So you may or may not have heard the news about London based fashion giant River Island finding its way to our shores with there first flagship store opening at the Zone in Rosebank in September.

Yeah, Awesome I know.

River Island is synonymous with trend led pieces all cut to modern silhouettes, its fast fashion at its best. For you gents who’ve never had the opportunity to visit a River Island store, let me help give you an idea of what to expect, before I tell you how you can win tickets to the opening.

05_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_000313_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_001303_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_000125_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_004308_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_0005If that doesn’t excite you, you’re definitely on the wrong blog.

All I know is that our wardrobes are about to have a serious fashion injection.

So, this competition is a little different, it’s kinda a win win situation. For once I may get to win too, but I’ll need your help. The prize? Well, 3 of you will get to attend the  “Night of Fashion” VIP event with me on the 18th September with R300 in vouchers to spend on yourselves.

So now what? Well, they’ve put me up against a whole bunch of other bloggers in a look book challenge, happening on Battle To Britain

I took some of the pieces available in the upcoming collection and put together this african inspired “ode to the Mod”


So, now I need your vote, simple. If you think my lookbook is the best, then please put your vote down, if however you see one which you prefer, then by all means vote for that person, I’m nothing if not fair.

So how can I reward you guys? Well, all Johannesburg based followers who vote for me can win one of the 3 tickets to the VIP opening night with me, all you need to do after voting is send out a tweet or Facebook message with “I’ve just put @WhatMyBFWore one step closer in the #BattleToBritain” (If you don’t have twitter and would rather use Facebook , just update your status but use @What My Boyfriend Wore instead ) – This is the only way I can track the entries and do the draw for the 3 people who I’ll be hanging with at the VIP opening.

Massive thank you to everyone in advance who takes the time out to vote for me.

I’ll keep bringing you mens fashion news and views anyway.

Okay. Stay fancy.



outside-signwindow-signSo I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about this place for ages, its called The House of Machines and It’s hands down one of my favourite places in Cape Town. It’s the brainchild of Brad Armitage (of Vide e Cafe and &Union beer fame) Paul Van Der Spuy (of blue collar white collar fame) and Drew Madacsi (I dont think Drew is really famous for anything besides being Aussie) who basically wanted to combine there passions and create a place they wanted to hang out in.

I say ‘place’ because it’s not a coffee shop, though the Evil Twin coffee is incredible, 100% certified organic arabica, grown in Honduras and master roasted in Spain.

It’s also not a bar, though they have the most incredible house lager and a bar man called Nick who only makes prohibition cocktails, the kinda stuff that pre dates the 1920’s and is pretty much liquor on liquor. Go have the old fashioned and tell Nick I sent you (life changing) though don’t tell him I called him a bar man, he’s officially an award winning mixologist and his passion for making you the perfect drink is unmatched. Expect about 15min to get your drink, sit down listen to the story, it will be worth the wait, I promise!

They also make bikes, any bike you want, hand crafted from the ground up, yep right there in the La Macchina workshop at the back.

Lastly, they’re not a clothing store, but they have tons of rad Tee shirts, caps and shirts under the THoM Workwear clothing brand. These pics below should give you a little taste for the place.

(Sorry about the barrage of photos, but there is so much cool stuff in this place, I just couldn’t stop shooting.)

There is however one very specific reason I love this place and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s the small range of, lets call them gentleman accessories that they stock, the kind of dapper delights that make you wish your wallet was a little fatter (though they do sell some pretty fat wallets). I picked some of my favourite pieces out of their little display case to share with you guys.

coastersShoe-Brush pocket-knife To-Hell-With-Work---Hip-Flask Funnel Fine-&-Dandy-Comb Pocket-square Best-Intentions---Hip-FlaskSo…it’s my birthday in May. I’ll be happy with any of the above. Thanks.

If you guys wanna visit this place, and I suggest you do, it’s open everyday, except sunday till 5 and the prohibition bar is open Thursday to Saturday and you’ll find it at 84 Shortmarket Street in the Cape Town CBD.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Dress-watchIve always been a fan of the simple dress watch.

No bells and whistles, just a leather strap and a simple clear face. In fact as time has gone by, my watches have gotten simpler and simpler, dropping all the chronographs and date windows for something that, well, just tells the time really.

For ages I’ve been a massive fan of Uniformwares watches, and I guess I still am, but I recently picked up one of these Daniel Wellington watches and there is just something a little more dapper about them. The slim face, the slight detailing, It’s the perfect dress watch. Why? Well the slimmer the face the easier it is for it to slip under your dress shirt, it also fits the classic dress watch look, with its precious metal casing and leather strap.

watch-strap watch-rolled-up watch-backThe leather strap is what makes this guy feel more classic right? But wait, there’s a trick and it’s what made me love these guys. The straps are all interchangeable, but not only leather straps, lots of fun Nato straps too so you can dress it up or down and match it to your outfit.

These guys have just landed in South Africa (well, kinda, they’ve slowly been making there way into tiny boutique stores and markets) You can now get the full collection online at Kiph.

Happy shopping people!

Okay. Stay fancy.

