Full-lengthSo, I know i’ve been a little slack on the blogging front of late.

Not that you particularly care about my problems, but I’m in the process of moving into a new apartment while renovating. It’s been nothing short of a nightmare, but its nearly done and when it is, you’ll be the first to see it. Promise.

Anyway, so back to this Fancy Friday from a few weeks back, it was a classic “business” look , but of course with that little modern edge I enjoy so much.

Medium-lengthA slim fitting, french blue shirt with a double cuff, classic green and blue preppy striped tie and a classic 2 button grey blazer with black pants. The contrast came in the tan belt and brogues, it’s what made it feel very London businessman to me.

Then, as with everything, its details details details, I wanted to keep it quite simple for this look so kept it classic, directly matched greens on the pocket square and tie, and the brown on the lapel flower so that it didn’t pop out of the neutral blazer too much but still worked with the belt and shoes. Simple silver in everything from the tie clip to the watch and small accessories.

Lets take a look at some of the details:



If you like any of the above items, here’s where they are from:

Blazer from Zara

Shirt by TM Lewin (available at selected Edgars Stores)

Tie by TM Lewin (available at selected Edgars Stores)

Tie clip and lapel flower from Suited Man

Pocket square by ASOS

Leather bracelet by Caputo and Co

Watch from Alessi

Cufflinks from Stuttafords

Pants by Ben Sherman

Shoes from Zara

Okay, stay fancy.




So you may or may not have heard the news about London based fashion giant River Island finding its way to our shores with there first flagship store opening at the Zone in Rosebank in September.

Yeah, Awesome I know.

River Island is synonymous with trend led pieces all cut to modern silhouettes, its fast fashion at its best. For you gents who’ve never had the opportunity to visit a River Island store, let me help give you an idea of what to expect, before I tell you how you can win tickets to the opening.

05_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_000313_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_001303_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_000125_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_004308_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_0005If that doesn’t excite you, you’re definitely on the wrong blog.

All I know is that our wardrobes are about to have a serious fashion injection.

So, this competition is a little different, it’s kinda a win win situation. For once I may get to win too, but I’ll need your help. The prize? Well, 3 of you will get to attend the  “Night of Fashion” VIP event with me on the 18th September with R300 in vouchers to spend on yourselves.

So now what? Well, they’ve put me up against a whole bunch of other bloggers in a look book challenge, happening on Battle To Britain

I took some of the pieces available in the upcoming collection and put together this african inspired “ode to the Mod”


So, now I need your vote, simple. If you think my lookbook is the best, then please put your vote down, if however you see one which you prefer, then by all means vote for that person, I’m nothing if not fair.

So how can I reward you guys? Well, all Johannesburg based followers who vote for me can win one of the 3 tickets to the VIP opening night with me, all you need to do after voting is send out a tweet or Facebook message with “I’ve just put @WhatMyBFWore one step closer in the #BattleToBritain” (If you don’t have twitter and would rather use Facebook , just update your status but use @What My Boyfriend Wore instead ) – This is the only way I can track the entries and do the draw for the 3 people who I’ll be hanging with at the VIP opening.

Massive thank you to everyone in advance who takes the time out to vote for me.

I’ll keep bringing you mens fashion news and views anyway.

Okay. Stay fancy.



I’ve been asked to take part in the #MissionSamsung blogger challenge over the next couple of weeks (hence the new badge on the right of the blog), we’ll be getting a who bunch of challenges using the new Samsung NX300.

This week is all about the shot of the day, starting with this guy under the theme of “A moment of bliss”

Day 1 – A moment of bliss

coffee This is mine, it happens every morning and my day is not complete without it! That first flat white and moment of calm before my day starts, is absolute bliss.

Day 2 – Speed Shot

jumping Yesterdays challenge was the “speed shot” and seeing as I’m all about fast fashion, I decided to do a little frozen fall, after all, whats faster than gravity? Not much I don’t think. Lot’s of jumping around the office studio with my trusty assistant Justin and using the rad little flash on the NX300.

Day 3 - Extreme Close Up

boot-close-upToday was about getting up close and personal. Something to show off the zoom lens of this little NX300. A little bit of mood lighting, a low aperture and my favourite Ted Baker Brogue boots just popped with detail.

Day 4 - Wide Angle

landscape Todays mission was showing off the wide angle of the lens, it’s an 18-55 lens so, it’s pretty impressive to see what you can get. I decided to go with the afternoon view outside my office, Cape Town’s sunset was playing along nicely, and the harbour is an incredible place to observe.

I’ll be uploading this post with a new shot each day, so sneak back when you can.

Okay. Stay fancy.


full-shotclose-upBefore we get into the competition let me introduce you to this months tie of the month Bill – Well, technically it’s last months tie of the month, but I’m a little behind, sorry.

