Old Khaki is widely known for their cool and casual mens and ladies wear. They’re the kind of store you visit when you need something to chill in for the weekend, right?

Turns out, not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, if you need something cool and casual, you’ll definitely find it there, but what if you want to turn it up a notch, you know fancy things up a little? Maybe take a stroll on the dapper side of life. Up for the challenge?

I was, so I picked 4 shirts from the new Old Khaki shirt range to see if I couldn’t take them from ‘throwing a ball around the pool’ all the way to ‘busting balls in the boardroom’ – with a few options in-between of course.

So lets start at the bottom. Meet the Corey, a short sleeved button down ready for cocktail sundowners at a fancy Camps Bay beach bar. Now, it is possible to embrace summer without just throwing on a t-shirt and flip flops every time you leave the house! This is how it should be done.


The technique here was simple. Pick one thing that screams SUMMER, something that keeps a little fun in your look, in this case, the floral shorts. The rest just comes down to matching the remaining colours in your outfit to those on the shorts. They don’t all need to match, but they should all tonally work together. Ahhh…breeezy!

Lets move on to the Clint shirt. It took a trip to Hong Kong and Korea to finally give in to how cool a mandarin collar can look, up until then I had decided it could stay in the 90’s together with platform boots for men (yes, I had those too) and the spice girls. See, the thing is, when you pair it with the right stuff, that mandarin collar can give your outfit a little edge – fancy, but not fancy enough to need a tie.


Little things can keep your look constantly transcending between smart and casual without ever having to fall into traditional smart casual. Make sense? No? Let me explain, in this case, the blazer and pocket square, move the outfit into a more formal space, but the lack of a belt and the high cropped pants keep it in a great casual space. When in doubt, a pair of loafers are the perfect smart to casual shoe.

Next up is the Casey shirt, a simple check shirt with a button down collar. We all have one of these in our closet right? (Sure, I have about 20 – but thats because they’re so versatile) Most guys take a check shirt, roll up the sleeves and throw on a pair of jeans. That’s fine, I do that all the time, it’s a classic look. But a check shirt can bring an element of fun to a formal outfit, and get you one step closer to fancy without being overdressed – not that I believe you can ever be overdressed.


By now you guys know that this is my “signature look” a mix of patterns and colours coordinated to stand apart and work together at the same time. I give out a lot of tips and tricks on pattern mixing and creating focus in your outfit in my Fancy Friday category. In this case, I built it all around the shirt allowing the blues and greens in the shirt to dictate what I was going to pair together, little details like a blue tie clip on a solid green tie help pull it all together.

Lastly we have the Lawrence 37, a simple navy bengal striped shirt with a grey base. Another closet staple really. Now, it’s not uncommon to see a striped shirt around the office, but guys tend to play it safe with a thin pinstripe or muted blue tones. I had my sites set on something a little more bold.


Although I decided to go bold, I decided to still keep it classic. Everyone owns a navy suit, or if you don’t you should, it’s the first suit you should invest in really…or maybe that’s a grey suit (I can never quite decide, so best to play it safe an have one of each in your closet) A few simple details though, can make your ‘navy suit look’ stand out from the other navy suit drones at the office though. Your shirt and tie really is your opportunity to bring personality to your outfit. Stripes on stripes is tricky to get right, so make sure the scale or size of the stripes is vastly different otherwise it will just hurt your eyes. In the end, as always, it’s the details that help everything work together – like picking up on the red logo detail on the shirt with the tie and the pocket square.

That’s it gents (and ladies of course) lets see you start making the shirts in your closet the most versatile thing you own.

Okay. Stay fancy.




As you can imagine i get a few requests asking me to support fashion related kickstater projects.

I generally steer away from them as for the most part I dont believe in the brand or product that is trying to get kickstarted – I mean, i’m always super nice about saying no, but I do say no. In fact, “no thanks” is exactly what I said to Kabeer when he approached me about the Kabaccha shoe project and his vision of changing the shoe game. “yeah yeah” I thought “you and that guy with a bottle opener on his belt I got a mail from last week”. Then I watched his video.

