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Looking good is one thing. Doing good is something different. Looking good while doing good is pretty much the holy grail of living if you think about it! Here’s your chance.

I recently stumbled upon these Aid For Africa pocket squares on one of my favourite online tie stores. The kind people at Bows-N-Ties have made Aid For Africa their charity for 2016. Being a proud African myself, I really wanted to help spread the word on this awesome initiative.

Aid for Africa is a group of charities dedicated to helping solve the problems facing Sub-Saharan Africa. And trust me, we have loads of them. Everything from drinking water, to education and stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS are daily battles for the organisations working with Aid For Africa. The reason I wanted to spread the word on this particular initiative is because of the generosity of the folks at Bows-N-Ties, they are donating 100% from the purchase of these pocket sqaures to Aid for Africa. That’s a pretty big deal.


I love the simplicity of helping this initiative out. Pick a pocket square, make a difference! It really is that simple.

So, wanna help out? Maybe win your favourite pocket square in the process? Ok, then listen up. The best way to help out is to go out and purchase a pocket square right here, then sit back and think about how good you feel and how good you’re gonna look.

The other way you can help out is by spreading the word. Yep, we need to get this out to as many people as we can, so that everyone gets on board and we make a difference. Let’s take a look at the collection then.

So, how can you spread the word and win your favourite at the same time? By sharing. That’s it really! Sharing will get this thing seen by everyone. So, pick a country and either post to Instagram, share via twitter or share on Facebook.

I need to be able to track the entries, so make sure your comment reads a little something like this:

For twitter: “I want to support (Your country) in the #AidForAfrica pocket square initiative with @WhatMyBFWore & @BowsNTies” (then attach one of the above pics)

For Instagram: “I want to support (Your country) in the #AidForAfrica pocket square initiative with @WhatMyBoyfriendWore & @Bows_N_Ties #WMBW4Africa” (then post one of the above pics)

For Facebook: Here you are not limited to what you say, but please pic a country and then send people back to this blog post to find out about the competition – I’m gonna need you to drop me a comment on this blogpost though to tell me you’ve entered as with Facebook’s privacy settings I may not find you.

I’ll be running this over the next couple of days ending on the 19th of February with winners announced on the 22nd.

That’s it folks, I will pick one winner for every country via lucky draw and send you your pocket square in the post.

Just so you know, the folks at Bows N Ties have not asked me to write this post and nobody is paying me to do it either, I will be paying for all the courier fees on all the prizes as my way of supporting the initiative. I really hope you guys decide to get involved.

Okay. Be kind and stay fancy.


Old Khaki is widely known for their cool and casual mens and ladies wear. They’re the kind of store you visit when you need something to chill in for the weekend, right?

Turns out, not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, if you need something cool and casual, you’ll definitely find it there, but what if you want to turn it up a notch, you know fancy things up a little? Maybe take a stroll on the dapper side of life. Up for the challenge?

I was, so I picked 4 shirts from the new Old Khaki shirt range to see if I couldn’t take them from ‘throwing a ball around the pool’ all the way to ‘busting balls in the boardroom’ – with a few options in-between of course.

So lets start at the bottom. Meet the Corey, a short sleeved button down ready for cocktail sundowners at a fancy Camps Bay beach bar. Now, it is possible to embrace summer without just throwing on a t-shirt and flip flops every time you leave the house! This is how it should be done.


The technique here was simple. Pick one thing that screams SUMMER, something that keeps a little fun in your look, in this case, the floral shorts. The rest just comes down to matching the remaining colours in your outfit to those on the shorts. They don’t all need to match, but they should all tonally work together. Ahhh…breeezy!

Lets move on to the Clint shirt. It took a trip to Hong Kong and Korea to finally give in to how cool a mandarin collar can look, up until then I had decided it could stay in the 90’s together with platform boots for men (yes, I had those too) and the spice girls. See, the thing is, when you pair it with the right stuff, that mandarin collar can give your outfit a little edge – fancy, but not fancy enough to need a tie.


Little things can keep your look constantly transcending between smart and casual without ever having to fall into traditional smart casual. Make sense? No? Let me explain, in this case, the blazer and pocket square, move the outfit into a more formal space, but the lack of a belt and the high cropped pants keep it in a great casual space. When in doubt, a pair of loafers are the perfect smart to casual shoe.

Next up is the Casey shirt, a simple check shirt with a button down collar. We all have one of these in our closet right? (Sure, I have about 20 – but thats because they’re so versatile) Most guys take a check shirt, roll up the sleeves and throw on a pair of jeans. That’s fine, I do that all the time, it’s a classic look. But a check shirt can bring an element of fun to a formal outfit, and get you one step closer to fancy without being overdressed – not that I believe you can ever be overdressed.


