legs---TitleAhhh, summer you cruel mistress!

Cape town summers are the worst, I mean, they’re the best but they suck! Okay, I’m not being very clear here!

Summer in Cape Town is amazing. We rarely get any rain and those beautiful warm days only end with the sun going down a little after 8PM. Our summer really seems to last forever, though its often over just as you settle in. The one problem with summers in Cape Town is that although we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, they also come with some of the coldest water in the world, and I mean, dip your toe in…get hyperthermic headache kinda cold. So beach visits can be a little anticlimactic.

This is why a trip to the pool can always be a welcome reward.

poolsideLoungersshowerspool-drinksignwash-basinflowersviewSee, the idea of going to a pool is a great one, but the reality of actually visiting a pool is different. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool at home give yourself a high five. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in a hotel with a pool, “Welcome to Cape Town, I hope you enjoy your stay” because if not, your only other option is fighting your way through the crowds at Sea Point pool and swim in water where the urine ratio is slightly out of kilter.

Its for that reason that Elzaan and I decided we would head to Cape Towns new hotspot Batstone pool for a day of just ‘lying by the pool’. Somewhere we could have someone bring us gin and tonics and cold beers all day long while we sit under an umbrella and stare at Table Mountain. So we did exactly that, it was blissful.

drinkpool-from-aboveunder-the-umbrellalemonscrispsFor those of you who dont know what Batstone pool is, let me give you a little update.

Batstone is a kind of office meets pool club environment. Yeah, I know, but its much less weird than it sounds, although even the guys at Batstone don’t quite know how to define it. It’s not a bar, but you can have a drink, its not an office space, but you can have a meeting there and its not a restaurant, but you can grab a delicious lunch if you need one. The first time I went there was for a birthday party, and it seemed the perfect place for that too!

We got there, grabbed some deck chairs, ordered a beer and had a dip in the pool, then repeat and repeat with some tasty snacks thrown in the mix as the day went on. The place is very beautifully laid out and the views are spectacular. The menu is small, but super healthy and seems to change frequently, the staff are super friendly and the overall vibe just really chilled – exactly what you want for lying poolside. The details however are what make it, you get a little water bottle on arrival to spritz the summer heat off of you, they also provide fluffy white towels on every deck chair and the entire place has wi-fi so you can surf in the sun. By the end of the day, we felt like we were on holiday, all be it a couple of blocks from home.

sneaky-tree-shotbooksfull-lengthpersolshaviannasBatstone is open from 11am to sunset, if you want to book a lounger just drop them a mail at bookings@batstonepool.com or call 079 973 8368, you can also visit the website for all membership queries and other details.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Boardshorts by Tommy Hilfiger (available locally at Stuttafords)

Sunglasses by Persol

Flip Flops by Havaianas






As part of my attempt at providing broader and more useful content to all aspiring gentleman out there, i decided I would take a look at one of the details men often forget, grooming. Now, it wont be the first time I preach that the devil is in the details, but it should go beyond your lapel flower and tie clip all the way through to how you smell and what you stick on your face!

As usual, I’m pretty guilty of this myself, and as most of my friends are surprised to find out I have a terrible grooming routine. Look, I’m hardly a ‘shower once a week’ kinda guy, I mean, i’ve got the basics down (I think) and generally never leave the house without smelling good and at least putting something through my hair, even if its just my hand! But I’m talking about the details, the kinda stuff we need to do at 20, so that we don’t look 50 at 30 and mostly it’s just a daily skin routine to help keep us looking our best.

scrub-and-wash-2Now, weirdly enough, when I was in my 20’s I was much more fastidious and would scrub, wash, tone and cream daily, but for the most part, I think I was flexing my metrosexuality and it was more of a bragging right than anything else. Recently though, I’ve become a little lazy, and by recently I mean the last 10 years, until I got a talking too from my good friend Camilla over at All Dolled Up (its a beauty blog), something about how I need to take preventative measures and skin loosing elasticity, also something about UV rays and probably something about my lifestyle, I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening. At the end of it all I realised that although mom and dad had passed down the gift of a robust european skin to me, my days were limited and if I wanted to maintain my “youthful exuberance” it was time to grow up (Ironically)

Camillas suggestion, was Kiehl’s. Why? Well, quite simply she said, it was simple. Nothing fancy and technical, just really good simple stuff that works. I did some research, found out the company was 160 years old, it started in a pharmacy in New Yorks East village and has been passed down to 3 generations. They also only use naturally derived products and do lots of nice things for the planet! So I was sold!

shaving-2So I popped down to Edgar’s in the V&A waterfront to visit the local Kiehl’s stand, they did a quick skin test on me to see what I needed and started chatting to me about my daily routine, which I told them didn’t exists. I did have one complaint though, and that was razor burn every time I shaved my neck.

