Looking good is one thing. Doing good is something different. Looking good while doing good is pretty much the holy grail of living if you think about it! Here’s your chance.

I recently stumbled upon these Aid For Africa pocket squares on one of my favourite online tie stores. The kind people at Bows-N-Ties have made Aid For Africa their charity for 2016. Being a proud African myself, I really wanted to help spread the word on this awesome initiative.

Aid for Africa is a group of charities dedicated to helping solve the problems facing Sub-Saharan Africa. And trust me, we have loads of them. Everything from drinking water, to education and stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS are daily battles for the organisations working with Aid For Africa. The reason I wanted to spread the word on this particular initiative is because of the generosity of the folks at Bows-N-Ties, they are donating 100% from the purchase of these pocket sqaures to Aid for Africa. That’s a pretty big deal.


I love the simplicity of helping this initiative out. Pick a pocket square, make a difference! It really is that simple.

So, wanna help out? Maybe win your favourite pocket square in the process? Ok, then listen up. The best way to help out is to go out and purchase a pocket square right here, then sit back and think about how good you feel and how good you’re gonna look.

The other way you can help out is by spreading the word. Yep, we need to get this out to as many people as we can, so that everyone gets on board and we make a difference. Let’s take a look at the collection then.

So, how can you spread the word and win your favourite at the same time? By sharing. That’s it really! Sharing will get this thing seen by everyone. So, pick a country and either post to Instagram, share via twitter or share on Facebook.

I need to be able to track the entries, so make sure your comment reads a little something like this:

For twitter: “I want to support (Your country) in the #AidForAfrica pocket square initiative with @WhatMyBFWore & @BowsNTies” (then attach one of the above pics)

For Instagram: “I want to support (Your country) in the #AidForAfrica pocket square initiative with @WhatMyBoyfriendWore & @Bows_N_Ties #WMBW4Africa” (then post one of the above pics)

For Facebook: Here you are not limited to what you say, but please pic a country and then send people back to this blog post to find out about the competition – I’m gonna need you to drop me a comment on this blogpost though to tell me you’ve entered as with Facebook’s privacy settings I may not find you.

I’ll be running this over the next couple of days ending on the 19th of February with winners announced on the 22nd.

That’s it folks, I will pick one winner for every country via lucky draw and send you your pocket square in the post.

Just so you know, the folks at Bows N Ties have not asked me to write this post and nobody is paying me to do it either, I will be paying for all the courier fees on all the prizes as my way of supporting the initiative. I really hope you guys decide to get involved.

Okay. Be kind and stay fancy.


Old Khaki is widely known for their cool and casual mens and ladies wear. They’re the kind of store you visit when you need something to chill in for the weekend, right?

Turns out, not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, if you need something cool and casual, you’ll definitely find it there, but what if you want to turn it up a notch, you know fancy things up a little? Maybe take a stroll on the dapper side of life. Up for the challenge?

I was, so I picked 4 shirts from the new Old Khaki shirt range to see if I couldn’t take them from ‘throwing a ball around the pool’ all the way to ‘busting balls in the boardroom’ – with a few options in-between of course.

So lets start at the bottom. Meet the Corey, a short sleeved button down ready for cocktail sundowners at a fancy Camps Bay beach bar. Now, it is possible to embrace summer without just throwing on a t-shirt and flip flops every time you leave the house! This is how it should be done.


The technique here was simple. Pick one thing that screams SUMMER, something that keeps a little fun in your look, in this case, the floral shorts. The rest just comes down to matching the remaining colours in your outfit to those on the shorts. They don’t all need to match, but they should all tonally work together. Ahhh…breeezy!

Lets move on to the Clint shirt. It took a trip to Hong Kong and Korea to finally give in to how cool a mandarin collar can look, up until then I had decided it could stay in the 90’s together with platform boots for men (yes, I had those too) and the spice girls. See, the thing is, when you pair it with the right stuff, that mandarin collar can give your outfit a little edge – fancy, but not fancy enough to need a tie.


