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full-lengthI do love it when a fancy friday outfit all comes together as well as this one. The navy blazer and grey pants is a very classic and corporate look, but I thought I would give it a contemporary twist in my own special way.

There’s a lot of pattern mixing going on here, but it’s all very slight, the kind of slightness that draws a fine line between pattern and texture, and there is a little bit of that happening all over the place.

medium-shotFirstly, the pants carry a slight plaid check with a very fine blue running though, it’s slight, but you pick it up when paired with the navy blazer (If you don’t yet have a navy blazer PLEASE let that be the next thing you purchase – its the best staple you can own) You will then also notice the slight check in the shirt, it’s also navy, but predominately white so that everything doesn’t become a navy extravaganza up top.

The emerald tie also carries a fine chevron texture, and to make it work I picked a pocket square that carried a hint of that same emerald colour, but that was predominantly white and created a replica of the shirt and tie without being an exact duplicate, the final POP was the red lapel button working perfectly with the pocket square and contrasting the tie nicely, I even managed to sneak in a final detail in the navy bracelet with slight red detail. Here take a closer look.

medium-close-uppocket-squaretie-close-upwatch-and-bracelet-close-upFinal detail, and in complete contrast to everything else, was these brown tasselled loafers (currently my new favourite go with anything shoes), brown and grey and brown and navy go incredibly well together I just made sure to stick to the same colour belt to pull it back together, you’ll even notice a touch of brown in the pocket square.


Here’s where I picked everything up from:

Clubmaster spectacles by RayBan

Navy wool blazer from Topman

Slim fit check shirt by TM Lewin (Available locally at Edgars)

Emerald green tie by Friday Tie Day

Red lapel flower by Chanman

Silver tie clip by Suited Man

Floral pocket square by Heywood

Brown leather belt by Ted baker (available locally at Stuttafords)

Silver faced watch by Alessi

Grey plaid pants by Markham

Brown tasselled loafers by Dune London (Available locally at Edgars)

Okay. Stay fancy!









So, I’ve been apprehensive about sharing this series of interviews I did recently with news 24, mostly because everything I say, you guys would already know from reading the blog, but also, because, well, I’m no public speaker. Sure I can match the hell out of my ties and pocket squares, but public speaking will never be my thing.

If however you wanna know a little more about how what my boyfriend wore started and why I do the things I do, or you just feel like a chuckle, then take a look below.

Okay. Stay fancy.

It’s been a while since I shared one of these “the way I dress” videos from Mr Porter

They’re very rarely about the particular persons style, but always much more about there view on fashion. It interests me how people are inspired by different things and how everyone has a different standpoint on what fashion or style means


“If you have a sense of style, your clothes should clash a bit” I’ve never thought about it like that, but its incredibly accurate.


I’ve been asked to take part in the #MissionSamsung blogger challenge over the next couple of weeks (hence the new badge on the right of the blog), we’ll be getting a who bunch of challenges using the new Samsung NX300.

This week is all about the shot of the day, starting with this guy under the theme of “A moment of bliss”

Day 1 – A moment of bliss

coffee This is mine, it happens every morning and my day is not complete without it! That first flat white and moment of calm before my day starts, is absolute bliss.

Day 2 – Speed Shot

jumping Yesterdays challenge was the “speed shot” and seeing as I’m all about fast fashion, I decided to do a little frozen fall, after all, whats faster than gravity? Not much I don’t think. Lot’s of jumping around the office studio with my trusty assistant Justin and using the rad little flash on the NX300.

Day 3 – Extreme Close Up

boot-close-upToday was about getting up close and personal. Something to show off the zoom lens of this little NX300. A little bit of mood lighting, a low aperture and my favourite Ted Baker Brogue boots just popped with detail.

Day 4 – Wide Angle

landscape Todays mission was showing off the wide angle of the lens, it’s an 18-55 lens so, it’s pretty impressive to see what you can get. I decided to go with the afternoon view outside my office, Cape Town’s sunset was playing along nicely, and the harbour is an incredible place to observe.

I’ll be uploading this post with a new shot each day, so sneak back when you can.

Okay. Stay fancy.


3-sneakersFirst things first, the friendly folks at Puma Select spoilt me for my birthday with these incredible Alexander McQueen for Puma trainers. I’m really trying to get my sneaker game on and just absolutely fell in love with these guys the moment I saw them.

close-upback-viewBUT, because I’m a giver, I wanted to try and get a little something for you guys too, so I’ve convinced them to give anyone who comes in for this range of kicks 25% off. Yep, it’s that easy, just mention that I sent you and they’ll know what to do.

top-viewtoe-detailI’m definitely trying to raise my sneaker game and find new ways of dressing them up, it’s always that fine line of remaining casually dapper. I think a blazer and skinny chinos is always a good start, try stay away from jeans as it immediately tips the balance to casual. You don’t need a tie to keep it dapper, but I find that some details help keep it dapper. This is how I decided to dress them up.

