FL---FrontThose of you who follow me on Instagram will know that it’s been a while since i’ve gone full fancy with all the trimmings! I actually kind of missed it!

So when I woke up today I decided I was going to mean Business when I left the house, thats right, business with a capital B just like I spelt it! I had some great new accessories from Bows-n-Ties that were yet to see the light of day (all be it a cloudy overcast day) and a new bag from Cravar bags that I just had to share with you guys.

As always it helps having a starting point for your outfit no matter what that starting point is. In this case, it was the green tie. I’ve been looking for a good dark green tie for a while now and because I’m generally so picky with my clothes the perfect colour and texture had not yet presented itself to me. Till now of course. Staying true to my rule of your pocket square complimenting your tie this pocket square was the obvious choice. I then just needed to tie it in with the lapel flower that picked up nicely on the pocket square while deciding to go a little rogue on the shirt that matched nothing!

All in all a harmonious mayhem of texture and pattern! Lets take a closer look!

bust-2lapel-flowerbusttie-clippocket-squareI was at this point tempted to pick up some brown shoes to help ground the jacket, but I had already decided on the black Cravar bag and wasn’t going to be changing my mind about that anytime soon. Theres just something about a beautifully made leather satchel (Hey if Ladies can have multiple handbags why cant gentlemen have multiple briefcases?! Exactly!) that makes you want to carry it around everywhere you go.

Now we all know by now (or we should) that our belts should match our shoes, but this extends way beyond belts and shoes and is really a case of leathers matching leathers. So this is anything from your watch strap to your bag and the same goes for your metals. This is how it all comes together then.


Like what you see? Well here is where it’s all from.

Sunglasses by Rayban

Blazer from Topman

Shirt by TM Lewin

Tie by Bows N Ties

Pocket square by Bows N Ties

Tie clip by Bows N Ties

Lapel flower by Weekend Casual

Belt from Ben Sherman (at Stuttafords)

Pants from Markham

Watch from MVMT watches (use promo code WhatMyBoyfriendWore for a $10 discount)

Bag from Cravar

Shoes from Dune

Okay. Stay fancy.

final-drinksIn case you missed it, Elzaan and I got back from a mini vacation a couple of weeks ago. Singapore was one of our destinations and the Singapore Sling sat pretty high up on our to do list.

As far as cocktails go, this one is pretty old (well, not this exact one. These were made fresh. :) ) in fact, it was celebrating its 100th anniversary at the Raffles Hotel. The supposed home of the Singapore Sling.

Now, my research has proven that the true origins of this drink, together with the original recipe, have all but disappeared in the mist of time, so for the purpose of this post I’m going with the story I liked best and share with you the version of the drink I enjoyed at the Long Bar.

In a classic story of boy meets girl, a young officer buys the youngest daughter of a silk merchant a drink at the bar. Playing it cool, as all gentleman should, he requests that the barman send a drink over, but not just any drink, a special drink, one that would match the colour of her beautiful red lips. The obliging barman Ngiam Tong Boon, whips up a a gin based cocktail  with all the exotics notes of Singapore. So? Did it work, or did the officer just end up with a pink pineapple juice concoction on his freshly pressed khakis? Lets just say, if it’s happily ever after you want, have your barman invent a drink for a lady.

Long-Bar-signageinside-barchairsnutsbag-of-nutsNow, the Raffles Hotel has its fair share of bars and restaurants, but the Long Bar is the legendary home of the Singapore Sling, and as we quickly found out, a MAJOR tourist destination. When we arrived we were met with a massive queue at the door and a packed bar, thankfully the queue moves at a rapid pace and once inside, it’s worth every minute spent waiting outside.

The feel is typically colonial, with a long dark teakwood bar and a beautiful spiral staircase going up the middle. The only thing distracting you from its colonial beauty is the crunching sound under your feet, something we would later discover to be empty peanut shells. We sat down on two wicker chairs as the waiter brought us a fresh bag of peanuts and we ordered our Singapore Sling together with a Tiger beer – but no one wants THAT story.