PUMA SELECT WEB-30Last night 137 Bree Street, Cape Town was lucky enough to play host to the worlds first Puma Select store and I was lucky enough to be invited. So what is Puma Select ? Basically the store will be showcasing the brands premium product and ranges and it will be here that you will find all the standard collaborations with guys like Alexander McQueen and  Miharayashuhiro but also exclusive one off colaborations with designers like Ronnie Fig and Brooklyn We Go Hard.

I can hear the sneaker heads drooling from here! Yeah, its all pretty awesome!

You know what else was pretty awesome? The actual store! Take a look.

It’s the brainchild of 3D industrial designer Ben Wilson and interior architect Adma Brinkworth and is based on the duo’s love for english workshops and the art of creating. Uh, nailed it guys!! Looks amazing!

The cape town store will open officially on the 6th of March and form part of the First Thursdays initiative. Tonight will be the official launch so there’s some pretty epic stuff going on in the store with discounts and give aways.

Firstly, you can get R500 off R1000 and above by simply telling them I sent you. Well, kinda. Just take a pic of anything in store and tweet/instagram it using my twitter handle @whatmybfwore and @PumaSouthAfrica then finish off with #PumaSelectCT . Boom, thats it. Show it to the man at the register and he’ll give you the discount!

PUMA MEDIA WEB-5You’ll also find these little hashtags lying around, so grab one and tweet or Instagram anything in the store. At the end of the night, you could win it! Pretty simple uh?

The store will have free wi-fi and…wait for it…cold beer when you purchase something in store, yes, that is correct, they will give you beer! What champs!!

If tonight is anything like last night, it should be lots of fun, so pop down if you can.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Photos mostly courtesy of Paul Ward

french-cuffs cufflink-watch-style-bloggerMuch like all  the other dressiquete rules, this one is pretty simple.

When you’re wearing a shirt that has french cuffs, you should always wear a jacket and of course cufflinks.You can identify a french cuff shirt as the cuffs are doubled over and there are no buttons with which to fasten them, hence forth why you need cufflinks.

Yes sure, I know, lots of your friends wear their french cuffs rolled up nice and high to give them a chunky roll up and you often see some guys down at the local, wearing a french cuff shirt with a pair of jeans and no jacket, sure, but we don’t wanna be most guys, do we? No, we wanna be gentlemen, and a gentleman knows what not to do when it comes to french cuffs.

While were on the topic, lets talk about those cufflinks and what to match them with. Like most of your metal accessories, you should aim for matching them with the other metal in your outfit, so gold watch, gold tie pin, gold cufflinks, gold belt buckle. Hmm…jeez, maybe tone down on the gold a little there midas.

If you’re getting fancy and there is of course no reason not to get fancy, you can also pair the colours of your cufflinks with the colours of your outfit, thats simple enough. When it comes to novelty cufflinks, well, they take on the same rules as novelty ties and socks, when in doubt, dont do it.

Always be in doubt.

So to get you started on this new french cuff adventure here are some basics to get you going, I’ve picked some stuff from the David Donahue collection at Nordstrom because I think it’s well priced for the quality, and the last think you want is a cheap french cuff, don’t even get me started on cheap cufflinks.

Get the purple gingham shirt here

Get the blue striped shirt here

Get the white shirt here

Get the 9 squared silver cufflinks here

Get the sterling silver and blue cufflinks here

Get the gold knot cufflinks here

Okay. Stay fancy.

I’m a massive fan of these “the way I dress” videos by Mr Porter

The outfits aren’t always incredible, but the style advice and inspiration is always solid, and we can always use a little reminder that dressing well is a gift not a curse.

“I like the idea of a Picadilly wardrobe” – AWESOME – Me too Mr AcAlmont, me too!

Great inspiration, but please never tie both suit buttons, thats a definite sartorial deal breaker.

Personally, I wasnt blown away by the outfit, so here is my interpretation of a “picadilly wardrobe”

Navy wool suit jacket by Ted Baker

Navy wool suit trousers by Ted Baker 

Burgundy Gingham shirt from Topman 

Striped burgundy tie by Burberry (Yes, I know it’s ridiculously expensive, but this one is amazing)

Reversible plaid pocket square by Brunello Cucinelli (This is just ridiculously expensive – but so RAD)

Multi coloured socks by Paul Smith (trust me theyre worth it)

Two tone brogues in patent leather by ASOS

Black Double strap Leather satchel by ASOS

I like that outfit, I should get it!

Okay. Stay fancy.




Loading-bay-signI had been seeing / hearing a lot of talk about the loading bay lately, mostly Instagrams of peoples lunch and stuff, but I hadn’t been there yet and it seemed to be a bit of a Cape Town Institution. Misha and I also suffer from serious FOMO so we headed over a couple of weeks ago for Sunday lunch.

But it’s not just a lunchtime spot as I quickly found out, and as the sign clearly states – Cafe, Comfort Food, Apparel – we encountered a lot of surprises during our visit. Thats why I decided to do this post.