Full-lengthpocket-squarewatch-and-braceletsneakers-backsneakers-2So the 25% off the sneakers is only available for my birthday week, so get into the store on Bree street before saturday the 24th of May.

Okay. Stay fancy.



_1874656 The other day I went out shooting with my buddy Thomas Ferreira from 187pictures, the dude is an epic landscape photographer and wanted to try his hand (or lens I guess) at some fashion stuff.

I was going for something super classic, cause I wanted to wear my new duck tie from Friday Tie Day – after all it was the tie of the month.

_1874786 The hunting jacket was the obvious first choice, and sticking with a simple blue oxford shirt and pocket square to match. Also, nothing says classic like a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters.

I wanted to have some colour pop in the details so decided to pick up on the slight red in the tie with a red tie clip and lapel flower to match. It’s also ben getting kinda cold down these parts so a perfect opportunity to let my new brogue boots have a little Fancy Friday spin.

Here are some of the details.

_1874843-2 _1874866_1874833-3 _1874812If you like one or any of the pieces in this outfit check out below for a possible recreation.

Classic Clubmaster sunglasses by Ray BanHere for other stockists

Checked blazer with contrast colour from ZaraGet similar here

Blue oxford shirt from Gap

Duck patterned tie from Friday Tie Day

Clue “exchange place” pocket square from Loft Trading

Red tie clip from  Suited Man

Red lapel flower from River Island

Blue slim chinos from Gap

Brown leather dress watch from Daniel Wellington

Brown Brogue boots by Ted Baker

Okay. Stay Fancy



IMG_9288s.jpg~original IMG_9292s.jpg~originalI’m a massive fan of a little updated vintage look.

This guy is nailing it, It’s almost a little geek chic combined with retro vintage classic (I may have just made both those terms up right now) but it works incredibly well. This just goes to show what can be achieved with a little bit of tailoring, if you look at the outfit, it kinda feels like something you’de expect your grandfather to wear, paisley, checks, herringbone its all mixed in there, but it’s fitted and looks great. It’s a mass combination of textures and patterns that all fall together wonderfully.

The star of the show is that vintage waistcoat of course (though the spectacles come a close second) and that’s really what helps carry the rest of the look, it’s bold enough to tie all the other pieces together!

Good job sir, and good job once again in capturing this Mr Jonathan Daniel Price of Garcon Jon.

If you guys like this look, I’ve attempted to re create something similar below, happy shopping.

Get some similar spectacles here

Get a similar blazer here

Get a similar vintage patterned waistcoat here

Get a similar shirt here

Get a similar tie here

Get similar trousers here

I wasn’t sure that the satchel he had worked, so I like this old school satchel instead.

I also though the shoes needed a more retro edge, so thought these brogue boots were better.

Okay, stay fancy.


I really love sharing these ABC of Mens Fashion webisodes with you guys, I just find the advice in them to be incredibly insightful. Now, Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten arent the best dressed gents ive ever seen (by their own admission) but they have a great view on fashion, but I guess what do you expect from the guys who started coolhunting?Enjoy.

“You need to decide how much fashion your style allows you” – Perfectly put gents. Nailed it!

Okay. Stay fancy.


And so we enter our final giveaway with Friday Tie day where you can win one of 50 tie subscriptions of these incredible ties. Yes we know it was supposed to be last week, but we were enjoying the festive season…why weren’t you?

Again, i’ve built the outfit around the tie, and because it’s so damn hot down in Cape Town right now I’ve had to forgo the blazer for a dapper waistcoat instead. Now this was a tricky tie to wear, because although I absolutely love the colour combo and houndstooth pattern, the red and blue are so strong that you need to work on complementing them rather than matching them.

medium-shotThis way I could let the slight red detail in the waistcoat be highlighted by the tie as well as use that red lapel flower to spread the red across so that the tie is not such a stand out focal point. Nothing wrong with your tie being a focal point but if it stands out to much it just feels odd and no one knows where to look, this way you drag the gaza across the body and toward your face.

My final trick was the pocket square, it was navy heavy so again I used it to spread the colour in the tie, and although it added another pattern it once agin helped the tie become less dominant and more integrated.

Or at least, that was the plan, I kinda think it worked. No?


So your last chance to grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39.

Here’s how. All you need do is enter promo code WMBW50 and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world, if you wanna learn more about the competition and the how to’s go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.


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