By now you guys know that this is my “signature look” a mix of patterns and colours coordinated to stand apart and work together at the same time. I give out a lot of tips and tricks on pattern mixing and creating focus in your outfit in my Fancy Friday category. In this case, I built it all around the shirt allowing the blues and greens in the shirt to dictate what I was going to pair together, little details like a blue tie clip on a solid green tie help pull it all together.

Lastly we have the Lawrence 37, a simple navy bengal striped shirt with a grey base. Another closet staple really. Now, it’s not uncommon to see a striped shirt around the office, but guys tend to play it safe with a thin pinstripe or muted blue tones. I had my sites set on something a little more bold.


Although I decided to go bold, I decided to still keep it classic. Everyone owns a navy suit, or if you don’t you should, it’s the first suit you should invest in really…or maybe that’s a grey suit (I can never quite decide, so best to play it safe an have one of each in your closet) A few simple details though, can make your ‘navy suit look’ stand out from the other navy suit drones at the office though. Your shirt and tie really is your opportunity to bring personality to your outfit. Stripes on stripes is tricky to get right, so make sure the scale or size of the stripes is vastly different otherwise it will just hurt your eyes. In the end, as always, it’s the details that help everything work together – like picking up on the red logo detail on the shirt with the tie and the pocket square.

That’s it gents (and ladies of course) lets see you start making the shirts in your closet the most versatile thing you own.

Okay. Stay fancy.




medium-(square-light)When will you be born?

This was the question posed to me by adidas fragrances.

Surely I was already born wasn’t I? I mean, I’m writing this post.

Turns out what they wanted to find out, is when do I feel as though I have been born again. When is my creative rebirth? What is it that leaves me feeling as though I am a new person? As though I have been born original. This was the inspiration behind the new adidas born original fragrance duo, an explosive mix of contrasting notes. For her it’s a cocktail of bright citrus and exotic notes while for him it’s a juxtapositioning of oriental and amber citrus with spicy black pepper and orange oil. It doesn’t stop at the fragrance either, even the bottle is a mix of fluid organic shapes and rough industrial elements.

So when was I born? At first I thought it’s when I dress up. You know, when everything feels as though it fits perfectly and all the patterns and details are in place? But then I realised I dress up so often, that it no longer really counts, does it? There is however, one time when I dress up (and it’s not often, in fact it’s months apart) but when the occasion calls for it and I get to where a tux. Thats right folks, black tie.

fragrance-duotying-shoe-lacesputting-on-shoesshoesgrabbing-watchcufflinksPutting on a tuxedo together with all of its details is quite a process. But it’s in the process that I begin that feeling of being born original. 

I shine my shoes – something I’m embarrassed to say I never do. I lay all my details out and methodically start the process of putting them all on. By the time I throw that jacket on I already feel like a different person. I’m not sure what it is about black tie, maybe it’s the fact that we’ve all watched way too many 007 movies and that we feel the James Bond in us coming out. But at that point I’m ready to take on anything. The last few details are merely a formality, and truth be told, not really a necessity when it comes to black tie.
bow-tiepocket-squaredressed-chest-detailsgrabbing-fragrancesprayFull-length-(2)See in the true spirit of adidas born original, I like to bring a little creativity to my black tie and mix things up a little. Things like the coloured socks, the pocket square or the lapel flower are really not traditional black tie details, but I guess thats where Sergio Ines meets James Bond and I am truly born.
Okay. Stay fancy.



view-B&WDenim. I’m willing to guess you all have at least one denim item in your wardrobe right? Probably something a little closer to 3 or 4 right?

It’s the one item that seems to stick around your wardrobe longer than everything else. It dates at a slower pace than most fashion and if you hold on to it for long enough it eventually comes back – yep, even that terrible stuff from the 80’s and 90’s. Gross! Hard to imagine that it dates back as far as 1915, something that started off as work wear has seen more changes than face books privacy settings – check out this awesome little timeline on the history of denim!

FL---Layersmedium-close-up---shirtFL---looking-over-balconywalking-B&Wmedium-close-upDenim on denim on denim on denim. It’s a thing.

Getting it right though, is a little more tricky than just wearing denim everything. I’ve got a few tips and tricks though that may just help you nail that Canadian tuxedo, so that you don’t end up looking like Justin Timberlake at the 2001 MTV music awards (seriously google that shit).