The actual space is incredible, split into 3 levels with the cafe at the bottom, a menswear store in the middle and a cosmetics store upstairs. The menswear naturally caught my eye with it’s rugged vintage workwear style selection, stocking everything from ACNE Studios to the hillside and some great Levis Vintage stuff. Take a look.

Upstairs, they have an Aesop store, which just looks amazing, Aesop is an Australian based cosmetics line, its all quite fancy. I’m not big on cosmetics, I should be, cause I’m not getting any younger, and maybe when I do this will be my first stop, the stuff just looks so amazing I want it all over my house.

Aesops-upstairsWall-of-AesopAesopsMostly though, we were there for some lunch, and you’ll be able to tell from the lack of food pics that it was eaten before I even thought to document it ( I’m terrible at reviews). Either way, I had a steak sandwich and Misha tucked into some poached eggs on toast, both of which were delicious. They also make an amazing cup of coffee and have a good selection of craft beer and wine, which has become pretty standard in Cape Town now days.

It definitely seems like the cool spot to be, from the customers to the staff everyone has hipster written all over them, lucky for me, thats exactly where I feel happiest.

So that’s it. A little afternoon out with lots of surprises.

You can find these guys at 30 Hudson Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town or you can call the cafe on +27 (0)21 425 6321, or the Apparel store on +27 (0)21 425 6320. According to there webpage they’re open 8am – 5pm from Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm on Saturdays and 9am to 2pm on Sundays. 

Misha-outside-loading-bayI dont really do reviews, but like I said, this place was too good not to share, I’de love your feedback on this post if you guys have any.

Okay. Stay fancy.


I found Heywood 1922 on Instagram a couple of months and was blown away by the retro modern bow ties and pocket squares they offered, in fact 1 of my first ever posts entitled “Not your grandfathers bow tie” told the entire Heywood story.

A couple of weeks ago the chaps over at Heywood sent me over a couple of pieces from their latest collection. It’s so incredible I just had to share some of my favourite combinations with you guys.

One things for sure, they’ve nailed every current trend bang on. Everything from polka dot and floral to urban camo while still keeping some heritage prints and fabrics in the mix.

There was one thing in particular that I loved about the stuff and that was the mix and matchability of it all, the bow ties are all double sided which gives you 2 bow tie for every one you buy and the pocket squares or “hanks” as Heywood calls them seem to have been carefully selected to work across different pieces of the range.

It’s all very clever.

Set-1 Set-1-detailsSet-2 Set-2---detailsSet-4 Set-4-detailsSet-3 Set-3---Details Set-5 Set-5---Details socks socks---detailsNone of it is terribly formal, but I kinda thing thats the point.

The fabrics are all very textured with a lot of denim being used so it becomes kinda casual, the kinda stuff you can wear to keep you dapper without feeling out of place on an idle tuesday afternoon. Heywood 1922 has introduced some new pieces to the overall collection like gloves, socks and scarves as well as introducing adjustable bow ties rather than 1 size fits all approach.

It’s not often I give brands high fives, but these guys definitely deserve the love! I’m excited to see where these guys go, I have a feeling we should expect big things, in the meantime, you can get all the incredible Heywood goodies here.

Okay. Stay fancy.





I’m a big Beatles fan. Even bigger since I acquired a record player on a recent trip to NY and then proceeded to build a massive collection of vinyls, the stars of that collection of course being my Beatles albums.

So you’ll understand why when I saw these special edition Turnbull and Asser pocket squares I nearly lost my mind. Wow!

8410754_fpx.tif HAADBEATL12 Abbey Road HAADBEATL11 Yellow Submarine HAADBEATL08 Sgt Pepper HAADBEATL07 RevolverSo what we have here are 4 of the 13 Beatles album covers, printed on pure woven silk and finished with hand rolled edges to make these incredible pocket squares all presented in a corresponding album cover. It’s all in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first album ‘Please, please me’, released in 1963.

Now, make no mistake, they’re not cheap. But with a true limited edition of only 50 each, I kinda think they’re worth it. They are exclusively available at Bloomingdales as part of their “We Love The UK” campaign where they very cleverly claim to be “putting on the brits” with a whole bunch of exclusive british inspired garb.

If you can afford one of these pocket I highly recommend you get one, if you can afford two, I highly recommend you get one for me! Any of the above will do.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Not much makes it’s way to the tip of Africa from the 1st world.

We pretty much rely on online shopping and insane import duties to get our style fix. Thats why when a store like Loom opens up, its more than a big deal.

Loom pretty much stocks the ultimate collection of awesome, pretty much the kind of stuff that ends up on my want of the week wall. It’s all cult status stuff, brands like Commes des Garçons, Fred Perry, A.P.C and even some limited edition footwear for sneaker heads. They also dabble in some rad accessories like SUPER sunglasses as well as some little home wear trinkets – I’m a big fan of home wear trinkets.

If you live in the mother city (or are visiting), definitely check it out, right next to Clarkes on Bree street. Then maybe go to Clarkes for a cheeseburger and a citizen beer, seriously, it will change your life.

Joburg peeps, you still have the original Loom on 4th street in Parkhurst.

International friends…well, you guys can just walk into jut about anywhere and buy this stuff! : )

Okay. Stay fancy.


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