A couple of weeks ago you may have seen me doing a call for entries on my Facebook page for a makeover I was doing courtesy of Brooksfield Menswear.

We ended up with over 100 entries and in the end settled on marketing and sales professional Andrew who was just about to interview for a new job and Actor Jarrid wanting to crack the big time.

They both arrived a little nervous and unsure about what lay before them. Here are their before shots, starting with Andrew and followed by Jarrid.

Andrew-before-full-lengthAndrew-mid-shot-before Andrew-close-upJArred-Before---full-lengthJarred-mid-shot---beforeJarrid-close-Up

So what lay before these two young lads? First things first, a trip to Barnet Fair for a new hairstyle and a hot towel shave, something different and something dapper for each of them.

In the meantime, I picked out there outfits, with the suits being supplied by Brooksfield Menswear and the shirts by Cambridge Menswear, the eyewear was supplied by the lovely folk over at Ray Ban, The finishing touches were applied by yours truly from my personal collection of dapper details (unfortunately, they didn’t get to keep those)

Lets start with Andrew. I decided he needed to take his hair high and tight with a classic short back and sides with the length left on top, a very 50′s cut from the days where gentlemen were, well, gentlemen I guess. We gave him a perfect middle parting and got to work on the outfit.

Andrew had quite a dark skin tone and hair to match so I decided to put him in a chocolate brown suit, it’s not your regular office attire but being a natural tone it makes it as versatile as a black or navy suit but less formal therefore giving it more usage occasions. I paired it up with a light grey fine gingham shirt and then brought out the brown with a woollen tie from LVJ haberdasher and a floral pocket square from Heywood 1922. The finishing touches and to bring out the red in the tie were the red lapel flower from River Island and red tie clip from The tie bar.

Check this transformation out.Andrew-Full-length Andrew-Medium-side-profile Andrew-tie-detailAndrew-Lapel-flowerAndrew-medium-close-upNext up was Jarrid, now this young man had an amazing bush of a hair that he was more than willing to let us chop off. I thought the length and curl was great, but it needed to be more structured without being corporate. We also cleaned up his beard and gave it a classic goatee shape.

For his outfit I picked him a grey suit and matched it with a blue gingham shirt, this really is a great base for 100 different looks. Because Jarrid was such a fun crazy guy I went to town on the patterns giving him a pink and blue floral bow tie from Heywood 1922 and a pink plaid pocket square from Loft Trading, I finished it off a bright pink (or cerise really) lapel flower from Chanman. Here’s the incredible result. Swag for Days!!


They both walked away super stoked and it was amazing to see the confidence they gained when they saw their new look for the first time. I’ve always believed that putting on the right outfit in the morning can completely change the way you approach the day, these guys proved me right.

So now, how do you get your grubby mittens on some of this stuff. Well The kind folks over at Brooksfield are giving away a hamper worth R5400 to one of my lucky readers. The hamper includes a Brooksfield Suit, a Cambridge Shirt, Brit Rhythm (the latest fragrance from Burberry), a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses and a Dermologica hamper together with a Dermologica microzone treatment.

Entry is simple, all you need to do is chose who you think won the makeover. Is it Andrew or Jarrid?

Hop on to my Facebook page and you’ll see an album for Andrew and an album for Jarrid just vote for the one you like the most and leave me a comment so that I can count your vote. Simple uh?

I am gonna ask you guys for 1 favour though, go and like the Brooksfield Facebook page as a way of saying thank you for such a generous prize. Its the gentlemanly thing to do.

Right, so I know you guys alway like a little something extra, so I’m giving you a chance to gain a further entry via twitter. Yep simple tweet “I vote for Andrew in the #BrooksfieldMakeover with @whatmybfwore” or of course “I vote for Jarrid in the #BrooksfieldMakeover with @whatmybfwore

There you have it folks, go get entering. Well, right after you read the all important T&C’s

• Competition opens on 16/04/2014 and closes at 12:00 PM on 30/04/2014

• Competition only open to residents of South Africa

• No employees and immediate family of Brand ID may enter

• Entrants must like and comment on an album 

• Entrants must like the Brooksfield Menswear Facebook page to enter

• A second entry may be gained via twitter

• The winner will be drawn via random draw and announced on 05/05/14

• Brooksfield suit prize available from size 38 to size 48 only

• Cambridge shirt prize available from size 38 to size 48 only

• Prizes may not be exchanged

• The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

Okay. Stay fancy and good luck



back-packI recently picked up this Sgt Pepper brand backpack at Stuttafords, as you know I’ve wanted one of these old school backpacks for a while, it was even my want of the week a couple weeks ago.

