13897900965_2b23b0112a_o 13897896935_1a7217035a_oIsnt it crazy that even the biggest fashion faux pas can be stylishly executed?

I’m not even sure how I stumbled on to Mr Boy’s tumblr site ( I think it was twitter or something) but I’ve been struggling to find something interesting for my Sartorial Sunday posts untill I found this. It’s so simple so classic, and with one minor detail it makes a massive statement.

Yes, I’m talking about the socks. We all know the rules is that your socks should match your pants, but even in my dressiquete post I said that once you know the rule, you can start finding how best to break it. It seems as though Karlmond up here has smashed it and nailed it at the same time.


I’ve always believed that fashion rules are made to be…well…bent, not broken as such. Somethings just dont work, somethings do. There are a lot of rules out there and if we all followed them to the letter we’de all end up looking the same. I cant even tell you what it is about the white socks that just works so well for me, but it’s definitely something I think I need to try.

I must say I really love the simplicity of this outfit. I get so caught up in colours and details I sometimes forget the amazing impact a simple black and white can make. If you wanna put a little something like this together yourself, I’ve got some budget friendly starting points down below – I did choose to go for a Navy parker rather than all black, I kinda feel like it needed a little something different.

Get similar round frame glasses here

Get similar navy parka here

Get similar white button down shirt here

Get similar black textured sweater here

Get similar black washed out chinos here

Get similar black satchel here.

Get similar white textured socks here

Get similar Black Double monks here

Okay. Stay Fancy.

A couple of weeks ago you may have seen me doing a call for entries on my Facebook page for a makeover I was doing courtesy of Brooksfield Menswear.

We ended up with over 100 entries and in the end settled on marketing and sales professional Andrew who was just about to interview for a new job and Actor Jarrid wanting to crack the big time.

They both arrived a little nervous and unsure about what lay before them. Here are their before shots, starting with Andrew and followed by Jarrid.

Andrew-before-full-lengthAndrew-mid-shot-before Andrew-close-upJArred-Before---full-lengthJarred-mid-shot---beforeJarrid-close-Up

So what lay before these two young lads? First things first, a trip to Barnet Fair for a new hairstyle and a hot towel shave, something different and something dapper for each of them.

In the meantime, I picked out there outfits, with the suits being supplied by Brooksfield Menswear and the shirts by Cambridge Menswear, the eyewear was supplied by the lovely folk over at Ray Ban, The finishing touches were applied by yours truly from my personal collection of dapper details (unfortunately, they didn’t get to keep those)

Lets start with Andrew. I decided he needed to take his hair high and tight with a classic short back and sides with the length left on top, a very 50′s cut from the days where gentlemen were, well, gentlemen I guess. We gave him a perfect middle parting and got to work on the outfit.

Andrew had quite a dark skin tone and hair to match so I decided to put him in a chocolate brown suit, it’s not your regular office attire but being a natural tone it makes it as versatile as a black or navy suit but less formal therefore giving it more usage occasions. I paired it up with a light grey fine gingham shirt and then brought out the brown with a woollen tie from LVJ haberdasher and a floral pocket square from Heywood 1922. The finishing touches and to bring out the red in the tie were the red lapel flower from River Island and red tie clip from The tie bar.

Check this transformation out.Andrew-Full-length Andrew-Medium-side-profile Andrew-tie-detailAndrew-Lapel-flowerAndrew-medium-close-upNext up was Jarrid, now this young man had an amazing bush of a hair that he was more than willing to let us chop off. I thought the length and curl was great, but it needed to be more structured without being corporate. We also cleaned up his beard and gave it a classic goatee shape.

For his outfit I picked him a grey suit and matched it with a blue gingham shirt, this really is a great base for 100 different looks. Because Jarrid was such a fun crazy guy I went to town on the patterns giving him a pink and blue floral bow tie from Heywood 1922 and a pink plaid pocket square from Loft Trading, I finished it off a bright pink (or cerise really) lapel flower from Chanman. Here’s the incredible result. Swag for Days!!


They both walked away super stoked and it was amazing to see the confidence they gained when they saw their new look for the first time. I’ve always believed that putting on the right outfit in the morning can completely change the way you approach the day, these guys proved me right.

So now, how do you get your grubby mittens on some of this stuff. Well The kind folks over at Brooksfield are giving away a hamper worth R5400 to one of my lucky readers. The hamper includes a Brooksfield Suit, a Cambridge Shirt, Brit Rhythm (the latest fragrance from Burberry), a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses and a Dermologica hamper together with a Dermologica microzone treatment.

Entry is simple, all you need to do is chose who you think won the makeover. Is it Andrew or Jarrid?

Hop on to my Facebook page and you’ll see an album for Andrew and an album for Jarrid just vote for the one you like the most and leave me a comment so that I can count your vote. Simple uh?

I am gonna ask you guys for 1 favour though, go and like the Brooksfield Facebook page as a way of saying thank you for such a generous prize. Its the gentlemanly thing to do.

Right, so I know you guys alway like a little something extra, so I’m giving you a chance to gain a further entry via twitter. Yep simple tweet “I vote for Andrew in the #BrooksfieldMakeover with @whatmybfwore” or of course “I vote for Jarrid in the #BrooksfieldMakeover with @whatmybfwore

There you have it folks, go get entering. Well, right after you read the all important T&C’s

• Competition opens on 16/04/2014 and closes at 12:00 PM on 30/04/2014

• Competition only open to residents of South Africa

• No employees and immediate family of Brand ID may enter

• Entrants must like and comment on an album 

• Entrants must like the Brooksfield Menswear Facebook page to enter

• A second entry may be gained via twitter

• The winner will be drawn via random draw and announced on 05/05/14

• Brooksfield suit prize available from size 38 to size 48 only

• Cambridge shirt prize available from size 38 to size 48 only

• Prizes may not be exchanged

• The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

Okay. Stay fancy and good luck




We had such an overwhelming response to the Friday Tie Day giveaway I did recently on the blog that the gentlemen from Friday Tie Day have decided to offer my readers $20 off there first tie.

