Full-LengthBelieve it or not, sometimes (sometimes a lot) I go casual. In fact I get a lot of requests for ideas on casual looks and I suppose we cant be fancy everyday can we?

YES. Yes we can that was a trick question.

Though, I’m not. And quite simple somedays you just feel like throwing on some old jeans and a jumper and heading out the house. This was one of those days. There’s also nothing quite like walking around town with some music in your ears, so I took my new A-Audio headphones for a spin – so to speak. You’re gonna want to keep reading, because at the end of this post I’m gonna tell you how you can win a set of these incredible bluetooth headphones.

Now just because we’re casual, doesn’t mean that we don’t pay attention to details. We always pay attention to details, so in this case I decided to pick up on the peach in the shoes with a little peach pocket square. It’s a small thing, but I do think it’s the small things that count. Nothing new here.

Lets take a look at those details then.

earphoneswalkingsneakersFor those of you looking to find any of the above:

Sunglasses by RayBan

Blazer from Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Pocket square by Heywood 1922

Jumper by Ted Baker (available locally at Stuttafords)

Headphones by A-Audio

Backpack by Freedom Of Movement

Jeans by Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Sneakers by Puma x BWGH

Okay! Happy?

Great. Lets get your head squeezed in-between a set of A-Audio headphones then shall we?

Go ahead take a closer look.

Earphones-close-upEarphones-close-up-4Earphones-close-up-2Earphones-close-up-3Ok, so I recently went on a little trip to Johannesburg, sure it’s only a 2 hour flight but travelling in general is not my favourite thing, so any distraction is a good one. This was the perfect excuse to really put these headphones to the test so I left my ‘ol faithful’s’ at home and packed these instead.

Immediately off the bat they were way more convenient, sure my other headphones fold up, but these folded up flat so they took up way less space in my onboard luggage even in the carry case (way better than the little faux leather pouch ‘protecting’ my old ones). The real kicker for me was the fact that they were wireless, see nothing is more annoying than getting tangled up while switching between boarding passes and devices – I know this sounds pretty lame, but it was a real issue for me! Every time I threw my backpack on the headphone chord would pull out! Yes yes…#FirstWorldProblems I know, but still. The second winner was the noise cancelation, not only handy at blocking out the annoying sounds of an airport with super duper audio quality, but also handy at blocking out the engines on the aeroplane as they explode sending you plummeting to your death. I’m not a happy flyer.

Despite the 12 hour battery life the package comes complete with a power bank so you should really never run out of power, unless of course you’re doing like a 28 hour power walk in which case you should probably get different headphones so as not to ruin the plush leather detailing.

So, you want all this then do you?

Here’s how to enter.

We’re gonna try something new this time and run the whole thing via Instagram in hopes of keeping it simple as always. Dont worry I’ll still give you all additional entries via Facebook and Twitter as per normal.

Go visit A-Audio Headphones on Instagram (maybe give them a like for being so generous) then simply repost any image of the headphones on their feed that you like. Any one. Now tag the image with @AAudioHeadphones and leave a comment with the hashtag #WMBWWin – so that I can track them.

Voila! Youre in!

Oh yes, Facebook and Twitter. Lets make it fun!!

Facebook – Post the the first song youre gonna play on your new headphones to Facebook and tag A Audio Headphones and of course What My Boyfriend Wore

Twitter – Tweet “I’m gonna rock this (Song link here) on my new @AAudioHeadphone with @WhatMyBFWore

Thats it folks, if you do all 3 you have 3 entries for the draw.

Here are the T&C’s

1 – Competition opens 01/07/2015 and closes 08/07/2015

2 – The winner will be drawn and announced on 10/07/2015 via http://www.random.org

3 – Competition open to anyone in the world and your prize will be shipped to you

4 – All requirements for each category must be completed to count as an entry

5 – The Instagram entry must first be completed before entering via Facebook or Twitter

That should be it folks.

Good luck and stay fancy.


This is something a little different for my blog but its such a great collaboration its well worth sharing. After all the modern day gentleman takes pride in more than what he wears, but he takes pride in where he lives and where he works too

Below is what happens when one of the worlds biggest fashion houses gets into the pants of one of the worlds foremost furniture companies to update a range of original designs by Jean Prouvé for use in their office.