Little things can keep your look constantly transcending between smart and casual without ever having to fall into traditional smart casual. Make sense? No? Let me explain, in this case, the blazer and pocket square, move the outfit into a more formal space, but the lack of a belt and the high cropped pants keep it in a great casual space. When in doubt, a pair of loafers are the perfect smart to casual shoe.

Next up is the Casey shirt, a simple check shirt with a button down collar. We all have one of these in our closet right? (Sure, I have about 20 – but thats because they’re so versatile) Most guys take a check shirt, roll up the sleeves and throw on a pair of jeans. That’s fine, I do that all the time, it’s a classic look. But a check shirt can bring an element of fun to a formal outfit, and get you one step closer to fancy without being overdressed – not that I believe you can ever be overdressed.


By now you guys know that this is my “signature look” a mix of patterns and colours coordinated to stand apart and work together at the same time. I give out a lot of tips and tricks on pattern mixing and creating focus in your outfit in my Fancy Friday category. In this case, I built it all around the shirt allowing the blues and greens in the shirt to dictate what I was going to pair together, little details like a blue tie clip on a solid green tie help pull it all together.

Lastly we have the Lawrence 37, a simple navy bengal striped shirt with a grey base. Another closet staple really. Now, it’s not uncommon to see a striped shirt around the office, but guys tend to play it safe with a thin pinstripe or muted blue tones. I had my sites set on something a little more bold.


Although I decided to go bold, I decided to still keep it classic. Everyone owns a navy suit, or if you don’t you should, it’s the first suit you should invest in really…or maybe that’s a grey suit (I can never quite decide, so best to play it safe an have one of each in your closet) A few simple details though, can make your ‘navy suit look’ stand out from the other navy suit drones at the office though. Your shirt and tie really is your opportunity to bring personality to your outfit. Stripes on stripes is tricky to get right, so make sure the scale or size of the stripes is vastly different otherwise it will just hurt your eyes. In the end, as always, it’s the details that help everything work together – like picking up on the red logo detail on the shirt with the tie and the pocket square.

That’s it gents (and ladies of course) lets see you start making the shirts in your closet the most versatile thing you own.

Okay. Stay fancy.




IMG_6804‘Tis the season of giving right? So how about a hand crafted leather messenger and premium timepiece to start your festive season off just right?

The kind folks at Freedom Of Movement have put up these 2 incredible prizes for one lucky WMBW reader in celebration of their newly released time pieces. But we’ll get to those details a little later. For now let’s relish in the beauty of them.

IMG_6616IMG_6722IMG_6888Personally I’ve been a long time fan of Freedom Of Movement. I saw their stuff for the first time at a local design exhibition and fell in love with the hand crafted leather goods created by this team of two brothers out of Stellenbosch. It wasn’t long before I got my hands on one of their Bobby bags as my day to day backpack before adding the Ted and the Jim for traveling.

As with all things leather, they just look better with age. Their methods are based on the traditional principles of leather craftsmanship, blended with modern techniques to ensure a quality that can only be achieved by true artisans. Not bad for a Chartered Accountant and Civil Engineer right? Fiercely passionate about our beloved South Africa, they resolved to boost the local economy through job creation and skill empowerment – I just love that!

IMG_6680IMG_6821IMG_6874IMG_6905So how can you win these 2 beautifully crafted products? As usual I like to keep things simple.

  1. Go follow Freedom of Movement @FOMBrand on nstagram
  2. Simply tag someone you think would love to share the prize in my competition post on Instagram and include the hashtag #WMBWWin (so that I can track the entries)

That’s it, you’re in the draw. Simple right?

Okay okay, you know I always like giving you guys a second chance via twitter, so if you want a second entry simply tweet “I want to win this watch and bag with @fombrand and @whatmybfwore” with any of the above pictures including the watch and bag. BOOM! That’s your second entry for a pretty rad early christmas present.

Here are the T&C’s

  1. Competition opens on Thursday the 17th December and closes on midnight Monday the 21st December.
  2. Winner will be announced on Tuesday the 22nd of December.
  3. Competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world.
  4. Your prize will be shipped to you.
  5. All above criteria must be met to qualify for an entry.
  6. Winners have 1 week to claim the prize from date of notification.

That’s it folks. Good luck.

Okay. Stay fancy.