The reason I decided to write and share this post was that we had read a lot of bad reviews on the Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel. Tales of pre mixed drinks and sugary sweet concoctions being pushed across the bar, the original drink lost to the barrage of tourists flooding the place daily. I am happy to report, this wasn’t true.

Every drink is made fresh. It’s made in mass, but it’s made fresh!

glassesIngredientsGin-pourpouring-fina-drinkDrink-on-tableThe bartenders here don’t have much downtime because the one thing that is true, is that this place is a massive tourist destination and almost everyone there is ordering a Singapore Sling. So how do they do it?

They have specially designed trays holding rows and rows of shakers filled with ice and individually filled (all be it at a rapid speed) with the individual ingredients:

30 ml (1 oz) gin
15 ml (1/2 oz) cherry brandy
120 ml (4 oz) pineapple juice
15 ml (1/2 oz) lime juice
7.5 ml (1/4 oz) Cointreau
7.5 ml (1/4 oz) DOM Benedictine
10 ml (1/3 oz) grenadine
A dash of Angostura bitters

The shakers are then individually shaken and poured, leaving each pre chilled glass to be finished off with a slice of pineapple and cherry.

Is it the best drink I tried in Singapore? Certainly not. And at a little under R350 (about $30) it certainly wasn’t the cheapest. But after a long hot day of walking around town, it certainly hits the spot. I didn’t find it overly sweet either and the pineapple and lime really stand out amongst the mess of flavours. I don’t know if I would of had another one or even ordered one at a different bar had I been given the chance, but not because there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just not really my kind of drink.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! The experience alone is totally worth it. The bar is spectacular and youve never eaten a more delicious peanut in your life. If you find yourself thirsty in Singapore, do yourself a favour and stop at the Long Bar will you.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Full-LengthOk, I admit this blazer has seen more fancy fridays than most, but I assure you its coincidental. Well, that and its a killer blazer, this blue goes with EVERYTHING and that can sometimes be a problem.

Well, as far as problems go it’s a good one, and if nothing else it proves that investing in the right pieces is key to having a versatile wardrobe.

I wanted to wear some new goodies I had received from my friends at Weekend Casual, and the blue touches in that killer pocket square made me reach straight for this blue blazer, it just sat perfectly together. The rest became an exercise in texture ( with me its either mixing textures or mixing patterns – sometimes both). So I had established a primary colour palette of blue and creme, the rest just fell into place, I had a wonderfully textured creme tie that was going to work perfectly against this lightly striped shirt. So far the pocket square and tie were talking nicely and the final detail was the brown lapel flower, it helped bring out the earth tones in both the tie and pocket square bringing it all together. Well, at least that was the plan.

The grey pants came in at the last minute, mostly because I thought brown pants (which I had waiting and ready) would make everything far to matchy matchy. Also the grey pants are new (picked them up triple reduced at H&M in Dubai for like $20 – score) and I like wearing new things till I am absolutely sick of them. I decided on these shoes in the hopes of adding contrast but also because they referenced the creme and brown colours on top

Again, none of this stuff is full proof and it’s all a matter of taste and preference, but the theory up there is pretty solid I think. Lets take a look at it in a bit of detail shall we.


Thats it fold, this weeks fancy friday.

Here are the details of where its all from:

Sunglasses by Persol

Blazer by Topman

Shirt by TM Lewin

Tie by Weekend Casual

Pocket Square by Weekend Casual

Lapel Flower by Weekend Casual

Watch by MVMT watches

Pant by H&M

Shoes by Zara

Okay. Stay fancy.


titleMan this has been a difficult post to get up!

See, Elzaan and I have just returned from a little vacation in South East Asia, well, South East Asia and Dubai…really it was only Singapore, Bali and Dubai. So yeah, we’ve just come back from those places.

