I absolutely love the colour combo and houndstooth pattern, the red and blue are so strong that you need to work on complementing them rather than matching them.

medium-shotThis way I could let the slight red detail in the waistcoat be highlighted by the tie as well as use that red lapel flower to spread the red across so that the tie is not such a stand out focal point. Nothing wrong with your tie being a focal point but if it stands out to much it just feels odd and no one knows where to look, this way you drag the gaza across the body and toward your face.

My final trick was the pocket square, it was navy heavy so again I used it to spread the colour in the tie, and although it added another pattern it once agin helped the tie become less dominant and more integrated.

Or at least, that was the plan, I kinda think it worked. No?


So your last chance to grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39.

Here’s how. All you need do is enter promo code WMBW50 and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world, if you wanna learn more about the competition and the how to’s go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.

Full-lengthOkay people, we’re in the 3rd week of our 4 week tie subscription give away with Friday Tieday and we have another outfit built round a tie.

This was a textured black tie, and really, if you’re only ever going to own 1 tie, it needs to be a black one, that will pretty much get you into anything that requires a tie, weddings, funerals, court.

So I decided to go a little old school on this look and keep it simple with black and white, it’s not my regular vibe as I tend to want to have some kind of colour pop or element of fun. Dressing black and white is super simple, everything goes with everything and it’s nearly impossible to get wrong.

I would make one suggestion though, and it’s not so much a suggestion as it is a commandment, no black shirts and white ties, it’s just tacky and you’re not an italian gangster.

Here are the details of the outfit.Medium-shot flower-pin-close-up Pocket-square tie-close-up shoesOk, so, winning ties subscriptions, just before Christmas! What what!??

Go grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39. All you need do is enter promo code FANCYFRIDAY and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

If you miss this week, don’t worry, were giving away 50 ties a week over the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out over my twitter as I announce the code there first and then my Facebook page the very next day. If you wanna learn more about the competition go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.


full-lengthWeek 2 of our 4 week give away with the gents at Friday Tie Day is here, and we have another fancy friday built around a tie.

If you have no Idea what I’m talking about, check out the “win 1 of 200 Tie Subscriptions” post.

The tie of course dictated the colour palette here, and having an exact match in pants made it a little easier. After that it was about doing some serious pattern mixing so that we could keep it interesting.

You’ll see more of it on the details here below.


The navy waistcoat was speaking to the trim on the blazer and the navy on the tie, while the pocket square tied back to the maroon in the tie and pants while still having enough standout to be unique.

My favourite little detail in this look though was the green tie clip that picked up on the green in the pocket square. Wanna know how to win yourself a tie? Details below.

tiedetailshoesGo grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39. All you need do is enter promo code STAYFANCY and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

If you miss this week, don’t worry, were giving away 50 ties a week over the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out over my twitter as I announce the code there first and then my Facebook page the very next day. If you wanna learn more about the competition go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.


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