IMG_6280I finally found a hat that I can wear!

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I’ve been complaining about not being a hat guy for ages! Or at least not finding one that suits me and my tiny little child head. Then I found this guy, you may remember it from the Tread & Miller post from a couple weeks back. Even though I liked it, I wasn’t sure it suited me. Eventually I decided to practice what I preach. Fashion is all about confidence, and if you wear anything with confidence you can pull it off! So I decided to own the hat rather than letting that hat own me!

It’s pretty bad ass!

I wont dedicate this post entirely to the hat, but more on what to wear your hat with. Sartorial Sundays are usually about a little fashion inspiration for those Sundays that requires a little more dressing up. We’re not going full dandy here, just a detail or two to make your outfit pop.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail asking “what to wear to a Havana themed party” at the time I responded with lightweight jackets, shirts and trousers, all mismatched and possibly loafers with a hat. Next time I’ll just respond with “this” wear this outfit :)


IMG_6326IMG_6283IMG_6389IMG_6342IMG_6432There are a couple of tricks to wearing mismatched items though, the most basic of which is keeping things in the same tonal range where you can. In this case the shirt and jacket. The hat was quite dark, so balancing it off with darker coloured pants helps keep everything together. Now where nothing else really matches you want to make the outfit still feel considered, so I made sure I stuck to the golden rule of matching belt and shoes. The final detail is the pocket square, it has enough green to talk to the hat and the dark tones help pick up on the pants and shoes making sure that the top half of the outfit isn’t just one light block.

I decided to ditch the tie and the lapel flower so that the outfit remains kinda casual, but “fancy” at the same time. Sartorial Sundays are about dressing up so that  you fit in where ever you find yourself. In this case I don’t think I would feel out of place having drinks round the pool bar or a brunch in a 5 star hotel!

If you’re liking this vibe it’s all available here:

Hat by Simon and Mary available at Tread and Miller

Blazer from Topman

Pocket Square from The Tie Bar

Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger (available locally at Stuttafods)

Pants from Ted Baker (available locally at Stuttafods)

Belt from Suit Supply

Shoes from Tread and Miller

Okay. Stay fancy.



snow---TitleWhen you walk into Outrage of Modesty you cant help but shake that “where the f*ck am I” feeling.

But I kinda think that’s what the guys at Alliance Brands were going for.

Yep. The same guys responsible for  The House of Machines have taken on a new adventure called Outrage of Modesty. At it’s heart, OoM is a cocktail bar, but you wont find a pina colada on the menu. What you will find, is a little amusement park for your mouth set amongst enough Swedish and Japanese decor to make you forget about the neon signs and JFK mural. That is of course, if you make it past the doorman.

doorman-2OoMstairsneoninterior-with-Pharrelbonsaiboothsinteriors-(B&W)toilet-neonlightbulbmenuglassesI know what you’re thinking “What kind of cocktail bar doesn’t serve Pina Coladas?” The answer my friends is in fact very simple. A good cocktail bar.

See, if you want a sugary sweet cocktail made with cheap booze, lots of fruit juice and a tiny little umbrella stuck into a cherry, you should go anywhere else. The guys at Alliance Brands were looking to redefine Cape Town cocktail culture. And for a coastal city with a cocktail bar on every corner, that’s a pretty big statement to make.

The menu is small (though laser cut into a large wooden block), with only 9 drinks on it. I recognise none of them, I barely even recognise any of the ingredients. I also don’t see a single liquor brands listed. Uh?

Meet Luke “The Wookie” Whearty from renowned bar, Operation Dagger in Singapore and the madness behind the menu at Outrage of Modesty.

Luke---Hero-ShotherbsshakersstrainersLuke-Action-(B&W)frozen-potI asked Luke to “make me something special” because it feels like the kind of thing you should say at a place like this. It was only when I saw him filling a pot with liquid nitrogen did I realise he was taking me quite literally. Luke has been tending bar since he was about 18 and doing his “own thing” (as he calls it) for the last six years. By “own thing” I think he means blowing peoples minds through their mouths.