Now while going through the hundreds of pictures we captured I realised 3 things. 1. Most of our funnest moments weren’t actually captured, which I guess is a good thing cause we were experiencing them rather than shooting them. 2. I have a lot to learn when it comes to taking pictures of anything that isnt a bow tie. 3. Elzaan has a much better eye than me – so much for my graphic design diploma and 16 years as an art director.

So the 3 points above have made it very hard to choose just what I wanted to share with you guys when it came to the Singapore sights. I mean, truth is, for the most part, if you want to see the sights you can hop on to google and it will spit out way better pics than anything I can take. So I’m sharing with you the stuff that we saw and thought, “oooo, thats cool”. It also feels like it gives a broader view than just shiny buildings and shiny buildings, though, truth be told, I couldn’t resist some shiny buildings.

colourfull-shutterswheelOCBC-walkwaytemplebright-buildingsSingapore’s story is both a long and short one and I’ll do my best to not make this a history lesson but you need some context in order to make sense of all these buildings above, because to me its the perfect encapsulation of this little City States history.

I’ll leave out the complicated Malay/Chinese occupation of the 13 century and move straight into its more modern colonial history, namely its occupation by the British (after fighting off the Portuguese and Dutch) and more importantly Sir Stamford Raffles who established it as a major shipping port along the route to China. Don’t get bored, this is interesting stuff I promise you. Anyway, the british eventually lost Singapore in the second world war to the Japanese only to regain it a couple years later. The place was a mess with high unemployment, slow economic growth, inadequate housing, decaying infrastructure, labor strikes and social unrest. Like I said, a mess.

Enter  Lee Kuan Yew, the man to take Singapore into the future as it established independence in 1965. This was a man with a plan, opening its doors to foreign investment and skill, creating jobs, providing government housing for it’s citizens and of course paving the way for the modern financial and manufacturing hub it is today!

History lesson over, but at least now the melting pot of colonial buildings, Chinese temples, government housing and architecturally stunning skyscrapers all make sense, and its not just the buildings, its everywhere, its in the food it’s in the neighbourhoods it’s in the shopping malls. You really feel the eclectic past of this great city.

trinketsE-Orchard-roadfruit-and-vegfoodtaximerchantincenseLV-storeS-TrainSo What did we think?

We ABSOLUTELY loved it! This was a stopover for us on the way to our beach holiday in Bali and it just completely took us by surprise. We were lucky enough to be hosted by a friend from home who happens to live in Singapore, and nothing better than a local expat to take your hand and show you what you need to see and boy did he show us.

Under the careful guidance and generosity of our friend Drew, we got to experience some of Singapore’s finest high and low end experiences. There are honestly too may highlights to mention, but these are the ones you must try:

Maison Ikkoku for incredible cocktails and the best oysters Ive ever eaten in my life. Simply tell the barman what base spirit you want and what flavour you feel like and they never disappoint, trust me, we had enough cocktails to make sure they weren’t just ‘getting lucky’ every time.

Long Beach Seafood at Dempsey Hill for the iconic Singaporean seafood dish of chilli crab. Bring wet wipes, you’re gonna need them, in fact, always carry wet wipes on you, there seems to be a general shortage of napkins in Singapore cause they’re pretty stingy with those things.

Brunch at the Fullerton hotel‘s Town Restaurant on the marina. Hands down the most opulent and indulgent thing I have ever done in my life. Save up, it aint cheap. Don’t eat breakfast, maybe run a marathon before, get there early (It starts at 1) and always, always start on the seafood. Maybe leave the wet wipes at home here, they’ll bring you as many napkins as you need.

Hainanese chicken rice (which kinda seems to be Singapore’s national dish) at Chin Chin on Purvis Road was amazing, don’t expect much in terms of decor and style, its a local eatery with amazing ambience and excellent food. Don’t forget your wet wipes.

Lastly, take some time to walk around Tiong Bahru, one of Singapore’s oldest and now coolest neighbourhoods filled with quirky coffee shops, eateries and shop houses selling all kinds of speciality goods. It’s a hipsters paradise.

