IMG_9141A while ago my friend Murray said he wanted to start wearing sneakers in a formal way, we both only wear dress shoes and have a similar sense of style. I wasn’t entirely convinced, I barely own any sneakers and the ones I do are all have quite slim profiles as I hate bulky shoes.

Then I caught murray out the one night wearing his skinny blue chinos, button down denim shirt and a pair of retro nike sneakers. I was sold. Somehow it maintained a level of formality that I generally don’t like stepping out of.

So I did some research and found some really cool inspiration online for the whole suits and sneakers vibe. The one that really stood out was this outfit from the bespoke dudes, a navy double breasted suit with some killer retro adidas sneakers, that really just work here.


IMG_9393See, what I think makes it work is offsetting the balance of the very casual sneakers with a level of detail in the formal wear. Even so, it’s a fine line between too much and too little (and in this case you may wanna stay on the side of too little) as you want to maintain the dapper details of your outfit without seeming like you went to the gym and just forgot to pack your formal shoes.

How does this gentleman do it? Well, small things like the turn ups in the trousers not only keep it formal, but it also means the trousers don’t fall on the shoe and so give some nice separation to let the shoe pop. The pocket square is also a nice touch, but it seemed like the perfect place to stop, a lapel flower or tie clip may have just been too far.

So, I think the trick is to treat them the same way you would any accessory, you need to make sure that something in your outfit is speaking to your shoes, that way it will never appear like a mistake. I also think the shoes have a big role to play, and right now ( Because it’s the trend) it appears that retro sneakers achieve this look best.

Rather than recreate the look (or looks) above the way I usually do, I thought I would rather put together an outfit of how I think I would wear it. Lots of different textures, some nice pattern mixing in the pocket square and the tie which pick up on the red in the shoes, and then a simple white shirt to help keep it casual and some suspenders so as to eliminate the need for a belt.

Get the blazer here

Get the pants here

Get the shirt here

Get the suspenders here

Get the tie here

Get the pocket square here

Get the sneakers here

Okay. Stay Fancy.

full-shotclose-up-2We had such an overwhelming response to the Friday Tie Day giveaway I did recently on the blog that the gentlemen from Friday Tie Day have decided to offer my readers $20 off there first tie.

Yep. Seriously.

For those of you who don’t know what Friday Tie Day does, well, they’re like a book of the month club, except instead of a bunch of papers arriving on your doorstep every month, you can a beautiful tie. Every tie is different and everyone has a story behind it. Above is Wyatt, he was the February tie, a nice charcoal number that I decided to style up in a very monochromatic way. It’s a wool/silk blend and has the most amazing zig zag texture.

Feb_NewsletterSo, if you like Wyatt, or wanna check out any of the other ties go visit Friday Tie Day here and enjoy your $20 discount! It’s a pleasure!

Okay. Stay fancy.

PUMA SELECT WEB-30Last night 137 Bree Street, Cape Town was lucky enough to play host to the worlds first Puma Select store and I was lucky enough to be invited. So what is Puma Select ? Basically the store will be showcasing the brands premium product and ranges and it will be here that you will find all the standard collaborations with guys like Alexander McQueen and  Miharayashuhiro but also exclusive one off colaborations with designers like Ronnie Fig and Brooklyn We Go Hard.

I can hear the sneaker heads drooling from here! Yeah, its all pretty awesome!

You know what else was pretty awesome? The actual store! Take a look.

It’s the brainchild of 3D industrial designer Ben Wilson and interior architect Adma Brinkworth and is based on the duo’s love for english workshops and the art of creating. Uh, nailed it guys!! Looks amazing!

The cape town store will open officially on the 6th of March and form part of the First Thursdays initiative. Tonight will be the official launch so there’s some pretty epic stuff going on in the store with discounts and give aways.

Firstly, you can get R500 off R1000 and above by simply telling them I sent you. Well, kinda. Just take a pic of anything in store and tweet/instagram it using my twitter handle @whatmybfwore and @PumaSouthAfrica then finish off with #PumaSelectCT . Boom, thats it. Show it to the man at the register and he’ll give you the discount!

PUMA MEDIA WEB-5You’ll also find these little hashtags lying around, so grab one and tweet or Instagram anything in the store. At the end of the night, you could win it! Pretty simple uh?

The store will have free wi-fi and…wait for it…cold beer when you purchase something in store, yes, that is correct, they will give you beer! What champs!!

If tonight is anything like last night, it should be lots of fun, so pop down if you can.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Photos mostly courtesy of Paul Ward

pic-3Guys, work and life has been crazy and I’ve been struggling to find the time to get some blogging done, so massive apologies

Either way, I’m back and wanted to share a Fancy Friday outfit from a couple of weeks ago, I loved how the very contrasting patterns and colours all came together on this guy. As always, pattern mixing is all about creating enough contrast within the pattern to make it work together.

Lets take a closer look shall we

pic-5The tie is incredibly busy, but there is enough blue in the tie to pick up on the overall blue of the blazer. I also wanted to let the colours of the tie feel more spread out so that it doesn’t become such a focus, so the green tie clip and pink lapel flower help a very bold tie become a little more tame.

tie-clip lapel-flowerIt’s often difficult to find the exact items I’m wearing online, but here’s some suggestions if you want to put a look like this together yourself.

So the blazer I bought on sale at Topman, but here is a non floral option

Non iron shirt by Gap

Clarence street tie from Loft Trading (unfortunately now sold out)

Lapel button by Chanman

Tie clip from the tie bar

Lived in skinny chinos by Gap

Belt by Paul Smith – Get similar

Shoes by Zara – Get similar

Okay. Stay Fancy.




Who is this guy? And how did he change our pants?

This is 24-year old Bavarian immigrant, Levi Strauss, who landed in San Francisco in 1853 and opened up a wholesale dry goods business. That business changed forever – and so did our wardrobes – when he partnered with tailor Jacob Davis in 1873 on a patent for riveted pockets on work pants for Western pioneers. Creating the original and first ever blue jean – the iconic Levi’s® 501® – he couldn’t have dreamed of its impact on modern culture.

The 501® jean was the original, made for the working men of the West, born in 1873. But Levi Strauss &Co. knew that there were many kinds of working men, and in the 1880s unveiled this style, made with a pocket on the thigh for a folding ruler.

554On February 26, Levi Strauss would have turned 185 years old—and on the anniversary of his birthday I thought you might be interested in taking a little trip down memory lane through the Levis historic Archives. They span everything from the first store to world wars. When you think about it, surely this is one of the most iconic brands of our time?

So happy 185th birthday Mr Strauss, though you may not be around today you continue to live in all of our wardrobes old chap.

Ok. Stay fancy.

Always something valuable to learn form the’se ABC of mens fashion posts. In this one Co founder of Anthem (a store that sources beautifully crafted, exclusive products from all over the world to provide a unique experience for discerning menswear shoppers) drops a bit of a bomb…take a look/listen.

“Clothes are nothing without the person who wears them” I love that thought, because it doesn’t matter how fancy or how expensive your label, it’s the confidence of the man inside the outfit that makes it work!

Okay. Stay fancy.


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