So, I’ve been apprehensive about sharing this series of interviews I did recently with news 24, mostly because everything I say, you guys would already know from reading the blog, but also, because, well, I’m no public speaker. Sure I can match the hell out of my ties and pocket squares, but public speaking will never be my thing.

If however you wanna know a little more about how what my boyfriend wore started and why I do the things I do, or you just feel like a chuckle, then take a look below.

Okay. Stay fancy.

IMG_7337---smallSo I was lucky enough this year to be sent to the Vodacom Durban July by the main sponsor Vodacom of course. They wanted me to go down and capture some of the fashion and fun so that I could report to you friendly folk. This gonna be a long post, so maybe grab a cup of coffee. Maybe even a sandwich.

The theme for this year was “The Big Screen” and I decided to take a little inspiration from some sartorial stars of the past, namely Mr Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, this dapper duo not only had the moves, but they had the style to go with it. I mean, look at them! Playas!

Of course, I was gonna put my own little twist on this look mostly because I don’t think Gene of Fred ever wore anything slim fit, but like I said, it was inspired, not copied.

The pics you’re about to see are from this amazing young talent in Durban by the name of Simphiwe Simz Kevin Mkhwanazi (or Kevin s I called him) we met up late in the evening and took some pics, he took loads and I wanted to share my favourites with you. I’de really suggest checking this kid out, his pics are amazing and so is his blog

IMG_7353---smallIMG_7347---smallIMG_7324---smallIMG_7322---smallIMG_7283---smallIMG_7299---smallIMG_7275---small  What I loved about these pics is that he captured the essence of the whole “look” I was going for. It’s not often I look at pictures of myself and go, wow, that turned out really nice.

If you like the outfit, this is where everything is from:

Hat by French Connection (Available locally at Stuttafords)

Blazer from Zara

Shirt by TM Lewin (available locally at Edgars)

Tie from LVJ Haberdasher

Tie clip and lapel flower by Suited man

Skinny Chinos by Gap (Available locally at Stuttafords)

Shoes by Dune of London (Available locally at Edgars)

But lets move on with the rest of the fashion I captured at the Vodacom Durban July, now, make no mistake, I don’t have the same photographic skills as young Kevin, so my pics wont be nearly as fancy as the outfits. I walked up and down the whole day and much of what I saw was to be expected with a few exceptions that we’ll get into later.

There was however one group of young gents who took “swagger” (and I dont use that term lightly) to a whole new level. It’s one thing to walk into a store and buy an great suit off the rack, find a fancy tie and a great pair of shoes and…boom, you look great. But, what if you have such vision for how you want to look, that you customise your outfit all the way down to your walking stick! Check these guys out.

IMG_9844IMG_9841IMG_9850IMG_9835IMG_9855 I oftenspeak about attention to detail. These guys have it in droves and were definitely the “best dressed” highlite of the event for me.

Now the Vodacom Durban July differs a little to the J&B Met for me, sure it’s about the horses and putting a couple of Rands on little racer taking 3rd place in the 5th race, but somehow, it feels like that’s all a build up to one massive party. And party they do.

I was lucky enough to be in a section called Boomtown, which is pretty much Jack Daniels heaven (or at least for me) it has a massive stage with awesome local musos and some young kids who look good and just want to party. I snapped loads of great looks, but these guys are the ones who stood out for me, lots of burgundy and wide brimmed hats in the mix…don’t say I didn’t warn you about the hats!

From what I remember I had the best time ever, despite picking all the wrong horses. Wanted to say a massive thank you to Vodacom for affording me the opportunity. Cant wait to go back next year *wink wink – finger guns*

Okay. Stay fancy

It’s been a while since I shared one of these “the way I dress” videos from Mr Porter

They’re very rarely about the particular persons style, but always much more about there view on fashion. It interests me how people are inspired by different things and how everyone has a different standpoint on what fashion or style means


“If you have a sense of style, your clothes should clash a bit” I’ve never thought about it like that, but its incredibly accurate.


Full-lengthI bought a pair of red brogues. Yep.

But now what? How do you wear something that demands so much attention without looking like a clown?

I decided to give them all the attention by keeping my outfit completely neutral. Black and red, much like navy and red look great together, so the black pants were a must to let the shoes pop. BUT, to give the shoes ALL of the attention would make the outfit feel awkward, so I let the details like the tie and pocket square draw your eye down toward the shoes without getting surprised by the colour. I kinda think it worked too.