Unfortunately, as stated above, not a picture of any of these things, but here are some other fun touristy stuff!

cloudgatefish-in-bushreading-the-mapshrineSG50Of course, we also filled our days with all the touristy things, you kinda have to I guess – to get the best of both worlds. I’ll tell you what I thought was worth doing and what I wish I had skipped, but remember its just my opinion.

The Hop On Hop Off Bus tour is always a good idea in any new city you visit, it gives you a good sense of where everything is and helps you orientate yourself for the rest of your stay. We took a two day tour because there were 3 different lines, but quickly realised it was far too long and one day is more than enough to cover all the major sights.

The Gardens by the bay, is definitely worth a stop, but this I guess depends what your propensity for looking at plants and flowers is. Mine isn’t incredibly high, I mean it’s interesting and stuff, but meh! Drew told us to only visit one of the 2 twin conservatories (Cloud Gate) as it’s the most impressive, and he was right, it is pretty impressive (pictured above) but really it’s just a giant greenhouse. Same applies for the botanical gardens, if you like plants and flowers then you’re in for one heck of a crazy time! We didn’t manage the Orchid gardens as we were running out of time and started getting green fever! Singapore for the most part is incredibly green so you’ll definitely be constantly exposed to the local flora, its one of the things we loved most about the place. Ironically!

China town is definitely worth a stop, just to walk around looking at all the fun stuff, grab a beer and a bite from one of the street food carts and definitely pop into the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, the entrance is free and the museum is packed wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling with the most magnificent shrines!

I’m not sure Little India is quite as interesting. The most interesting part for us was walking into a dodgy backpackers and having 2 pear ciders in their courtyard next to the washing machines! Maybe we had a bad experience, but the people were rude and the place was just a little too unkept for what we had become used to.

Orchard road is also worth a walk, but really, it is what it is, one massive shopping strip filled with multiple multi storey malls. You’ll never get through all of it, hell you wont even get through a quarter, there’s just too much! Great if you can afford to shop but a little depressing when all you do is browse! Damn budget travellers!

The last of the big tourist treats was Singapore’s very own Universal Studios, having been lucky enough to visit Universal Studios in Orlando, I cant help but feel a little disappointed by this place, its a little too kiddy focused. Elzaan and I were both ready to get into the danger zone or the thrill zone, or any kind of zone that made us laugh with nervousness. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen often enough, You basically have Revenge of the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica to sink your teeth into and for both those rides we queued for well over an hour…in 40 deg heat. We thought going on a Monday was a good idea and that we would smash the entire place 3 times over but it wasn’t the case, the lines for rides got longer as the day went on and by the time we reached the thrill rides the wait was over 2 hours. They do offer a ‘fast pass’ allowing you to stand in the express queue once on every ride but by the time we decided to buy one, it had doubled in price. Theme parks are generally expensive, but I believe the excitement often outweighs the cost, this one just didn’t.

That’s about it for the touristy attractions, but before I finish up I thought I would leave you with some tips and nuggets of information worth knowing. Singapore is expensive, I mean it’s crazy expensive, traveling from the third world to the first is tricky and you really need to budget for it – a beer is gonna cost you about $10 and coffee in the region of $5 (thats generally my scale for measuring costs). The truth is, you cant go half way around the world only to count your pennies when you get there, so give yourself a daily budget and decide in advance where you’re going to splurge, then suck it up and get on with it. The good news is, there is also lots of value to be had, taxis are cheap and i mean really cheap, they’re subsidised by the government and all the drivers are local and honest so you’ll never get taken for a ride, well, other than your destination of course ( LOL alert) ! The subway or MRT is even cheaper and can take you pretty much anywhere you need to go, get a card, load it with about $10 and you’re set! Last bit of advice, get yourself a Singtel tourist sim card, it’s incredible value with a massive amount of blindingly fast data as well as local and international calls and messages.

That’s it folks, thats my view on Singapore, its an incredible place! I loved it! I loved it so much I want to move there, and thats never happened before so its a good sign!