If you can’t tell by the look already this is none other than G-Star Raw who decided to pay homage to Prouvé’s collection of furniture designed for the offices of French industrial companies in the 1940s.

The collection consists of 10 pieces, including chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, desk lamps and wall-mounted reading lights, were initially developed for G-Star RAW’s new headquarters in Amsterdam, which opened last year.

15_FEATURE_ARTICLE_prouve_bottom_slide03_5044 15_FEATURE_ARTICLE_prouve_bottom_slide02_5043 15_FEATURE_ARTICLE_prouve_xtra_carrousel_15-1_COLLAGE_5041 15_FEATURE_ARTICLE_prouve_bottom_slide01_5042 Shubhankar Ray, global brand director simply says that they were fans of the stuff and needed new furniture for their offices. G-Star RAW and Vitra worked with Prouvé’s family to update the designs, developing a new palette of materials and coloured finishes. All the pieces are made from either steel, solid timber or a combination of the two. The rest, as they say, is history!

WOW! Never mind my office I could have this stuff all over my apartment!

Following the launch in Milan, the collection will be available from G-Star RAW’s website and at $2000 a pop, you might wanna start saving.

vitra-and-g-star-raws-jean-prouve-inspired-office-furniture-installation-9vitra-and-g-star-raws-jean-prouve-inspired-office-furniture-installation-11vitra-and-g-star-raws-jean-prouve-inspired-office-furniture-installation-13vitra-and-g-star-raws-jean-prouve-inspired-office-furniture-installation-18For more details and the original source of this article go check out www.dezeen.com 

Okay. Stay fancy.

mediem-close-upWhat do you wear on a date with a Negroni?

Thats what the folks at Tanqueray Gin wanted to know? So they challenged me to make a Negroni and allow the flavour to inspire an outfit. Little did they know that I am no stranger to Negronis and have been whipping them out at home ever since my friend Nick passed on the skill and of course I acquired all the essential bar tools and ingredients to make it happen.

If you want to make the drink, you need the right stuff right? So Tanqueray sent me over everything I might need to whip this classic cocktail together in this epic cocktail kit – Well, everything except ice, or maybe they sent ice and it just melted or something.

Fancy uh? You like? Good, i’ll be giving away a kit just like this at the bottom of this post, so keep reading.

full-setNow, this drink dates back to 1919, where (legend has it) Count Camillio Negroni asked his local bartender in Florence, Italy to stiffen his favourite cocktail, the Americano by using gin rather than soda water – look he had probably had a long day, or lady troubles, lets not question why. Either way, the Negroni was born and on this rare occasion we can actually say something silly like “Thank you Mr Negroni”.

The Negroni is one of the simplest drinks to make, equal parts gin, campari and sweet vermouth stirred together with an orange rind result in a bitter sweet love affair that grows more delicious with every sip. My mouth waters when I speak about it which is why that description sounded so cheesy – I mean this is true love we’re talking about.

So I ask again, how do you pay homage to such a drink by dressing appropriately enough to take it on a date. Well, when I think of Florence all I see are well dressed men sitting round the great wall of Pitti during Pitti Uomo – Lightweight fabrics, well cut suits and sock less loafers. Every detail so well thought out that it appears casually thrown together! You gotta love Italian summer style.

full-lengthtie-clipmidshotshoesAfter all this Negroni talk though, I think it’s only fair that you learn how to make one, so lets get started with one of the simplest most impressive drinks you will ever taste.

As mentioned above the drink is equal parts Tanqueray gin, Campari and sweet vermouth poured over ice in a large stirring glass or bottom half of a cobbler shaker.

In the meantime, you want to start chilling your old fashioned glass (Pretty much a tumbler) with some ice.

Now, the next step is not necessary, but I love that bitter taste of the orange peel and therefore like to carve a few rinds in before I stir the drink. Stirring your drink, rather than shaking it helps maintain the clarity of the original liquor rather than bruising it, so its a slow gentle stir in order to chill the ingredients.

Now, don’t leave it too long, or you’ll just water down your drink, so drain any excess water out of your glass now, pop the straining lid on to the cobbler shaker and slowly pour that delicious deep red liquid over a glass of ice.