My rule for double, or even triple denim are pretty simple and usually work every time. The trick is contrast. Yep, thats it. Sounds a little obvious yes, but sometimes it’s the nuances that take it to the next level. So firstly and most importantly, you want contrast in colour, never pair the same colour washes (remember JT). Secondly, you want contrast in texture, so you don’t want to pair a distressed top with a distressed bottom and end up looking like a homeless guy. Lastly, if you’re gonna attempt a triple denim threat try and break it with something simple and non denim like a white T shirt.FL-WidePocket-squareWater---B&WFL---Landscapehalf-B&WAnd there you have it! A little rock and roll and a little dapper dandy thanks to the pocket square.

All the denim in this look is from the new Topman ‘This is Denim” collection. If you need to brush up on your turn-ups or double-ups make sure to check out the collection in store. If you need to brush up on your denim terminology and make sense of that last sentence, take a look here.

Okay. Stay fancy.

standing-1Some outfits can stop you dead in your tracks. Sometimes, its a stop street. Sometimes it’s the sun in your eyes.

In this case it was the outfit.

Suit Supply landed in South Africa about 2 years ago via online orders with the unique proposition of covering all import duties and taxes, that may not seem a big deal for my international readers but for those of us here on the tip of Africa paying 40% a pop, its a pretty big deal. They then opened a store in Hyde Park Joburg, no, not the mall, but instead in a mansion up the road, you see Suit supply doesn’t have traditional stores on high streets and in shopping centres, but instead spaces that offer experiences for there customers.

Yes, when they told me that I only half bought it too, till I actually managed to visit there Johannesburg store recently and was blown away with the space, layout and service. I was there to pick out an outfit, the outfit above! The outfit that you could be wearing in no time!

Lets take another look!

standing-2Picking one outfit from the collection is impossible. Trust me, I was there for 4 hours and in the end left empty handed deciding instead to pick my items online and build an outfit there.

Having had a look at my Instagaram feed lately I also realised that I own a multitude of grey, black and brown blazers but no colour. So bam! Red blazer it was.Then it became a question of pants. Yes, I decided, I definitely needed pants and as I have very few textured or patterned pants I decided on a pair of woollen trousers with a fine houndstooth pattern. The shirt was easy, its gingham, I mean, you really cant go wrong with a gingham shirt especially not in brown and especially not when pairing it with red. The accessories were the hardest, their selection of ties is incredible with such interesting fabrics and textures that it’s almost impossible to choose just 1. Eventually, I ended up choosing the pocket square that went best with the jacket and chose a tie to match (more details on pocket square rules here) Lastly, it was shoes and belt (yes, they should match) and with my new found lover for tassled loafers I decided an a nice chocalatey brown to bring out the browns in the pants and shirt.

And here you have it.


Right, competition time!

Again right? I know, I spoil you guys!

This outfit is worth over R12 000 ($1000) so winning it will be a little more difficult and it includes everything you see except the sunglasses. In fact, let me break it down for you.

This jacket

These pants

These shoes

This shirt

This tie

This pocket square

This belt

Okay, so thats your package!

Delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

How do you enter?

Firstly, you need to be following Suit Supply on Instagram

Second (and that will be it) you need to repost the below image tagging Suit Supply and What My Boyfriend Wore with the #WMBWWin

When I “like” or “favourite” your post that means I’ve sen it and you’re in the draw.

That’s it folks. Trust me, you wanna win this competition.

For a second entry I’m gonna let you tweet the pic with “I really want to win this entire  outfit from  –  “


Here are the terms and conditions:

• Competition open to anyone anywhere in the world

• Competition opens Wednesday 08/07/2015 and closes on Tuesday 14/07/15

• Winner will be drawn via random draw and announced on the morning of 15/07/2015

• All above criteria must be fulfilled for your entry to qualify.

• Your prize will be delivered to the address you provide.

Okay gents, good luck and stay fancy.



Full-LengthBelieve it or not, sometimes (sometimes a lot) I go casual. In fact I get a lot of requests for ideas on casual looks and I suppose we cant be fancy everyday can we?

YES. Yes we can that was a trick question.

Though, I’m not. And quite simple somedays you just feel like throwing on some old jeans and a jumper and heading out the house. This was one of those days. There’s also nothing quite like walking around town with some music in your ears, so I took my new A-Audio headphones for a spin – so to speak. You’re gonna want to keep reading, because at the end of this post I’m gonna tell you how you can win a set of these incredible bluetooth headphones.

Now just because we’re casual, doesn’t mean that we don’t pay attention to details. We always pay attention to details, so in this case I decided to pick up on the peach in the shoes with a little peach pocket square. It’s a small thing, but I do think it’s the small things that count. Nothing new here.

Lets take a look at those details then.

earphoneswalkingsneakersFor those of you looking to find any of the above:

Sunglasses by RayBan

Blazer from Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Pocket square by Heywood 1922

Jumper by Ted Baker (available locally at Stuttafords)

Headphones by A-Audio

Backpack by Freedom Of Movement

Jeans by Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Sneakers by Puma x BWGH

Okay! Happy?