Okay. Stay fancy!

PS: If any of the facts or historical details above are incorrect, I have no doubt you will find their corrections in the comments section below :)

Bureaux_House_Ines_16I’ve decided to share something a little different with you today. Something a little more personal. My home!

My apartment was recently featured in our local edition of the Sunday Times Newspaper, and I have to say I was really proud of myself. Being a creative person by nature (and career) I really put a lot of pride into everything I do from a creative standpoint, and my home is no different. It had long been my dream to own my own little place in Cape Town, long before I moved down here and about a year and a half ago I made the best impulse purchase of my life and put an offer in on a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of the CDB.

The only problem was, it looked like this downstairs:

And like this upstairs:

Now, make no mistake, I had seen worse. Much worse.

But this was the first place I walked into and ideas just came flooding in. The space (all be it 78 metres squared) had potential, it was as badly laid out as it was fitted out. BUT! It had potential, well, that and I could walk to my favourite bar.

So I started the agonising journey of finding a builder or contractor willing to take on the project. I wont bore you with all of the details – because there are many of them and I’m sure all you want is to see the after shots – but I basically had 2 months from when the transfer took place and I needed to move in. To add to that I had ideas bigger than my budget would allow, which is generally my case with most things in life. I believe the saying is “Champagne tastes and money for beer”

So, every weekend, I went out and searched for tiles, and taps, and sinks, and toilets and tiles and taps and sinks and toilets and tiles and taps. Yeah, it felt like that sometimes. But when you undertake something like this, you only really get one chance, so when your budget is low your legwork is high.

I also had no architect, again, budget, so I drew up all my own floor plans, and kitchen plans and layout and designed a bed and a wardrobe, every single detail of every single corner down to the millimetre – something I would later learn to regret. I was then lucky enough to be referred to my builder by someone at the office (and if you’re looking for a builder please mail me this one was GREAT!) who turned out to be both my voice of reason and the biggest supporter of my vision. Nothing was impossible, and everything that everyone else said could not be done was done and then some.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it sounds very much like it was a smooth process. It wasn’t, It wasn’t even a bumpy one it was an outright off-road adventure with no suspension. For those who know me, I can be a little…um…particular, maybe even pedantic and often (fine, VERY often) there is only 1 right way of doing things in my mind, and thats the right way, so despite time and money constraints I pushed and pushed on every little aspect, because much like getting dressed, everything comes down to the details, and when you miss those, you miss the mark.

At this point, i’de like to give a little shoutout to my buddy Vito Da Silva, this guy took out so much time from his weekends to come and point out every mistake and then help me fix them. He helped me put my kitchen together – because of course, with no budget you cant pay people to do that – he helped me carry things around, install things lift thing cut things and even swear at things, and I can never be grateful enough.

In the end, it’s never quite done, I don’t think any home is. But I’m proud to say it came a long way from where it was.

Here’s the new downstairs:


Bureaux_House_Ines_20Bureaux_House_Ines_21Bureaux_House_Ines_23I’ve tried to go for a very clean and neutral palette, with white walls and grey concrete floors. I have a lot of colourful ‘things’ so it was the best way to not create a house that looked like a christmas tree. My furniture is also all from different era’s with some super retro stuff and some ultra modern stuff, so the neutral space helps everything work together.

Clean lines, glass, concrete and wood! That was my plan and I stuck to it! Rather than having fancy screeded floors, I went with the same floors they use in a warehouse and because I needed a lot of custom built joinery I just went with a simple pine plywood hoping that the repetition would help join the different areas of the apartment, it was also the cheapest option. It really is just like putting your outfit together, you’re trying to match everything you put on but without making it match right?

I really wanted the upstairs area to feel like a little boutique hotel, I mean, if you only have 1 room and really cramped quarters you gotta make it as nice as you can right? I also had a serious storage issue up there and knowing full well that my wardrobe alone is enough to fill up wardrobe space for 2, building storage in every usable space was the most important thing. I managed to design a bed with storage everywhere, in front, underneath and even on top, it’s come in super handy and really helped keep the space clean.