Finally, just before serving slice a piece of orange skin (taking care to stay close to the skin and avoid the bitter white part of the orange), give it a twist over your drink allowing the oils to coat the top of your negroni and simply dropt it in.


So? How do you win the kit you may ask?

As always I try to keep it simple.

You have 2 ways of entering either via Facebook or Twitter

Lets start with Facebook: Simply go to the competition post on my page and tag who you would like to share your Negroni with – something simple like “Hey (tag friends name here) #TonightWeTanqueray with Negronis if I win”

Okay, twitter: Simply tweet “I’m thirsty for a @tanquerayZa Negroni with @WhatMyBFWore because #TonightWeTanqueray”

Thats it folks, you can enter either way or both ways for a double entry.

Here are the T&C’s

• Competition only open to South African Residents over the age of 18

• Competition opens on the 10/06/15 and closes on 17/06/15

• A winner will be drawn via http://www.random.org and announced by 19/06/15

• Your prize will be delivered to you via courier

Thats it people, good luck!

Okay. Stay fancy.


Full-length I’ve kinda gotten stuck in a blue and grey wardrobe rut. Sometimes throwing in some black for a darker colour.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact blue and grey are a fine combination and personally I could (and pretty much do) have my wardrobe consisting of only those colours. Yes! Grey is a colour.

Today however, I decided I would shift it all up a little, so much so that I did a Fancy Friday on a Monday morning which I usually reserve for being ‘casual’. I wanted it to be colourful and just a little loud, so of course I started with purple pants. You kinda have to really. Once you go bold though, you cant turn back, and the trick becomes adding piece after piece of pattern, texture and brightness to make sure that it all works together despite the fact that it shouldn’t.

In this case, I kinda decided that I was going to build the outfit around my shoes, rather than the pants. I cant seem to stop wearing these double monks – they go with everything – despite being a reddish oxblood colour. So in this case, the red / brown detailing in the tie, picked up on the shoes, and the red lapel flower, brought out the red in the tie more, which made it work better with the shoes. I also wanted to funk up my accessories a bit, while remaining in the same colour palette.

Enter wood! Yep! Wood! Been meaning to bust out this Original Grain watch for some time now especially because it paired so perfectly with my wooden tie clip! Wood and steel for the win.

Here are the details below, hopefully it helps the above make sense.mediumpocet-squarewatchtie-clipshoes

Sunglasses by RayBan (these guys are vintage though)

Blazer from Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Shirt from Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Tie by LVJ Haberdasher

Tie clip by Nic Harry Style

Lapel Flower by Nic Harry Style

Pocket Square by Heywood1922

Watch by Original Grain

Pants by Topman

Shoes from Paul Evans NY

Okay. Stay fancy.



11314fab1662Web1Sartorial Sunday are all about fashion inspiration, well, they are for me at least.

They’re a way of seeing what the worlds most fashionable do with everyday wardrobe items that Ive never thought of or tried. Sometimes its groundbreaking, and sometimes, it’s so deadly simple it makes you wonder why you’ve never thought of it! The example above (captured by the original street photographer “The Sartorialist” and the reason for the existence of these posts) has nailed simplicity in the most sartorial way.

What could be more classic then navy and white?

Nothing! That was a trick question!

I’ll tell you what I like about it! It gives the appearance of a suit, so it should be formal, but it’s not because the textures and details make it casual, everything from the simple small framed sunglasses to the casual tied, casually worn scarf. This guy wouldn’t look out of place anywhere, you wouldn’t blink twice at him walking out of (or into) a 5 star hotel, neither would you turn and stare if you were to find him scoffing down a whopper at burger king.

To me, that dude is perfectly dressed. Of course, it could just be that epic beard and great hair. But who’s to say?

If you need these staples for your wardrobe, maybe try the stuff below.


SetUp until now, my essentials collection has been based very much around fashion essentials, the kind of garments and accessories that build a gentleman’s wardrobe to last beyond trends. However, as we decided in early 2015, there is more to being a gentleman than lapel flowers and well laced brogues. A gentleman needs to be worldly and well traveled, he needs to know his way around the kitchen and most importantly, he needs to have a good repertoire of cocktails that he can call on when the night (or day) requires it.