I liked the fact that this one was made of real leather and canvas with lot’s of little details, so I took the plunge! And it has very quickly become one of my most essential items. I’ve used it as an overnight bag, a beach bag, a laptop bag (todays use) a bag to keep my shopping as I cruise around on my bike and of course a day pack! It’s awesome, and I’ll be telling how you can win one, at the end of this post.

The history of the backpack is a strange one, and so the origin of the modern backpack is not very easy to define. After all, Nena Ketley rightfully claimed “man has been carrying stuff on his back forever a back pack is nothing new” and forever it is, as this little accessory dates back to our hunter gatherer days when it was used as a way of transporting the hunt back to the camp – all be it in much smaller pieces.

Since then it has found it’s way into to everything from the military to the school yard with no real linear progression. The retro revival backpacks seem to be inspired by hiking and military backpacks of the 60′s and I’m ok with that, cause shit was kinda cool back then.

Ok, so, the guys at Sgt Pepper Brand have offered to send a new backpacks to one of you lucky people. Nice uh!?? Yeah it is! So this is how we’re gonna do it.

• You need to be following Sgt Pepper Brand on twitter

• You need to be following me on Twitter

• Then you simply need to tweet “I want the @sgtpepperbrand back pack @whatmybfwore is giving away” - I’ll also be throwing out some similar tweets and you can re tweet those too. We just need both brands and the competition in there.

• The competition runs from the 5th of Feb to the 12th with the winner announced on the 14th – yep Valentines day – OoowOoow (I wont penalise you for entering today though)

• This competition I’m afraid is only open to people living in South Africa.

Okay people, good luck.

Stay Fancy.



And so we enter our final giveaway with Friday Tie day where you can win one of 50 tie subscriptions of these incredible ties. Yes we know it was supposed to be last week, but we were enjoying the festive season…why weren’t you?

Again, i’ve built the outfit around the tie, and because it’s so damn hot down in Cape Town right now I’ve had to forgo the blazer for a dapper waistcoat instead. Now this was a tricky tie to wear, because although I absolutely love the colour combo and houndstooth pattern, the red and blue are so strong that you need to work on complementing them rather than matching them.

medium-shotThis way I could let the slight red detail in the waistcoat be highlighted by the tie as well as use that red lapel flower to spread the red across so that the tie is not such a stand out focal point. Nothing wrong with your tie being a focal point but if it stands out to much it just feels odd and no one knows where to look, this way you drag the gaza across the body and toward your face.

My final trick was the pocket square, it was navy heavy so again I used it to spread the colour in the tie, and although it added another pattern it once agin helped the tie become less dominant and more integrated.

Or at least, that was the plan, I kinda think it worked. No?


So your last chance to grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39.

Here’s how. All you need do is enter promo code WMBW50 and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world, if you wanna learn more about the competition and the how to’s go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.

Full-lengthToday I’m gonna tell you about how a pair of jeans (or even a T-shirt) can get you to Hamburg in Germany. Yeah, for reals.

Tom Tailor denim just recently launched in South Africa and you can find it at selected Edgars stores, this brand is massive in Europe and we’re lucky to have it on our doorstep now, its pretty much all about day to day wear, anything from shorts and tee’s to all denim, and its pretty awesome stuff, just take a look:

back-shot Medium-shotWhat I like though (surprise, surprise) is the attention to detail, things like the fact that the denim jacket comes with a pocket square and the button down has pre-rolled sleeves, so they never come undone. Fancy uh?

jacket-detail shirt-detailSo? About that trip to Hamburg I hear you ask. Well, yes, as part of the launch Tom Tailor is running a competition that started on the 14th of November and ends on the 14th of January where you* just have to upload (FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram) a pic of yourself in any Tom Tailor Denim item with the hashtag #TomTailorZa.

That simple yes. Over the 8 week period they will be choosing 8 semi finalists who all win a R1000 Tom Tailor Denim voucher, these will be chosen by different fashion bloggers, like me. Yep, this is my week people so I expect some good looks.

The 8 semi finalists will then be put up on to the Tom Tailor Facebook page where the audience will vote who goes to Hamburg.

Right, so now what are you waiting for, lets get some pics uploaded peeps, i’m holding thumbs for you.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.