Bureaux_House_Ines_28Bureaux_House_Ines_26Bureaux_House_Ines_30Bureaux_House_Ines_31Bureaux_House_Ines_32Bureaux_House_Ines_33I also did everything I could to source all the design elements from local designers, with exception of the bedside lamps that I had to bring in from the United states. There really are too many products to mention where it’s all from but if there is anything you really like and wanna get your hands on leave me a comment below and i’ll try steer you in the right direction.

A home is never quite finished and it feels like its sometimes an ever evolving thing, Elzaan and I are constantly finding new little odds and ends to add to our little home, it’s tricky because we’re quickly running out of wall space and display space so it forces us to be 100% sure it’s something we love.

And that’s about it folks, just thought I would share this little bit of my life with you. I must however make one thing clear here, all the above images are property of The Bureaux and they have full usage rights so please contact them if you maybe need one or 2.

Okay. Stay fancy.

standing-1Some outfits can stop you dead in your tracks. Sometimes, its a stop street. Sometimes it’s the sun in your eyes.

In this case it was the outfit.

Suit Supply landed in South Africa about 2 years ago via online orders with the unique proposition of covering all import duties and taxes, that may not seem a big deal for my international readers but for those of us here on the tip of Africa paying 40% a pop, its a pretty big deal. They then opened a store in Hyde Park Joburg, no, not the mall, but instead in a mansion up the road, you see Suit supply doesn’t have traditional stores on high streets and in shopping centres, but instead spaces that offer experiences for there customers.

Yes, when they told me that I only half bought it too, till I actually managed to visit there Johannesburg store recently and was blown away with the space, layout and service. I was there to pick out an outfit, the outfit above! The outfit that you could be wearing in no time!

Lets take another look!

standing-2Picking one outfit from the collection is impossible. Trust me, I was there for 4 hours and in the end left empty handed deciding instead to pick my items online and build an outfit there.

Having had a look at my Instagaram feed lately I also realised that I own a multitude of grey, black and brown blazers but no colour. So bam! Red blazer it was.Then it became a question of pants. Yes, I decided, I definitely needed pants and as I have very few textured or patterned pants I decided on a pair of woollen trousers with a fine houndstooth pattern. The shirt was easy, its gingham, I mean, you really cant go wrong with a gingham shirt especially not in brown and especially not when pairing it with red. The accessories were the hardest, their selection of ties is incredible with such interesting fabrics and textures that it’s almost impossible to choose just 1. Eventually, I ended up choosing the pocket square that went best with the jacket and chose a tie to match (more details on pocket square rules here) Lastly, it was shoes and belt (yes, they should match) and with my new found lover for tassled loafers I decided an a nice chocalatey brown to bring out the browns in the pants and shirt.

And here you have it.


Right, competition time!

Again right? I know, I spoil you guys!

This outfit is worth over R12 000 ($1000) so winning it will be a little more difficult and it includes everything you see except the sunglasses. In fact, let me break it down for you.

This jacket

These pants

These shoes

This shirt

This tie

This pocket square

This belt

Okay, so thats your package!

Delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

How do you enter?

Firstly, you need to be following Suit Supply on Instagram

Second (and that will be it) you need to repost the below image tagging Suit Supply and What My Boyfriend Wore with the #WMBWWin

When I “like” or “favourite” your post that means I’ve sen it and you’re in the draw.

That’s it folks. Trust me, you wanna win this competition.

For a second entry I’m gonna let you tweet the pic with “I really want to win this entire  outfit from  –  “


Here are the terms and conditions:

• Competition open to anyone anywhere in the world

• Competition opens Wednesday 08/07/2015 and closes on Tuesday 14/07/15

• Winner will be drawn via random draw and announced on the morning of 15/07/2015

• All above criteria must be fulfilled for your entry to qualify.

• Your prize will be delivered to the address you provide.