Now, we all know the old adage about having the right tool for the job and this is no exception, second to the ingredients the right cocktail tools are paramount to getting your drinks perfect. After all, cocktails date back as far as the 17th and 18th century, so really it’s not just about mixing vodka with whatever fruit juice or fizzy beverage you have lying around, but rather a tried and tested combination of flavours mixed and chilled in a specific way to provide that delicious “tastes like more” feeling.

Before I wright these posts I always like to research them extensively so that I can at least seem like I know what Im talking about, and this has been by far the most difficult. The story of the cocktail seems to be one shrouded in mystery, everything from the origin of the word ‘cock tail’ to the origin of the actual mixed drink revolution seems to be up for debate, the Americans claim they started the movement while the brits claim they passed it on to the Americans. I love this excerpt from an article in the daily telegraph that details the history of the cocktail “But exactly what, beyond the ice, is so American about a drink of British gin and Italian or French vermouth mixed by an Irish or German immigrant?”. As far as the origin of the name goes, there are no less than 10 stories my favourite (and that which appears to make the most sense) is the fact that it was customary to dock the tail of a mixed breed horse in the 19th century causing the tail to stand up like a cocks tail, the horses were mixed, the drinks were mixed – BOOM – Cocktails.

So, over the next few weeks, months, years (depending on when I run out of drinks / stop blogging) I’ll be bringing you some  classic drinks and how to make them, so you’re gonna need the right tools for the job, and here they are:

Shaker-(2)mixing-glass-(2)The first think you need to know is wether your drink is shaken or stirred – yes, that right, it’s a real thing. The only problem is, that Mr Bond was wrong, or at least ordering his drinks in bad taste, a martini is always stirred rather than shaken.

The premiss of the 2 different methods depends on what kind of drink you are making and what you expect the outcome to be. Shaking will often result in a cloudy drink (said to bruise the spirits) while stirring will result in a drink that maintains the clarity of the original liquor. Both methods though are quite simply used to mix as well as chill the ingredients before serving.

The cocktail shaker seems to date back as far at 7000BC, maybe not as a fancy cocktail shaker, but as a device used for mixing, it really only took on it’s modern day form around the late 1800’s when a bartender put 2 glasses together to shake a drink between them inventing what is today called the Boston shaker. The shaker above is called a cobbler shaker it’s a three-piece cocktail shaker that has tapers at the top and ends with a built-in strainer and includes a cap. The cap can often be used as a measure for spirits or other liquids.

As far as the mixing glass goes – I have nada! I literally can not find one article on it’s history or origin. It stands to reason though that it probably evolved from a normal glass into its fancy modern day form.

stirring-spoon-(2)This tool, the barspoon, is used in conjunction with the stirring glass and quite obviously is used to stir the drink inside the glass. The twisted handle is said to make it easier to spin the spoon (one of the methods of stirring). The other end of the spoon can vary quite a bit in anything from a muddler (we’ll get to that in ‘cocktail sets 2.0′) to a thermometer or in this case a trident fork used for adding garnish to your drinks.

Copper-strainergold-strainerSo what do you do, once your drink has been shaken or stirred? Well, as it is often done over ice you want to strain it leaving the ice behind allowing the chilled liquid deliciousness to tell it’s story.

Above are 2 different strainers, traditionally used in different applications, but not necessarily. The most common is the Hawthorne strainer, recognisable by it’s spring around the edge used to create a snug fit in the metal part of the Boston shaker or cobbler shaker when a finer strain is required.

The julep strainer is traditionally used in a mixing glass, fitting snugly into the glass and being held in place by your hand.

JiggersLastly we have the jigger. Jigger what?

This, quite simply is your measuring tool with one measure being twice as large as the other. Making the perfect cocktail is all about dosage and the correct proportion of ingredients, it really isn’t a splash of this and a dash of that. You’ll also find that cocktail recipes are often given in units or parts, rather then actual measurements making it easier to prepare one drink for a number of people.

And, thats it for now people. We’re going to be going down this cocktail exploration path together, should be fun right? I know the burning question on everyones mind is, okay, well, where did you get the beautiful gold and copper stuff above then? It was an amazing chistmas gift from better half Elzaan, the secret to their origin though, much like the word cocktail, remains unknown.

Okay. Stay fancy.


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