Slap bang on trend with its green hue I haven’t been able to stop wearing bill since it arrived in the post last month, I love the colour and I love the texture, I’ve also just been finding solid ties easier to wear as it allows you to have more fun with your other details.

Here’s Bills Story:

Bill_NewsletterFor those of you who haven’t seen the previous tie of the months let me give you a little rundown. I started subscribing to Friday Tie Day after running a competition a little while back. I loved the idea of a little surprise tie arriving in my post each month to build up my collection and haven’t been disappointed since. If you’re looking to do the same, the guys at Friday Tie Day have offered my readers an exclusive $20 discount here.

Because the guys at Friday Tie Day are so happy that I’m so happy with my ties they’ve given me two hampers to give away,  both include Bill, as well as Chris from last month and Wyatt from the month before not to mention 5 select ties from the Friday Tie Day Archives. Take a look.

group-shot-wideSo, how do  you get your hands on this bunch of amazing ties you ask?

As always my competitions are quite simple, and this will be no different. As I said, there are 2 hampers, one will be given away via Facebook, the other via twitter. You’re welcome to enter both, but you can only win in one, if by some miracle you win in both, I will redraw.


Step 1: Go like Friday Tieday on Facebook – They’re the sponsors of the rad ties and it’s the right thing to do no?

Step 2: Leave a comment underneath my Win this months Tie of The Month post on my Facebook page telling me which tie from the 8 up for grabs is your favourite. Something simple like “Dalton is my favourite tie”

Thats it.


Step 1: Go follow Friday Tieday on Twitter - They’re the sponsors of the rad ties and it’s the right thing to do no?

Step 2: Tweet what tie your favourite is, in this format “My favourite tie in the @FridayTieday give away with @WhatMyBfWore is …..” of course, you gotta enter a tie in there.

Thats it.

Dont worry folks, I’ll never force you to follow me on any of my platforms, but I do think it’s a nice think for our sponsors, if you do however wanna be kept up to date with posts and competitions go ahead and follow.

Here are the competition T&C’s

• Competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world and your prize will be shipped to you

• Competition opens on Monday 26th May 2014

• Competition closes on Friday 30th May 2014

• Winner will be drawn via random dra.org and announced on Monday the 1st of June 2014

• You may enter both competitions but can only win one

• All entrants must complete both steps in each category to qualify

Okay. Stay fancy and of course good luck.



3-sneakersFirst things first, the friendly folks at Puma Select spoilt me for my birthday with these incredible Alexander McQueen for Puma trainers. I’m really trying to get my sneaker game on and just absolutely fell in love with these guys the moment I saw them.

close-upback-viewBUT, because I’m a giver, I wanted to try and get a little something for you guys too, so I’ve convinced them to give anyone who comes in for this range of kicks 25% off. Yep, it’s that easy, just mention that I sent you and they’ll know what to do.

top-viewtoe-detailI’m definitely trying to raise my sneaker game and find new ways of dressing them up, it’s always that fine line of remaining casually dapper. I think a blazer and skinny chinos is always a good start, try stay away from jeans as it immediately tips the balance to casual. You don’t need a tie to keep it dapper, but I find that some details help keep it dapper. This is how I decided to dress them up.

Full-lengthpocket-squarewatch-and-braceletsneakers-backsneakers-2So the 25% off the sneakers is only available for my birthday week, so get into the store on Bree street before saturday the 24th of May.

Okay. Stay fancy.


Metal-with-metalmatchIve been seeing a lot of guys breaking this rule, and although it’s a fairly simple one, it can be difficult to get right if your wardrobe doesnt allow it.

As with most menswear rules, it’s a little obvious and as I said, fairly simple, whenever you’re wearing metal (anything) make sure that it is of the same colour or kind.

I get that most things come in silver and so this is pretty easy with watches, tie clips and belt buckles. But then of course you need to try and deal with fashionable elements like the current rose gold / brass trend, it’s gonna be pretty tricky to match everything in these occasions, that’s when I would suggest taking a different colour completely, and rather match the colour to something in your outfit like a coloured tie clip or a matt black belt buckle.

Sound simple enough? That’s because it really kinda is.

Here’s a closer look at the details.

lapel-flowertie-clipwatchbelt-buckleWhile we’re on the topic of matching though, here’s another quick tip. Just like you should always match your belt to your shoes, leather and leather should also be matched, so when you find yourself wearing a brown leather belt, make sure your watch strap compliments it just so.

If you like any of the above, you can find them here:

Lapel flower from Suited Man

Pocket square from Suited Man

Tie clip from Suited Man

Watch by Daniel Wellington

Belt from ASOS

Okay. Stay fancy.




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