Okay gents, good luck and stay fancy.



Full-LengthBelieve it or not, sometimes (sometimes a lot) I go casual. In fact I get a lot of requests for ideas on casual looks and I suppose we cant be fancy everyday can we?

YES. Yes we can that was a trick question.

Though, I’m not. And quite simple somedays you just feel like throwing on some old jeans and a jumper and heading out the house. This was one of those days. There’s also nothing quite like walking around town with some music in your ears, so I took my new A-Audio headphones for a spin – so to speak. You’re gonna want to keep reading, because at the end of this post I’m gonna tell you how you can win a set of these incredible bluetooth headphones.

Now just because we’re casual, doesn’t mean that we don’t pay attention to details. We always pay attention to details, so in this case I decided to pick up on the peach in the shoes with a little peach pocket square. It’s a small thing, but I do think it’s the small things that count. Nothing new here.

Lets take a look at those details then.

earphoneswalkingsneakersFor those of you looking to find any of the above:

Sunglasses by RayBan

Blazer from Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Pocket square by Heywood 1922

Jumper by Ted Baker (available locally at Stuttafords)

Headphones by A-Audio

Backpack by Freedom Of Movement

Jeans by Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Sneakers by Puma x BWGH

Okay! Happy?

Great. Lets get your head squeezed in-between a set of A-Audio headphones then shall we?

Go ahead take a closer look.

Earphones-close-upEarphones-close-up-4Earphones-close-up-2Earphones-close-up-3Ok, so I recently went on a little trip to Johannesburg, sure it’s only a 2 hour flight but travelling in general is not my favourite thing, so any distraction is a good one. This was the perfect excuse to really put these headphones to the test so I left my ‘ol faithful’s’ at home and packed these instead.

Immediately off the bat they were way more convenient, sure my other headphones fold up, but these folded up flat so they took up way less space in my onboard luggage even in the carry case (way better than the little faux leather pouch ‘protecting’ my old ones). The real kicker for me was the fact that they were wireless, see nothing is more annoying than getting tangled up while switching between boarding passes and devices – I know this sounds pretty lame, but it was a real issue for me! Every time I threw my backpack on the headphone chord would pull out! Yes yes…#FirstWorldProblems I know, but still. The second winner was the noise cancelation, not only handy at blocking out the annoying sounds of an airport with super duper audio quality, but also handy at blocking out the engines on the aeroplane as they explode sending you plummeting to your death. I’m not a happy flyer.

Despite the 12 hour battery life the package comes complete with a power bank so you should really never run out of power, unless of course you’re doing like a 28 hour power walk in which case you should probably get different headphones so as not to ruin the plush leather detailing.

So, you want all this then do you?

Here’s how to enter.

We’re gonna try something new this time and run the whole thing via Instagram in hopes of keeping it simple as always. Dont worry I’ll still give you all additional entries via Facebook and Twitter as per normal.

Go visit A-Audio Headphones on Instagram (maybe give them a like for being so generous) then simply repost any image of the headphones on their feed that you like. Any one. Now tag the image with @AAudioHeadphones and leave a comment with the hashtag #WMBWWin – so that I can track them.

Voila! Youre in!

Oh yes, Facebook and Twitter. Lets make it fun!!

Facebook – Post the the first song youre gonna play on your new headphones to Facebook and tag A Audio Headphones and of course What My Boyfriend Wore

Twitter – Tweet “I’m gonna rock this (Song link here) on my new @AAudioHeadphone with @WhatMyBFWore

Thats it folks, if you do all 3 you have 3 entries for the draw.

Here are the T&C’s

1 – Competition opens 01/07/2015 and closes 08/07/2015

2 – The winner will be drawn and announced on 10/07/2015 via http://www.random.org

3 – Competition open to anyone in the world and your prize will be shipped to you

4 – All requirements for each category must be completed to count as an entry

5 – The Instagram entry must first be completed before entering via Facebook or Twitter

That should be it folks.

Good luck and stay fancy.



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