So here lies my new 3 step skin routine, well, not so new I guess Ive been doing it for the last 2 months. I wasn’t about to recommend a product I hadn’t actually tested properly, what if I broke out in a rash, or it was just plane rubbish!?

So anyway, every other day (or so), while in the shower, I use the Energising Scrub to kinda remove dead skin cells and other gross stuff, its got caffeine in it so its pretty much like a coffee for your face! WAKE UP FACE! That gets followed up with the Energising Face Wash which as the name suggests, energisers your skin (must be the menthol), it super fresh so it leaves you that SUPER clean tingly feeling. I like it! It’s also great prep work for shaving, leaves your stubble and face much softer!

On to the shaving, I wasn’t entirely sold on this ‘brushless shaving cream’ concept, I’ve been using a brush and shaving soap for a good few years now and although I wasn’t getting the best results I was reluctant to break my routine. This stuff is pretty incredible, and I’m totally converted, not an inch of razor burn or irritation since I started using it, was really impressed with how well it worked!

facial-fuel-2 Lastly, and pretty much after I’ve done everything else (hair, teeth, etc) I put some of the facial fuel on, its pretty much just an everyday moisturiser so it keeps your skin hydrated with the end game being less wrinkles and stuff.

This stuff lasts a fair amount of time, like I said Ive been using it for 2 months and I’ve barely made a dent, apparently you’re supposed to use a pea size amount of everything, fair enough, looks like i’ll have this stuff for the next 1o years!

My routine is pretty basic, and really its more maintenance than anything else, but I would definitely suggest a visit with your local Khiel’s consultant, the process is super simple and its much less intimidating than you think. They also have a massive range for men,and aren’t shy to give out samples, so get some stuff and try it out if you’re in the market for keeping your skin dapper!

Okay. Stay fancy.

If you would like you can stay up to date with Kiehl’s locally on twitter

WMBW2015WOW. Its been exactly 2 months since I last posted. Sorry.

Now, its not entirely that I just got lazy and decided to take a vacation from blogging (we all need a break) but its also that I wanted 2015 to start a new chapter, or at the very least a new menu item within “What My Boyfriend Wore” or WMBW as it will now be known as! The latter is just less of a mouth full to be honest.

See, its been about 2 years of mens fashion on this page, everything from tips to inspiration and as much as I absolutely love being a dapper gent and sharing my thoughts on it with you, well, there’s more to being a gentleman than getting a dimple in your tie.

Dont worry, there are lots of tie dimples and pocket squares still to come, after all any outfit worth wearing is an outfit worth sharing (I totally just came up with that – self five) and menswear is still my passion, one that i know you guys all share. So, off the back of that, here’s 2015 first ‘look’


pocket-squareBeltNice belt uh? I kinda liked the red detail on this very grey suit, felt like it took it out of the corporate world and into something a little more fun. BUT, its not the belt thats important here, its that tasty mix of bourbon, bitters and ice all sweetened and stirred over ice that is.

How many of you know how to make an old fashioned? Well up until a few months ago, I didn’t! What kind of gentleman doesn’t know how to make such a classic drink (hangs head in shame)!

This brings us to the first new section of the blog.

WMBW-DRINK-ANo, this will not just be lame ass cocktail recipes. Gross. It will be all about the how, where and why of the most delicious drinks every man should know. How to make them and where to get them made for you.

Im pretty excited about this myself.

WMBW-DRINK-BWMBW-DRINKNow, man can not live on bourbon alone, sure we can try and we often do for longer periods of time than we should, but at some point we’re gonna have to eat.

Which of course, brings me to the next section of WMBW

WMBWEATS-BWMBWEATSSometimes it will be pizza (because of all that bourbon) sometimes it will be a 5 course tasting menu and sometimes it will be something i’ve cooked up in my kitchen.

Why? Well, a gentleman needs to know where to take the lady he is currently courting, has been courting or has already managed to wed. A gentleman should also always have a suggestion of “where to go” when the question comes up, be that a steak dinner, an indian curry hot enough to melt your plate, or yes, even a slice of pizza between events.

