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IMG_9288s.jpg~original IMG_9292s.jpg~originalI’m a massive fan of a little updated vintage look.

This guy is nailing it, It’s almost a little geek chic combined with retro vintage classic (I may have just made both those terms up right now) but it works incredibly well. This just goes to show what can be achieved with a little bit of tailoring, if you look at the outfit, it kinda feels like something you’de expect your grandfather to wear, paisley, checks, herringbone its all mixed in there, but it’s fitted and looks great. It’s a mass combination of textures and patterns that all fall together wonderfully.

The star of the show is that vintage waistcoat of course (though the spectacles come a close second) and that’s really what helps carry the rest of the look, it’s bold enough to tie all the other pieces together!

Good job sir, and good job once again in capturing this Mr Jonathan Daniel Price of Garcon Jon.

If you guys like this look, I’ve attempted to re create something similar below, happy shopping.

Get some similar spectacles here

Get a similar blazer here

Get a similar vintage patterned waistcoat here

Get a similar shirt here

Get a similar tie here

Get similar trousers here

I wasn’t sure that the satchel he had worked, so I like this old school satchel instead.

I also though the shoes needed a more retro edge, so thought these brogue boots were better.

Okay, stay fancy.


I really love sharing these ABC of Mens Fashion webisodes with you guys, I just find the advice in them to be incredibly insightful. Now, Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten arent the best dressed gents ive ever seen (by their own admission) but they have a great view on fashion, but I guess what do you expect from the guys who started coolhunting?Enjoy.

“You need to decide how much fashion your style allows you” - Perfectly put gents. Nailed it!

Okay. Stay fancy.


And so we enter our final giveaway with Friday Tie day where you can win one of 50 tie subscriptions of these incredible ties. Yes we know it was supposed to be last week, but we were enjoying the festive season…why weren’t you?

Again, i’ve built the outfit around the tie, and because it’s so damn hot down in Cape Town right now I’ve had to forgo the blazer for a dapper waistcoat instead. Now this was a tricky tie to wear, because although I absolutely love the colour combo and houndstooth pattern, the red and blue are so strong that you need to work on complementing them rather than matching them.

medium-shotThis way I could let the slight red detail in the waistcoat be highlighted by the tie as well as use that red lapel flower to spread the red across so that the tie is not such a stand out focal point. Nothing wrong with your tie being a focal point but if it stands out to much it just feels odd and no one knows where to look, this way you drag the gaza across the body and toward your face.

My final trick was the pocket square, it was navy heavy so again I used it to spread the colour in the tie, and although it added another pattern it once agin helped the tie become less dominant and more integrated.

Or at least, that was the plan, I kinda think it worked. No?


So your last chance to grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39.

Here’s how. All you need do is enter promo code WMBW50 and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world, if you wanna learn more about the competition and the how to’s go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.

Full-lengthToday I’m gonna tell you about how a pair of jeans (or even a T-shirt) can get you to Hamburg in Germany. Yeah, for reals.

Tom Tailor denim just recently launched in South Africa and you can find it at selected Edgars stores, this brand is massive in Europe and we’re lucky to have it on our doorstep now, its pretty much all about day to day wear, anything from shorts and tee’s to all denim, and its pretty awesome stuff, just take a look:

back-shot Medium-shotWhat I like though (surprise, surprise) is the attention to detail, things like the fact that the denim jacket comes with a pocket square and the button down has pre-rolled sleeves, so they never come undone. Fancy uh?

jacket-detail shirt-detailSo? About that trip to Hamburg I hear you ask. Well, yes, as part of the launch Tom Tailor is running a competition that started on the 14th of November and ends on the 14th of January where you* just have to upload (FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram) a pic of yourself in any Tom Tailor Denim item with the hashtag #TomTailorZa.

That simple yes. Over the 8 week period they will be choosing 8 semi finalists who all win a R1000 Tom Tailor Denim voucher, these will be chosen by different fashion bloggers, like me. Yep, this is my week people so I expect some good looks.