Great. Lets get your head squeezed in-between a set of A-Audio headphones then shall we?

Go ahead take a closer look.

Earphones-close-upEarphones-close-up-4Earphones-close-up-2Earphones-close-up-3Ok, so I recently went on a little trip to Johannesburg, sure it’s only a 2 hour flight but travelling in general is not my favourite thing, so any distraction is a good one. This was the perfect excuse to really put these headphones to the test so I left my ‘ol faithful’s’ at home and packed these instead.

Immediately off the bat they were way more convenient, sure my other headphones fold up, but these folded up flat so they took up way less space in my onboard luggage even in the carry case (way better than the little faux leather pouch ‘protecting’ my old ones). The real kicker for me was the fact that they were wireless, see nothing is more annoying than getting tangled up while switching between boarding passes and devices – I know this sounds pretty lame, but it was a real issue for me! Every time I threw my backpack on the headphone chord would pull out! Yes yes…#FirstWorldProblems I know, but still. The second winner was the noise cancelation, not only handy at blocking out the annoying sounds of an airport with super duper audio quality, but also handy at blocking out the engines on the aeroplane as they explode sending you plummeting to your death. I’m not a happy flyer.

Despite the 12 hour battery life the package comes complete with a power bank so you should really never run out of power, unless of course you’re doing like a 28 hour power walk in which case you should probably get different headphones so as not to ruin the plush leather detailing.

So, you want all this then do you?

Here’s how to enter.

We’re gonna try something new this time and run the whole thing via Instagram in hopes of keeping it simple as always. Dont worry I’ll still give you all additional entries via Facebook and Twitter as per normal.

Go visit A-Audio Headphones on Instagram (maybe give them a like for being so generous) then simply repost any image of the headphones on their feed that you like. Any one. Now tag the image with @AAudioHeadphones and leave a comment with the hashtag #WMBWWin – so that I can track them.

Voila! Youre in!

Oh yes, Facebook and Twitter. Lets make it fun!!

Facebook – Post the the first song youre gonna play on your new headphones to Facebook and tag A Audio Headphones and of course What My Boyfriend Wore

Twitter – Tweet “I’m gonna rock this (Song link here) on my new @AAudioHeadphone with @WhatMyBFWore

Thats it folks, if you do all 3 you have 3 entries for the draw.

Here are the T&C’s

1 – Competition opens 01/07/2015 and closes 08/07/2015

2 – The winner will be drawn and announced on 10/07/2015 via

3 – Competition open to anyone in the world and your prize will be shipped to you

4 – All requirements for each category must be completed to count as an entry

5 – The Instagram entry must first be completed before entering via Facebook or Twitter

That should be it folks.

Good luck and stay fancy.


This is something a little different for my blog but its such a great collaboration its well worth sharing. After all the modern day gentleman takes pride in more than what he wears, but he takes pride in where he lives and where he works too

Below is what happens when one of the worlds biggest fashion houses gets into the pants of one of the worlds foremost furniture companies to update a range of original designs by Jean Prouvé for use in their office.

If you can’t tell by the look already this is none other than G-Star Raw who decided to pay homage to Prouvé’s collection of furniture designed for the offices of French industrial companies in the 1940s.

The collection consists of 10 pieces, including chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, desk lamps and wall-mounted reading lights, were initially developed for G-Star RAW’s new headquarters in Amsterdam, which opened last year.

15_FEATURE_ARTICLE_prouve_bottom_slide03_5044 15_FEATURE_ARTICLE_prouve_bottom_slide02_5043 15_FEATURE_ARTICLE_prouve_xtra_carrousel_15-1_COLLAGE_5041 15_FEATURE_ARTICLE_prouve_bottom_slide01_5042 Shubhankar Ray, global brand director simply says that they were fans of the stuff and needed new furniture for their offices. G-Star RAW and Vitra worked with Prouvé’s family to update the designs, developing a new palette of materials and coloured finishes. All the pieces are made from either steel, solid timber or a combination of the two. The rest, as they say, is history!

WOW! Never mind my office I could have this stuff all over my apartment!

Following the launch in Milan, the collection will be available from G-Star RAW’s website and at $2000 a pop, you might wanna start saving.

vitra-and-g-star-raws-jean-prouve-inspired-office-furniture-installation-9vitra-and-g-star-raws-jean-prouve-inspired-office-furniture-installation-11vitra-and-g-star-raws-jean-prouve-inspired-office-furniture-installation-13vitra-and-g-star-raws-jean-prouve-inspired-office-furniture-installation-18For more details and the original source of this article go check out 

Okay. Stay fancy.


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