For the first time I thought, “wow, this may actually have a shot” and “I may actually wanna get me some of these”. Kabeer is super passionate about this project, I got that in our e-mail correspondence and i can see he is pouring his heart and soul to this project. But thats not the reason I decided to support his kickstarter, I decided to support it, because I agree with him, I think there is far too little choice in mens shoes and the choices we do have are either boring or expensive.

The launch collection was also super brave, and the more I went through it, the more I thought these shoes needed to find there way onto the feet of some upstanding gentlemen such as yourselves.

INSTA1LoaferMaroonBlue InstaGreenWingtipInsta3INSTA18WingtipCreameGreenINSTA9LoaferBrownOJINSTA14WingtipGreyYellow If you agree with me and think that these are maybe some of the most awesome dress shoes you have ever seen, go support these guys on kickstarter.

I’de really like to see this project become a success, they hit the kickstarter goal in the first day, but really I’de like to see them hit the $500k mark before there time is up. at the very least, you’ll secure yourself a pair of kabacha shoes before any of your friends!

I think we can expect some interesting stuff to come out of kabacha shoes in the future.

Okay. Stay fancy.



refelctions Anname Meet Annamé Kleyenscheldt, the most patient person on this earth. I know this because Annamé was my Topshop personal shopper for an afternoon at the Topshop / Topman in the V&A Waterfront and the fact that I not only made it out alive, but I made it out with exactly what I was looking for is testament to her patience and skill for that matter.

I was recently invited by the folks at Topshop to put their instore personal shopper to the test, and despite the fact that I hate tests, I really do love shopping, so I thought I would give it a go.

Now, in my mind, I was going to get there and kinda have a dedicated person who would run out to the store front and fetch me my size while I piled up clothes on a change room floor attempting to find the perfect item. I was met with something very different.

First of all the personal shopping experience has it’s own dedicated change room, and when I say change room, I mean its a dedicated suite with massive changing spaces and a couch for your significant other to relax on while munching macaroons and sipping cappuccinos all while you find your perfect outfit.

Annamé also likes to take a little initiative of her own, so she prepares a couple of looks for you before you arrive, depending on your needs. She had built up 6 looks for me, 3 formal and 3 casual all in my size, so that if anything caught my eye I could try it on there and then, this is perfect for when you actually just don’t know where too start and are looking for that special outfit for a special occasion.

I was looking specifically for something new I could wear to an upcoming formal event, so Annamé and I hit the floor to take a little look around.

This is where the experience really kicked up a notch for me, see I’m no lazy shopper I don’t mind doing it for a whole day as you can well imagine, but it is a tiresome and tedious process, more so when you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Having someone who knows where everything is and carries it all around for you makes quite the difference.

Annamé was also really great at picking out things I wouldn’t normally and made some great suggestions. She also ran up and down from the change room fetching me the perfect size in everything while I sipped champagne and ate more macaroons (man those were some delicious macaroons)

In the end, we put together 3 looks, all tiering up from casual to super formal.

look-1look-number-3look-no-2 It probably won’t surprise you that in the end I went with the 2 button prince of Wales tartan suit, it surprised me as I dint pick it out!

Good job Annamé. Good Job.

So would I recommend the personal shopping experience to my friends? Or even you guys? A resounding YES!

First of all, its absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose, its also perfect for those who don’t have the time or patience to shop or just tend to feel intimidated by all the choice out there. If you’re planning for a wedding / matric dance or just looking for a whole new look (Annamé’s favourite brief apparently) this is definitely the way to go about it.

This exclusive experience is only available at the Topshop store at the V&A Waterfront and all you need to take advantage of it is make an appointment with Annamé. You can get hold of her on 021 419 5934 or she suggests dropping her a mail on for availability!