Luke was making me a drink he calls the snow. The menu simply reads ” amasi, naartjie, white chocolate, toasted rice” so I ask him why they don’t list the liquor that goes into every drink. He asks me if I ask the chef at my favourite restaurant what brand of eggs he uses in my omelette. I see his point. Luke explains to me that the end result is what’s important and that he wants the origin of the ingredients to come through, in this case a mix of Saki, Buchu tea, naartjie and white chocolate all topped with a tiny chocolate bowl.

The drink took 30min to make from scratch but Luke and his team prep all day so that by the time the customers sit down a 30min drink takes only 5min to prepare. Either way, it was worth the wait.

smoke-and-hand-in-pot-(B&W)shakingsquuezing-drinksnowdrink-1snow-3If redefining cocktail culture is what Alliance brands was looking at doing they certainly hit the mark with OoM.

Outrage of Modesty is a must do experience when in Cape Town and a sure fire way to impress anyone visiting. I highly recommend the Icy Hot or the Snow as a way of popping your OoM cork.

Now don’t let the doorman put you off, this places isn’t about exclusivity it’s about experience. The bar only seats 24 people, so when it’s full it’s full. There is no standing around the bar here as it would ruin the experience for everyone. The doorman is there mainly to control the flow, they only allow bookings to half capacity in order to try and accommodate walk-ins. Either way, I suggest you book.

Outrage of Modesty is open Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm till late. You can call and make a reservation on 021 422 2902 or mail

Okay. Stay Fancy.


Final-review-book-(Charango)This review is so fresh I think I still have a piece of quinoa stuck in my teeth.

Yes. Quinoa! That amazing South American super-grain filled with so many delicious nutrients you cant help but eat like a 1000 of them. It’s also an absolute staple in Peruvian cuisine!


Yes people, much to my surprise, the humble people of Peru not only have a cuisine, but if Charango is anything to go by, it’s a freaking delicious one! Having never been to Peru myself I can neither confirm or deny the authenticity of such a claim, but even if the menu at Charango is simply inspired by Peru, then some one please take me to Peru!

This was in fact not our first visit to Charango. Our First visit was shortly after it had opened (a couple of months ago) to meet a friend for a drink, it was a sunny afternoon and we wanted somewhere with a lovely outside area that would allow us to soak in the start of the weekend. We did have a couple of tiny tacos while we were there, but to be honest, our priority on that day was checking if there was in fact truth in wine! I’m happy to report there was.

menu-from-abovemenumirrorsInteriormuralglass-and-boothskullThis wasn’t even our second time at Charango. No, that was another friday evening where on a whim we decided to change the venue of “Date Night” and once again soak in the weekend while sipping on champagne. When dinner rolled around we kinda picked a few things out the menu with no real expectations to be honest. I mean, the place was new and trendy, slap bang in the middle of the other trendy bars and eateries. So we had low expectations.

Strangely enough, the food was not the first thing to blow us away. Believe it or not, it was the service. Yeah, I know, when last has service been so good that it stood out!? Our waiter was absolutely incredible, just super friendly, super informative super helpful and really made the night for us – I would think we just got lucky if we hadn’t experienced the same service this last time round too.

When our food arrived (mostly recommendations from our waiter) we were blown away. Yeah, I know, sounds extreme again, but much like you, when you started reading this article, we didn’t quite know what to expect from Peruvian tapas, so when it arrived and we realised every dish was more tasty than the last it brought a whole new level of joy to our meal.

See, what we came to discover (in short) was that Peruvian cuisine was (like most South American cuisines) largely influenced by the Spanish. However it was the Chinese and Japanese influence on the food that made it all so different.

tacossteak-and-quinoarose-water-pisco-soursme-drinkingme-drinking-2salad-close-upsecond-course-from-aboveNow look. I’m not a real food critic, so, It would be cheeky to sit here and break down the meal for you, telling you that “the crunch of the asian slaw contrasted perfectly with the seared Tuna in the bite sized tacos” – all be it true. However, if you’re anything like me, you simply want food that you can enjoy without feeling like you should have studied before you sat down.

The food was good, all of it. Even the cucumber and courgette salad that we tried was amazing, just simple and fresh but full of flavour! When you have 2 meat eaters fighting over the last courgette piece you know you’ve nailed the salad!

