You gents have been asking me for a while to do a tutorial on how I tie my shoe laces. Sorry it’s taken so long, but here it is.

I’ve done some research in order to see if I can find a name for this particular kind of lacing, but unfortunately iwth the trillion different ways of lacing shoes online, I couldn’t find this one, maybe thats a good thing!

Its rather simple…a very basic up and under zig zaggy approach. Well, take a look.


Ta daaaaaa!

Simple uh?

I thought so. Be warned this technique really keeps those shoes tied tight, so not ideal if you need to get your shoes off in a hurry, I mean, I’m not sure why you would, but maybe you’re a formal triathlete or something.

If you like the black brogues above they’re from Dune London – available at selected Edgars stores.

If you want the laces they are from Chanman.

Okay. Stay fancy.




Okay. So, I know this will now make my 3rd “how to tie a bow tie” post on the blog.

And I promise, it will possibly be the last. But this is Nick Wooster teaching us how to tie a bow tie, and this is Wooster Wednesday.

The other reason I stuck it on here is because some of you may have made the brave step in buying a self tie bow tie and have just struggled to get it right, now you don’y have to feel so alone. See? This man with a beard also couldn’t tie a bow tie.

So, what has Nick Wooster taught us this week? Yes, yes, he has taught us to tie a bow tie! True. He also taught us that shark pants are cool, and if you know a little something about fashion…and your friends don’t, well, pass it on.

Friends don’t let friends dress badly!

Okay. Stay fancy.

The 2 point fold.

The second in my series of pocket square folds. (sorry its taken so long)

This one is quite easy, well, they’re all pretty easy to be honest, but I’m hoping these tutorials make it even easier. I’ve got more coming so sit tight.

I found this fold works best with a pocket square that has a different coloured edge, it just makes the 2 points more apparent. Good luck.

Okay. Stay fancy.


I’ve ben looking for colored laces for a while, and they’re really difficult to find here in South Africa, so when one of my best, blogger extraordinaire from hewhosayshmm was on a trip to the states I got him to pick up some from me. He found these guys at Nordstrom and pretty much bought them all.

Lucky me.

Anyway, so what the deal with colored laces. The first time I saw them was on a pair of Paul Smith shoes, a simple black pair of bulchers with some purple shoe laces. I loved that it made a pair of very formal shoes, feel a lot more casual, something that didn’t feel out of place with a pair of jeans.

Now, you kinda see them everywhere, but all you really need is some nice colored laces to make your old shoes look a little more fancy, but in a casual kinda way.

Below are some examples of how I transformed some of my shoes. Cheap and cheerfull.

For those of you who don’t have access to a Nordtrom, try Paul Smith, they have some super nice stuff, a little pricier but rad.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

Ok, so, you’ve found some pocket squares, and maybe like me, you’ve never owned a pocket square before. Now what? How do you fold this thing. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there are no less than 14 different pocket square folds out there. The one above is called the inverted puff and that’s what I’ll be explaining today. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and bust out some sweet looking pocket squares. The one I’ve used here is from Markham.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

So, a while ago I promised a little tutorial on how to tie a bow tie, and what better day to do it then on “National Bow Tie Day”. Ok fine, that was yesterday, but it’s the 28th of August somewhere, and so we celebrate the bow tie and the great men who have worn them, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, Pee-wee Herman and Krusty the Clown to name but a few.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pre tied bow tie, adjust, clip and wear! Nice. Most of my bow ties are pre tied. But sometimes, for that super fancy event like #FancyFridays or something you wanna be tying your own bow tie and then letting it hang loose around your neck as the evening comes to a close. There really is something about the non perfect shape of a self tied bow tie that is just super awesome. Unfortunately, tying it is a different story, if you’ve never done it before it’s a nightmare, however, much like learning to tie a necktie when you’ve got the principle it works every time. I have been through many tutorials with many different techniques and for some reason they always under explain the final and trickiest step. The tutorial below does a great job, it really is the best out there, if you can ignore the cheese ball music and the fact that his final bow tie looks pretty shoddy. The adjustment at the end is what makes the finished product come to life, so spend a little time on that. Finally, if this is your first time your’e gonna need an extra 30min to get ready or you’re gone be late for that wedding / Barmitzvah / Playboy Bunny party.

Good luck and enjoy.


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