Yep. Seriously.

For those of you who don’t know what Friday Tie Day does, well, they’re like a book of the month club, except instead of a bunch of papers arriving on your doorstep every month, you can a beautiful tie. Every tie is different and everyone has a story behind it. Above is Chris, he was the March tie, a tie that just screams “lets go HUNTING” – though I’m not sure anyone screams that anymore, its very un PC. A rich navy blue with some fine duck detail on it, make it that awesome tie you wanna steal out of your granddads closet.


So, if you like Christ, or wanna check out any of the other ties go visit Friday Tie Day here and enjoy your $20 discount! It’s a pleasure!

Okay. Stay fancy.


Look Left, look right, then agree that black and brown are the most awesome colour combo.

It’s simple and classic though it very rarely see’s the light of day, till Fancy Friday that is.

Then, there are the 2 tone brogues, these guys are awesome, but incredibly difficult to wear, and if the rule is that your belt matches your shoes, well then, what colour do you match? What happens if like me, you have a belt that matches neither? I simply went for a black belt and let the blazer match the shoes, it still helps getting items in your outfit talking to one another.

Lets look at the details though.


The camo bow tie was to pick up on the contrast collar of the blazer, it’s also got some black in it so helps blend in with the outfit overall I think.

To be able to make this all work, together, I thought a simple white shirt with the slightest texture was best, it has a nice french cuff, so the silver on the watch and cufflink could all work together – matching metal with metal is key, and perhaps a dressiquette post I need to wright up one day



So If you like this look, below are some online choices to help get you started, the exact blazer and shoes were impossible to find.

Blazer from Topman – Get similar here

Shirt from TM Lewin

Bow tie by Heywood1922

Pocket square from H&M – Get similar here

Lapel flower by Chanman

Pants from Topman

Shoes from Zara – get “kinda” similar here

Okay. Stay Fancy.

outside-signwindow-signSo I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about this place for ages, its called The House of Machines and It’s hands down one of my favourite places in Cape Town. It’s the brainchild of Brad Armitage (of Vide e Cafe and &Union beer fame) Paul Van Der Spuy (of blue collar white collar fame) and Drew Madacsi (I dont think Drew is really famous for anything besides being Aussie) who basically wanted to combine there passions and create a place they wanted to hang out in.

I say ‘place’ because it’s not a coffee shop, though the Evil Twin coffee is incredible, 100% certified organic arabica, grown in Honduras and master roasted in Spain.

It’s also not a bar, though they have the most incredible house lager and a bar man called Nick who only makes prohibition cocktails, the kinda stuff that pre dates the 1920′s and is pretty much liquor on liquor. Go have the old fashioned and tell Nick I sent you (life changing) though don’t tell him I called him a bar man, he’s officially an award winning mixologist and his passion for making you the perfect drink is unmatched. Expect about 15min to get your drink, sit down listen to the story, it will be worth the wait, I promise!

They also make bikes, any bike you want, hand crafted from the ground up, yep right there in the La Macchina workshop at the back.

Lastly, they’re not a clothing store, but they have tons of rad Tee shirts, caps and shirts under the THoM Workwear clothing brand. These pics below should give you a little taste for the place.

(Sorry about the barrage of photos, but there is so much cool stuff in this place, I just couldn’t stop shooting.)

There is however one very specific reason I love this place and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s the small range of, lets call them gentleman accessories that they stock, the kind of dapper delights that make you wish your wallet was a little fatter (though they do sell some pretty fat wallets). I picked some of my favourite pieces out of their little display case to share with you guys.

coastersShoe-Brush pocket-knife To-Hell-With-Work---Hip-Flask Funnel Fine-&-Dandy-Comb Pocket-square Best-Intentions---Hip-FlaskSo…it’s my birthday in May. I’ll be happy with any of the above. Thanks.

If you guys wanna visit this place, and I suggest you do, it’s open everyday, except sunday till 5 and the prohibition bar is open Thursday to Saturday and you’ll find it at 84 Shortmarket Street in the Cape Town CBD.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Dress-watchIve always been a fan of the simple dress watch.

No bells and whistles, just a leather strap and a simple clear face. In fact as time has gone by, my watches have gotten simpler and simpler, dropping all the chronographs and date windows for something that, well, just tells the time really.

For ages I’ve been a massive fan of Uniformwares watches, and I guess I still am, but I recently picked up one of these Daniel Wellington watches and there is just something a little more dapper about them. The slim face, the slight detailing, It’s the perfect dress watch. Why? Well the slimmer the face the easier it is for it to slip under your dress shirt, it also fits the classic dress watch look, with its precious metal casing and leather strap.

watch-strap watch-rolled-up watch-backThe leather strap is what makes this guy feel more classic right? But wait, there’s a trick and it’s what made me love these guys. The straps are all interchangeable, but not only leather straps, lots of fun Nato straps too so you can dress it up or down and match it to your outfit.

These guys have just landed in South Africa (well, kinda, they’ve slowly been making there way into tiny boutique stores and markets) You can now get the full collection online at Kiph.

Happy shopping people!

Okay. Stay fancy.


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