The cooking part, well, I love cooking, I’ve loved it ever since my mom gave me a Winnie the Pooh cookbook when I was seven. I might even be bold enough to say that it helped me convince the girl of my dreams that I was the man of her dreams (this is of course just assumption – but she’s never complained) So, I’m hoping to pass on everything from family recipes to exciting new culinary discoveries to you gents so that you can have a recipe or 2 memorised along with those drinks.

And lastly, the final new section of the blog.

WMBW-TRAVELS-CSee, I realised the other day that I live in one of the worlds top tourist destinations, with more beauty than you can shake a stick at, not that you’d want to, shaking sticks at beautiful things is kinda frowned upon in these parts.

But I’m new to this city, well, relatively, I’ve only really called Cape Town home for the better part of 2 years now, and I’ve decided that 2015 is the year that I will explore every corner of this beautiful place, from the little beachside resorts to the incredible winelands where drinking, eating and traveling all come together in one massive explosion of awesome.

WMBW-TRAVELS-LIONS-HEADWMBWTRAVELSWMBWTRAVELS-B&WWMBWTRAVELS-LEGSI’m hoping that my travels will take me beyond Cape Town as outside of fashion, traveling is my biggest passions (yes yes,me and everyone else out there) and up until last year I had visited at least one new city somewhere in the world every year for the last 8.

I’m hoping to get to share those experiences with you, not in a “wwwooooo hooooo…look at the cool stuff I’m doing” but in an honest “hey this is a cool place to spend a weekend / night / week” kinda way. As always I will be true to myself and to you guys, and just like I have with my fashion, I will never recommend something I don’t truly believe in.

I’m gonna try keep it fresh and different and always look for new angles, bare with me though, this is gonna be pretty new for the both of us, so feel free to leave me lots of feedback and comments, try keep them constructive though, I’m gonna need all the help I can get.

That’s it, lets make 2015 interesting.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Sunglasses by Ray Ban

Suit from Topman

Shirt from TM Lewin

Tie from Friday Tie Day

Tie clip from Suited Man

Lapel Flower by Suited Man

Pocket square by Weekend Casual

Belt by Ted Baker

Shoes by Dune London






Full-length I broke a rule.

There I said it!

But here’s why, I love wearing suits, I sometimes wish I had a super boring super corporate job that paid me a lot of money and made me wear suits all day, but instead I have a creative job that would see me better dressed in an ironic slogan tee, skinny jeans and canvas sneakers. I digress. You see, a suit should never be worn as individual items, but always as a suit, this prevents the items wearing out individually and ruining your suit. Reasonable, yes, but not practical for someone like me (as mentioned above) so, when I picked up this Prince of Wales suit at my recent Topshop personal shopping experience I bought it solely with the intention of splitting it up when necessary…as above.

I love me some patterns, you should know this by now, and so the slight texture in the jacket, the obvious pattern in the pants and the floral bow tie and pocket square could only be toned down with a plain white shirt, something I usually steer clear of because it feels like a bit of a cop out. The bow tie had the right blue to help the jacket pop, but also the bronzish brown flowers so, I paired that with the flower lapel and the brown on the bow tie with the deep burgundy pocket square, in the end, it all came together quite nicely I thought. The blue belt was a wild card and simply because I love it, kinda thought if I was going to break one rule, I could break 2 right!? Here are the details lapel-pinbow-tiepocket-squarewatchshoes

Blazer and pants by Topman

Shirt by TM Lewin

Bow tie by Weekend Casual

Lapel Flower by Weekend Casual

Pocket square by Weekend Casual

Watch by Uniform Wares

Leather bracelet by Caputo and Co

Shoes by Dune London

Okay. Stay fancy.

Title portarit-shotThere’s something about blue jeans and music that just go hand in hand, it’s a little bit country a little rock’n’roll and pretty much everything in-between. So for this my last “live In Levis” documentary I chose an old new friend of mine who’s a musician, I call Lexi and old new friend because all though I’ve only know her for 2 years she feels like old friend, she’s just that kind of person I guess.

I met Lexi at Hard Pressed cafe a new vinyl shop that sells coffee in down town Cape Town , or a coffee shop that sells vinyl I’m never sure, either way It feels like the right kind of place to chat about the craft of songwriting.