I’m also giving away R1000 shopping voucher at Topshop / Topman in the V&A Waterfront so you can try out the experience for yourself. The entry criteria are simple:

Step 1 – Visit my Facebook page and share the “WIN R1000 SHOPPING VOUCHERS” post

Step 2 – Leave me a comment under the post telling me what you want your personal shopper to find you.

See, simple.

Whats’s that? You want a bonus entry?

Fine. Do this:

BONUS – Tweet “I want to win R1000 shopping voucher from @Topman_SA with @Whatmyboyfriendwore because I need a new…” – you then have 40 characters to tell us what it is you want your personal shopper to find you.


• You need to complete Step 1 and Step 2 before qualifying for the BONUS entry via twitter

• Competition opens on 04/11/14 and closes on 11/11/14

• Winner via random draw will be announced on the 12/11/14

• Competition only open to South African Residents living in Cape Town

Okay. Good luck and stay fancy.

So you may or may not have heard the news about London based fashion giant River Island finding its way to our shores with there first flagship store opening at the Zone in Rosebank in September.

Yeah, Awesome I know.

River Island is synonymous with trend led pieces all cut to modern silhouettes, its fast fashion at its best. For you gents who’ve never had the opportunity to visit a River Island store, let me help give you an idea of what to expect, before I tell you how you can win tickets to the opening.

05_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_000313_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_001303_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_000125_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_004308_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_0005If that doesn’t excite you, you’re definitely on the wrong blog.

All I know is that our wardrobes are about to have a serious fashion injection.

So, this competition is a little different, it’s kinda a win win situation. For once I may get to win too, but I’ll need your help. The prize? Well, 3 of you will get to attend the  “Night of Fashion” VIP event with me on the 18th September with R300 in vouchers to spend on yourselves.

So now what? Well, they’ve put me up against a whole bunch of other bloggers in a look book challenge, happening on Battle To Britain

I took some of the pieces available in the upcoming collection and put together this african inspired “ode to the Mod”


So, now I need your vote, simple. If you think my lookbook is the best, then please put your vote down, if however you see one which you prefer, then by all means vote for that person, I’m nothing if not fair.

So how can I reward you guys? Well, all Johannesburg based followers who vote for me can win one of the 3 tickets to the VIP opening night with me, all you need to do after voting is send out a tweet or Facebook message with “I’ve just put @WhatMyBFWore one step closer in the #BattleToBritain” (If you don’t have twitter and would rather use Facebook , just update your status but use @What My Boyfriend Wore instead ) – This is the only way I can track the entries and do the draw for the 3 people who I’ll be hanging with at the VIP opening.

Massive thank you to everyone in advance who takes the time out to vote for me.

I’ll keep bringing you mens fashion news and views anyway.

Okay. Stay fancy.



outside-signwindow-signSo I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about this place for ages, its called The House of Machines and It’s hands down one of my favourite places in Cape Town. It’s the brainchild of Brad Armitage (of Vide e Cafe and &Union beer fame) Paul Van Der Spuy (of blue collar white collar fame) and Drew Madacsi (I dont think Drew is really famous for anything besides being Aussie) who basically wanted to combine there passions and create a place they wanted to hang out in.

I say ‘place’ because it’s not a coffee shop, though the Evil Twin coffee is incredible, 100% certified organic arabica, grown in Honduras and master roasted in Spain.

It’s also not a bar, though they have the most incredible house lager and a bar man called Nick who only makes prohibition cocktails, the kinda stuff that pre dates the 1920’s and is pretty much liquor on liquor. Go have the old fashioned and tell Nick I sent you (life changing) though don’t tell him I called him a bar man, he’s officially an award winning mixologist and his passion for making you the perfect drink is unmatched. Expect about 15min to get your drink, sit down listen to the story, it will be worth the wait, I promise!