The 8 semi finalists will then be put up on to the Tom Tailor Facebook page where the audience will vote who goes to Hamburg.

Right, so now what are you waiting for, lets get some pics uploaded peeps, i’m holding thumbs for you.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.

*Unfortunately ‘you’ can only be from South Africa to participate in this competition.


Full-lengthOkay people, we’re in the 3rd week of our 4 week tie subscription give away with Friday Tieday and we have another outfit built round a tie.

This was a textured black tie, and really, if you’re only ever going to own 1 tie, it needs to be a black one, that will pretty much get you into anything that requires a tie, weddings, funerals, court.

So I decided to go a little old school on this look and keep it simple with black and white, it’s not my regular vibe as I tend to want to have some kind of colour pop or element of fun. Dressing black and white is super simple, everything goes with everything and it’s nearly impossible to get wrong.

I would make one suggestion though, and it’s not so much a suggestion as it is a commandment, no black shirts and white ties, it’s just tacky and you’re not an italian gangster.

Here are the details of the outfit.Medium-shot flower-pin-close-up Pocket-square tie-close-up shoesOk, so, winning ties subscriptions, just before Christmas! What what!??

Go grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39. All you need do is enter promo code FANCYFRIDAY and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

If you miss this week, don’t worry, were giving away 50 ties a week over the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out over my twitter as I announce the code there first and then my Facebook page the very next day. If you wanna learn more about the competition go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.


So when I first started this blog, I got a tie tailored from a company in Brooklyn called SKINNYFATTIES…Its very clever Skinny – Fat – ties. Basically Joshua was taking your old fat ties and making them cool again by tailoring them slim, in order to supplement his income. You can read the full story on my old blogpost here.

Since then, it’s really gone crazy, he has appeared in all kinds of magazines and TV shows, and the business just boomed! It’s kinda cool, as Joshua and I met via Instagram for the first time, which is where I found out about his awesome idea, then earlier this year we got to have a beer together in NYC for the first time and he is the most awesome dude!

So what’s he up to now? Well, he just streamlined the worlds first tie creation service, yeah, thats right, so you know those ‘build a bear workshops’ in all the malls…well SKINNYFATTIES is doing that for ties. Now meet Joshua and his first ‘POP’ collection.

Not sure what tie width you’re after, well here’s a little info graphic flowchart guide that Joshua has put together! I love this kinda thing, next level fancy yo!

Infographic_SF_v2So yes, it all comes down to your build and more importantly the size of your lapel. Why? Well, go check out this dressiquete post from a while back for the low down.

Now go build yourself a tie…a personal one!

Okay. Stay Fancy.

Full-Length Two Sartorial Sundays in a row? I know. This one is slightly different, this is an attempt in showing a more casual side to WMBW, so the other day when we headed off to the loading bay for lunch, we decided to shoot a weekend look.

I really do love wearing my ties, but when the weekend rolls around not much beats a comfy Tee, and this is probably the comfiest I own, it’s about 6 years old and I picked it up on my first ever trip to NYC. And nothing goes better with a tee than a pair of soft jeans its the ultimate classic combination, always fail safe. So being casual is one thing, but you gotta stay true to your style, and lets face it, I’m all about being dapper, so I like to throw in some sartorial details where I can.

You also gotta invest in some blazers that are more on the casual side, something in a linen or washed cotton, it makes the blazer, jeans, t-shirt combo work that much better.

So here’s to a more casual approach to the summer.

Full-length---seated sitting-down lapel-flower-close-upshoesSee something you like?

Well here is my attempt at recreating this outfit online:

Blue linen blazer from Zara get similar blazer here

Foldable Wayfarer sunglasses by Ray Ban

White ‘I heart NY’ tee from street vendor available here

Yellow lapel flower from River Island…but no longer available try a red one maybe?

Blue authentic skinny 1969 jeans from Gap

Tan leather brogues from Zara get similar here

Okay. Stay fancy.


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