Lexi’s been playing guitar and writing for the last 13 years, she had no choice really she comes from the most musical family I’ve ever met, her dad is a big time producer and all her brothers and sister play in some kind of band (check out her brothers just jamming it up in studio - incredible!). So when Lexi asked her dad how to play her favourite song at the time, Indie Arie’s “ready For Love” he didn’t send her for guitar lessons, he simply taught her the chords and sent her to her room. She spent that summer in her room practising and writing new songs with the only 4 chords she knew and that was it, not a guitar lesson in sight, she just learnt to play by ear.

She considers herself a songwriter, not a performer – I beg to differ – because she believes the beauty is in the song and so she writes about the kind of stuff that makes the best songs…life! She says she uses it as a way of working through things, good and bad, when she gets it down in a song it all makes sense to her, and she kinda hopes it makes sense to other people and maybe even help them when they go through those things. I thought that was kinda cool, sure does explain why so many songs resonate with you when you’re going through your own stuff right?

The true craft of writing Lexi believes is in the chords, she’s influenced by country music because it’s all about storytelling but she doesn’t really consider herself a country musician. I asked her to define her music or what genre she fits into, she couldn’t, i pressed her for an answer, she told me to stop. I did. Different chords, mean different things she says, they can even make you feel different things, the craft is knowing how to tell a story and make you feel the emotions at the same time through the music.

Lexi had been planning for a gig she was playing at her dream venue, the attic of an old hotel in Woodstock called “The Attic” (how do they come up with these things?) , she likes playing small intimate venues because she says it gives her a chance to connect with the audience and let them feel the stories.

I asked her where she saw it all going and what she wanted to do with her music, after all, like most musicians this is not Lexi’s full time job but merely a passion that doesn’t pay the bills. So i guess paying the bills would be nice she said, but she really wants to collaborate with a whole bunch of different artists and explore different areas of songwriting, in the end she hopes to end up with 10 songs that define her, 10 songs she can put out there and say “This is me” not for anyone else really, just for herself she says. Much to my surprise Lexi has no desire for rock stardom. Interesting I thought, one wonders why when you hear her play.

So, where can you find Lexis music? Well, you can go straight on over to her souncloud account and listen to her songs or jump on to lexiframe.co.za to find out about what she’s doing and where she’s playing.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Penny-Loafer-22 With summer on the horizon I thought it appropriate to educate ourselves on the most summerish of shoes. The loafer.

I’ve chosen the penny loafer simply because most people don’t know why they are called penny loafers while most of us know what a loafer is. For those who don’t know, a loafer is best explained as a shoe that does not make use of a fastening system – like laces – but is merely slipped on the foot, which is why they are also often referred to as “slip-ons”.

The origin of the loafer seems to date back to 1874 where Wildsmith shoes designed a pair of casual house shoes for King George VI called the “wild smith loafer”. In 1908 however in Aurland, Norway shoemaker Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger introduced a loafer called the “Aurland shoe” or “Aurland Moccasin” based on the design of moccasins worn by native Americans, these quickly became the casual shoe of choice all around Norway and soon the rest of Europe. It was only after Esquire magazine published an article on Norwegian dairy farmers, loafing around in their casual Aurland shoes in 1930 did the loafer trend take off in America.

Penny-Loafer-23 With loafers being all the rage shoemaker John Bass began producing loafers he called Weejuns (after the shoe’s original wearers the Nor’wegians’) but with a signature split strap across the top of the shoe meant to look like a pair of lips with a diamond cut out in the middle. It wasn’t long before people started further customising their loafers by slipping small decorative objects below the slit.

In the 1950’s its said that American prep school students started slipping pennies into these slits not only as fashion statement but also because 2 pennies was enough money to make an emergency phone call back then, the name penny loafer was born.

Like all fashion, loafers have seen a continuous evolution both in their use and style over the years with different details being introduced like tassels and metal bars, they have also been worn everywhere from the boardroom to the moon (little Micheal Jackson “moonwalk” joke there for you people)  and their versatility is endless.

loafer-2laofer-3 loafer-1 Strangely enough it’s not till recently that I started wearing loafers and now that I’ve started I don’t really wanna wear anything else, to me they just scream of Europe in the summer. After writing this article, I also realise I don’t own a pair of penny loafers, I really need to get my hands on some, in the meantime the ones above are my current favourites and all from Dune London.

Okay. Stay fancy.


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