They also make bikes, any bike you want, hand crafted from the ground up, yep right there in the La Macchina workshop at the back.

Lastly, they’re not a clothing store, but they have tons of rad Tee shirts, caps and shirts under the THoM Workwear clothing brand. These pics below should give you a little taste for the place.

(Sorry about the barrage of photos, but there is so much cool stuff in this place, I just couldn’t stop shooting.)

There is however one very specific reason I love this place and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s the small range of, lets call them gentleman accessories that they stock, the kind of dapper delights that make you wish your wallet was a little fatter (though they do sell some pretty fat wallets). I picked some of my favourite pieces out of their little display case to share with you guys.

coastersShoe-Brush pocket-knife To-Hell-With-Work---Hip-Flask Funnel Fine-&-Dandy-Comb Pocket-square Best-Intentions---Hip-FlaskSo…it’s my birthday in May. I’ll be happy with any of the above. Thanks.

If you guys wanna visit this place, and I suggest you do, it’s open everyday, except sunday till 5 and the prohibition bar is open Thursday to Saturday and you’ll find it at 84 Shortmarket Street in the Cape Town CBD.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Dress-watchIve always been a fan of the simple dress watch.

No bells and whistles, just a leather strap and a simple clear face. In fact as time has gone by, my watches have gotten simpler and simpler, dropping all the chronographs and date windows for something that, well, just tells the time really.

For ages I’ve been a massive fan of Uniformwares watches, and I guess I still am, but I recently picked up one of these Daniel Wellington watches and there is just something a little more dapper about them. The slim face, the slight detailing, It’s the perfect dress watch. Why? Well the slimmer the face the easier it is for it to slip under your dress shirt, it also fits the classic dress watch look, with its precious metal casing and leather strap.

watch-strap watch-rolled-up watch-backThe leather strap is what makes this guy feel more classic right? But wait, there’s a trick and it’s what made me love these guys. The straps are all interchangeable, but not only leather straps, lots of fun Nato straps too so you can dress it up or down and match it to your outfit.

These guys have just landed in South Africa (well, kinda, they’ve slowly been making there way into tiny boutique stores and markets) You can now get the full collection online at Kiph.

Happy shopping people!

Okay. Stay fancy.

PUMA SELECT WEB-30Last night 137 Bree Street, Cape Town was lucky enough to play host to the worlds first Puma Select store and I was lucky enough to be invited. So what is Puma Select ? Basically the store will be showcasing the brands premium product and ranges and it will be here that you will find all the standard collaborations with guys like Alexander McQueen and  Miharayashuhiro but also exclusive one off colaborations with designers like Ronnie Fig and Brooklyn We Go Hard.

I can hear the sneaker heads drooling from here! Yeah, its all pretty awesome!

You know what else was pretty awesome? The actual store! Take a look.

It’s the brainchild of 3D industrial designer Ben Wilson and interior architect Adma Brinkworth and is based on the duo’s love for english workshops and the art of creating. Uh, nailed it guys!! Looks amazing!

The cape town store will open officially on the 6th of March and form part of the First Thursdays initiative. Tonight will be the official launch so there’s some pretty epic stuff going on in the store with discounts and give aways.

Firstly, you can get R500 off R1000 and above by simply telling them I sent you. Well, kinda. Just take a pic of anything in store and tweet/instagram it using my twitter handle @whatmybfwore and @PumaSouthAfrica then finish off with #PumaSelectCT . Boom, thats it. Show it to the man at the register and he’ll give you the discount!

PUMA MEDIA WEB-5You’ll also find these little hashtags lying around, so grab one and tweet or Instagram anything in the store. At the end of the night, you could win it! Pretty simple uh?

The store will have free wi-fi and…wait for it…cold beer when you purchase something in store, yes, that is correct, they will give you beer! What champs!!

If tonight is anything like last night, it should be lots of fun, so pop down if you can.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Photos mostly courtesy of Paul Ward


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