*Unfortunately ‘you’ can only be from South Africa to participate in this competition.


Full-lengthOkay people, we’re in the 3rd week of our 4 week tie subscription give away with Friday Tieday and we have another outfit built round a tie.

This was a textured black tie, and really, if you’re only ever going to own 1 tie, it needs to be a black one, that will pretty much get you into anything that requires a tie, weddings, funerals, court.

So I decided to go a little old school on this look and keep it simple with black and white, it’s not my regular vibe as I tend to want to have some kind of colour pop or element of fun. Dressing black and white is super simple, everything goes with everything and it’s nearly impossible to get wrong.

I would make one suggestion though, and it’s not so much a suggestion as it is a commandment, no black shirts and white ties, it’s just tacky and you’re not an italian gangster.

Here are the details of the outfit.Medium-shot flower-pin-close-up Pocket-square tie-close-up shoesOk, so, winning ties subscriptions, just before Christmas! What what!??

Go grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39. All you need do is enter promo code FANCYFRIDAY and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

If you miss this week, don’t worry, were giving away 50 ties a week over the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out over my twitter as I announce the code there first and then my Facebook page the very next day. If you wanna learn more about the competition go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.


full-lengthWeek 2 of our 4 week give away with the gents at Friday Tie Day is here, and we have another fancy friday built around a tie.

If you have no Idea what I’m talking about, check out the “win 1 of 200 Tie Subscriptions” post.

The tie of course dictated the colour palette here, and having an exact match in pants made it a little easier. After that it was about doing some serious pattern mixing so that we could keep it interesting.

You’ll see more of it on the details here below.


The navy waistcoat was speaking to the trim on the blazer and the navy on the tie, while the pocket square tied back to the maroon in the tie and pants while still having enough standout to be unique.

My favourite little detail in this look though was the green tie clip that picked up on the green in the pocket square. Wanna know how to win yourself a tie? Details below.

tiedetailshoesGo grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39. All you need do is enter promo code STAYFANCY and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

If you miss this week, don’t worry, were giving away 50 ties a week over the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out over my twitter as I announce the code there first and then my Facebook page the very next day. If you wanna learn more about the competition go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.

full-lengthSo as you may have seen in my “win 1 of 200 tie subscriptions” post, the next 4 weeks of Fancy Fridays will be brought to you by the chaps over at Friday Tie Day.

Not only because they love a bit of fanciness, but because they’re giving away 50 tie subscriptions a week over 4 weeks.

So of course, my outfits have all been built around these new ties, and I started with my favourite, this navy and yellow polka dot neckpiece. Polka dots have been creeping there way back into fashion over the past few months and it’s only natural that they will find themselves in the tie game. Good thing that as polka dot ties are amazing, and bring that certain “power tie” feel to them.

When building an outfit around a tie I find its best to work from the tie out, so tie, shirt, blazer, pants etc. Thats what I did here. I love how the polka dot and gingham on the shirt create a similar negative shape with different patterns, it helps to bring them together while allowing them to maintain their individual patterns.

After that, it was merely complementing the yellow polka dot on the tie with a some lapel pin and pocket square details.

Here are some close ups:Medium-shottie-close-upshoespocket-detailsSo, now for the fun part.

Go grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39. All you need do is enter promo code WMBW50 and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

If you miss this week, don’t worry, were giving away 50 ties a week over the next 3 weeks, so keep an eye out over my twitter as I announce the code there first and then my Facebook page the very next day. If you wanna learn more about the competition go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.

Tie subscriptions? Yeah, totally! It’s kind of like a wine of the month club, except you get drunk on compliments from looking so awesome.

A couple of weeks ago, the gents at Friday Tie Day asked me if I’de like to give away some tie subscriptions, and although I’m all about the giving, I’m also all about giving away stuff you guys would actually want! SO I asked them to send me some of their previous ties so I could check them out, you know a little quality control.

Then this arrived.polka-dot-tiegrey-tietie-and-packagehoundstooth-tiebrown-tieI cant say I wasn’t instantly impressed. Every tie is different, because every month has a new theme, so the tie may be wool, silk or even hemp. I also loved the width, I’ve kind of outgrown the skinny tie, but I do still like a narrow width, these nailed it!

My favourite thing was the texture (I’m a sucker for a textured tie), check out some close ups.

So, how will the give away work?