Lets move on to drinks shall we!

Ok, so? What do you even know about Pisco? Probably as much as me before arriving at Charango. Turns out Pisco is a Peruvian brandy developed by the Spanish settlers in the 16th century as an alternative to their Spanish orujo. Our waiter however told us that it had been created as a way to beat the wine tax in Peru, and to be honest, I way prefer that story. We both started off with a rose water and cardamon Pisco sours as recommended by Alwyn the manager and I must say that despite trying our best to work our way down the list of Pisco sours the Rose water and Cardamon remained our favourite. We also gave one or 2 of the other cocktails a try and although they were very delicious we did find them a little sweet. Interestingly though Charango uses no sugar in their drinks but instead Xylitol as a lower carb sugar substitute! I thought that was quite novel!

As the afternoon started cooling down we moved outside and just sat watching the world go by as we sipped on another Pisco Sours – we loved it!

Pisco-barpinapple-drinkBC-with-drinkpisco-bar-wallus-and-cocktailsI think my view on Charango is pretty obvious. My mouth started watering and I got all excited again just writing this review. I cant even quite put my finger on what makes the place so amazing, sure the decor is great and so is the food, but it’s more than that. There’s something ‘extra’, something I cant explain, something I really think you should try for yourself.

If you’re in town and want to give Charango a try, you can call them on 021 422 0757, they’re open Monday to Saturday for lunch (12-3pm) and dinner (6pm till late) and you can find them at 144 Bree Street, Cape Town.

Okay. Stay Fancy.



Treadshoeslogo-wallI recently popped into the newly opened Tread + Miller store in Canal Walk so see what the new kid on the block had to offer.

Although they already have 7 stores, the Canal Walk store is the first in Cape Town and I had heard good things. I was in search of a new pair of light brown or tan shoes, so I thought I would give them a try. The offering is very male focused and the store itself has a great industrial modern feel together with some old world touches like a permanent shoe shine offering – something you don’t see a lot of these days.

The range is pretty decent, with some well known shoe brands like Sebago, Crocket & Jones and adidas amongst others. I was more interested to see what the house brand “Arthur Jack” had to offer, so I got to work trying stuff on!

waiting-for-shoesall-the-shoeswindow-displayshop-assistantdoing-the-lacesshoe-shinetying-shoe-lacesThose who have been reading my blog for a while now, know that when it comes to shoes I have only 1 rule! Leather! Yeah, just “Leather” that’s the rule. Basically, I don’t need the fanciest most expensive shoes to be hand stitched by ancient monks in a tiny village outside of Florence, but my shoes do have to be leather. Nothing else compares to leather. It starts off beautiful, and gains character as it ages. Even if you don’t look after your shoes they will still age beautifully and with loads of character.

Lucky for me there were no shortage of leather tan shoes so I had the poor sales assistant running back and forth a couple of times helping me find the perfect pair. The shoes all seem to run a little large, so my usual size 8 foot found itself floating in most of the shoes and in some cases I had to actually drop down 2 sizes to a 6 to find a pair that fitted properly. So keep that in mind when you visit or order online.

shoe-pilelook-at-this-shoeB&W-one-footmirrorme-with-hatIn the end I settled on a nice classic pair of cap toed derbies but only after trying on half the store first. I don’t know who had more patience, the store assistant, or Elzaan who stood around documenting me trying on shoe after shoe as well as hat after hat trying to convince myself I can ‘pull it off” – I didn’t.

Yep, Tread + Miller also carry a pretty wide range of accessories. Everything from socks to shoe horns and of course, hats. Not any old hats though, but rather the super cool and very trendy Simon and Mary range of hats of which Tread + Miller stocks 3 different styles in varying colours. I loved this green guy, but Elzaan said it made me look like an American Park Ranger, so I thought it best to give it a miss.

You can take a look at the full offering online here with free delivery anywhere in South Africa or just pop into the Canal Walk store all week from 9am to 9pm. If you wanna stay up to date with what Tread + Miller are up to as well as any special promotions, you can follow them on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Okay. Stay Fancy.


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