Lets look at the details

medium-shot The tie is quite textured (I do love me a woolen tie) so the blazer needed to have a texture of its own so that the tie didn’t feel out of place. And in the hopes of allowing all the patterns to work well together, the argyle on the tie, check on the shirt and slight herringbone on the blazer, it was a play of colour and pattern size. A white shirt would of made the tie pop too much, so the slight navy grid helps tone it down a bit.

With so much going on, I thought I would give the lapel flower a skip and rather go for a simple lapel pin, all be it a bad ass skull one. They do say the devil is in the details, so here they are.

medium-close-uptie-detailbraceletpocket-square-detailshoesIf you like the outfit above, Ive done my best to piece together the exact items or similar that I have found online.


Spectacles by Ray Ban

Blazer from Bellfield (Available locally at Stuttafords) get similar here 

Shirt by TM Lewin (Available locally at Edgars)

Tie by LVJ Haberdashery

Tie clip and Lapel pin by Suited Man

Bracelets by Caputo and Co

Pants from Topman – Get similar here

Shoes from Dune (Available locally at Edgars)

Okay, stay fancy


milan-menswear-fashion-week-4R2A8971s.jpg~originalSo, I’ve been getting more casual recently. I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s my way of dressing differently. Things can get pretty boring when you wear a tie everyday, no matter how many lapel flowers you own. Weirdly enough I get such great reactions when people catch me in a T shirt and jeans I’ve been doing it more regularly.

I do struggle though with loosing that gentleman’s edge I love so much, so when I found this pic by Garcon Jon, it gave me some ideas. I loved the mix of very formal pants with an informal roll up and a very casual T-shirt, it just works so well here with the navy colour blocking. The final detail are the loosely strapped double monks, it walks (no pun intended) the very fine line between casual and formal. Nailed it!

I’ve been having some difficulty finding items online to help you build your wardrobes, so I’ve been doing less of that, but I managed to find the key essentials in putting this look together if you like it.

I liked the polka dot detail on the pocket tee over here, seemed to go nicely with the texture of the pants.

Pants by Ted Baker

Pocket Tee From Topman

Shoes available at ASOS 

Okay. Stay fancy…or casual sometimes I guess.

Whenever I feel like I need a fashion kick up the pants I go and find a little ABC of mens fashion for some inspiration. Always does the trick.

This one features ex style editor of Harpers & Queens Mr Peter York telling us why the suit was such a good invention. He makes a good point too you know.

“Fashion affects, absolutely everything” It’s true you know, it defines everything from entire decades to simple moments in time. Clever guy this Peter York.

Okay. Stay fancy.



Clubmaster-essentialThe clubmaster sunglasses are a perfect example of the cyclical nature of fashion. These iconic sunglasses have a long history of fashion, originally called the brownie or browline glasses they were the most common style of eye glasses in the 1950′s and early 1960′s and therefore found there way onto just about everybody’s face, most noticeably Black liberationist Malcolm X.

They found there way back into popular culture when Bruce Willis wore a pair of tinted browlines on the show moonlighting creating a massive demand for the browline sunglasses. As Ray Ban already dominated the market with their Aviator and Wayfarer models, they created the clubmaster sunglasses we have today apparently named after there popularity with jazz musicians in the 50′s club scene.

In the mid 2000′s the style once again gained popularity with 50′s and 60′s fashion culture returning to the mainstream and with shows like Mad Men making everything retro cool, the club master saw a massive resurgence. Todays clubmasters come in all kinds of shapes and colours, from steel frames to wooden ones and even clubmasters that fold up into your pocket. Personally I’m a big fan of the original tortoise shell design from the late 80′s.


So what makes these an essential for me?

Well, any fashion item that has seen it’s way in and out of fashion for the better part of half a century is clearly here to stay. The outstanding design and true style will always be rediscovered. I love these guys so much, I even got myself a pair of spectacles too match, I wear them when I need too channel my inner Don Draper. It works too.

spectaclesSo, I’ve decided to make the browline spectacle my essential 6.5 cause really they go hand in hand. Remember classic never goes out of style.

Okay. Stay fancy.



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