Well, over the next 4 weeks Friday will become Fancy Friday Tie Day, and we’ll be giving away 50 one month subscriptions every week delivered to your door anywhere in the world and valued valued at $39 each.

Every Friday I will be releasing a new promo code and the first 50 people to enter it get the subscription, That’s it, its that easy.

I am gonna make it a little more interesting though and stagger where I release the promo code, from my smallest audience to my largest so that everyone gets a chance to grab a tie subscription.

I will be doing a sneak release on my twitter account on Thursday evenings, followed by a morning release of the promo code on my Facebook page and then finally, here on the blog and on Instagram when I post that weeks Fancy Friday look.

When you get the code you go straight to Friday Tie Day and then.

1.) Login/ register with Facebook account or email address.
2.) After logging in, choose “Buy” and select which tie you would like to receive.
3.) Choose “One Month” and then “I have a discount” (or if you want to buy a longer subscription you can, the discount code subtracts $39 USD from any purchase)
4.) Enter shipping info and credit card info.
5.) Click “Get It”.
Your tie should be at you within a week, if you only wants the one free tie, make sure to login to your account and pause or cancel the subscription (your dashboard will display any active subscriptions), after receiving their first tie, but please don’t try and be the guy who racks up promo codes and uses them over the 4 weeks to get multiple subscriptions. Friday Tie Day will only be shipping 1 tie per person, regardless of how many codes you use, you will however be using up that code and someone will end up missing out.

That’s it folks, good luck and keep an eye out for those tweets and post.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

A couple of months ago I did a post about my new eco friendly Wewood watch.

Needless to say the folks at Wewood were over the moon with the response and wanna thank you guys by giving one of their DATE Black watches away valued at R1350. Yeah, seriously.

How do you win? It’s simple, follow these 2 steps.

1 – Firstly go and thank the guys at Wewood by liking their Facebook page, they promise not to spam you with loads and loads of posts about beautiful wooden watches.

2 – Then simply leave me a comment under the ‘Win a Wewood watch’ post on my Facebook page so I know you’ve entered.

That’s it folks, I like to keep these things simple.

The T&C’s are as follows:

For your entry to count you need to follow both step 1 and 2 as stated above.

The competition runs from 09/11/13 to 16/11/13

The winner will be announced on 18/11/13

This competition is only open to South African residents and your prize will be shipped to you.

Okay folks. Good luck and stay fancy.

Full-length-arms-crossedWhen was the last time I wore a bow tie?

I love bow ties. It feels to me like it’s the original dapper right?

As CT starts warming up again for spring the layers start dropping and the ankles start showing. Nice! Less layers gave me a chance to really show off this shirt I’m giving away in conjunction with Fabiani. But I’ll get into the give away in just a moment, for now, lets enjoy the awesomeness of it.


shoesThe details of the above outfit are the following:

Spectacles by Gucci

Straus bow tie by Heywood 1922

Wallace’s hank Pocket square by Heywood 1922

Blazer from Zara (get similar here)

Shirt by Fabiani – you can win this now

Navy lapel flower by River Island (Sold out – get similar here)

Burgundy pants from H&M (Get similar here)

Shoes by Munguia Shoes

So now, how about this shirt? I’ve never seen anything like it! I’m calling it Polka Squares! It gets better, you cant buy this shirt yet, it hasn’t even gone into production, and is only being launched at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town next week.

Fabiani has always been famous for their shirts. They’re beautifully tailored and in the most amazing fabrics, they’re also riddles with details like contrast collar and cuff linings, and we do love a bit of detail don’t we?

The best part about Fabiani shirts is that the last button is always sewn with a red button hole, thats because every shirt sold makes a donation to the Children’s Hospital trust. Sweet man guys!

Okay, so to win this guy, it’s simple! Just go and like Fabiani on Facebook, then leave me a comment on my WMBW Facebook page under the Fancy Friday post. That simple.

I sometimes have trouble reaching Facebook winners via Facebook, (especially if you have private profiles) so feel free to drop me a mail at with your mail address once you have entered.

Here are the terms and conditions.

• Competition is only open to South African Residents.

• All entrants must like Fabiani on Facebook

• All entrants must leave a comment on the WMBW Facebook page

• Competition closes on the 8/08/13 at midnight

• Winner announced on 09/08/13

• Winners have 1 week to claim there prize, or the prize will be re-drawn

• The shirt may not match the current shirt exactly as it is still in production and may vary slightly.

Okay. Good luck and of course, stay fancy.


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