Full-lengthmedium-shotI realise today is not Friday, but it certainly doesn’t mean we cant be fancy right?

Consider this a little preparation or inspiration for this coming Friday okay?

With summer approaching I thought is was time to start brightening up my looks a little, perhaps a little change from the brown and blue curse of my last few fancy Friday’s. Okay look, its hardly a curse right! Brown and blue is a fail safe combination.

But what about some red? Yeah, red pants make a hell of a statement I know, which is why you need to let them be the star of the show and tone them down with some more neutral colours. In this case I went with the grey blazer and brown shoes, grey and brown are a lesser used combination, people generally tend to pair grey with black, but I think the brown helps make it a little less formal and a little more “London Gentleman” – whatever that means.


In the end, it’s all about the details. Isn’t it always? As much as you want to let the pants be the hero, there’s a fine line between letting them stick out or helping them blend in. The trick is picking up ever so slightly on the colour so that it feels spread around the outfit, rather than a big POP. In this case, the lapel flower did most of the work. The red, white, grey and navy in the tie was then carried out in different patterns amd textures throughout the shirt and pocket square.

Like what you see? Well here’s where I got the stuff from.

Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Blazer from Gap

Shirt from TM Lewin

Tie by Weekend Casual

Lapel flower from Weekend Casual

Pocket Square from Weekend Casual

Tie clip from Weekend Casual

Belt from Ted Baker

Pants from Topman

Watch from MVMT Watches ( Use discount code ‘Whatmyboyfriendwore’ for $10 off your purchase)

Shoes by To Boot New York

Okay. Stay fancy.



IMG_1414When was the last time you thought about a hair comb?

I found myself frantically searching for one the other day in the hopes of calming this wild beard I’m trying to grow. I eventually stumbled upon some cheap piece of crap I had stolen from a hotel on a recent trip, used it quickly and tossed it into a draw somewhere. I’ve never really paid much attention to combs, but I kinda think thats about to change.

The gents at August Grooming asked me to review their combs, and to be honest, I thought to myself…“isn’t a comb just a comb”. That was till these guys arrived in the mail.

IMG_1330IMG_1344IMG_1364They arrived individually packaged in a simple yet beautiful white box, sitting neatly in their leather pouches.

I quickly realised a comb was no longer just a comb! I felt like the guys at August Grooming had created something you wanted to use straight away, something you didn’t just want to throw in your drawer but something you wanted to take out with you and show off.

Turns out, that’s exactly what the guys at August Grooming were trying to do in the first place. They wanted to bring back the luxury of the comb so that todays modern gentleman would carry it around with him all day just like they did before the 90’s. Something they were proud of. The problem was, everything out there was either cheap mass produced crap or made out of the same old boring tortoise shell it had been made out of before the 90’s.

So they made these beauties!

IMG_1336IMG_1362IMG_1355IMG_1349IMG_1346Every comb and pouch is hand made in Italy using a classic Italian process and given the nature of the acetate no two combs are the same. Personally I fell in love with the leather pouch. The embossed detail on the suede contrasts so nicely with the slickness of the acetate. It’s the kind of thing that you just wanna stick it in your pocket. So I did.

If creating attention is what the guys at August grooming were trying to do, then they nailed it. I was stopped endless times while wearing this comb in my lapel pocket. People are used to a pocket square, but this is something different, and people love different.

If you’re looking for a new dapper detail that sets you apart, or something special for the guy who has everything, I give these combs a big ol WMBW stamp of approval.

Okay. Stay fancy.


garconjon-pitti-4R2A0299asA classic sartorial Sunday piece, all be it on a Thursday afternoon.

This has ‘strolling through the streets of Florence’ written all over it. Just not because one of my fav street fashion photographers (Garcon Jon) captured it in Florence probably while strolling, but more because of its classic european style cues.

Firstly, this young gentleman above seems to portray what the italians call sprezzatura (Italian for “studied nonchalance”), all while wearing fitted trousers and a fitted blazer. It really is the italian way. The colour palette is a little less ‘italian” but certainly very timeless. You can never go wrong pairing khaki and brown or khaki and navy, or in this case both. Brown and blue are often my go to colours (and you see it come through in a lot of my outfits.)

The white shirt and khakis should be a staple in every mans closet, they’re 2 of my 5 “absolute necessities”  The details are quite simple with just a classic white pocket square and the tasselled suede loafers. The loafers of course are the perfect shoes to show off that italian summer sock!

This is the absolute quintessential Sunday brunch outfit – assuming of course the brunch is served with champagne.

As always Sartorial sunday is not only about appreciating street style, but also about making it accessible to you. I usually need to search a couple of online stores to piece the look together. Not this time. I was lucky enough to find it all on Suit Supply – it has definitely become my go to place for classic online menswear.

If you want to go get this look, try these items.

I decided to change the tie up a bit as I’m not a massive fan of knitted ties, I dunno, they never look right to me. I also decided to add some sunglasses and a hat, because any brunch that serves champagne ought to be outside, and you’re gonna need those.

Get the hat here

Get the sunglasses here

Get the blazer here

Get the shirt here

Get the tie here

Get the pocket square here

Get the pants here

Get the shoes here

Okay. Stay fancy.


view-B&WDenim. I’m willing to guess you all have at least one denim item in your wardrobe right? Probably something a little closer to 3 or 4 right?

It’s the one item that seems to stick around your wardrobe longer than everything else. It dates at a slower pace than most fashion and if you hold on to it for long enough it eventually comes back – yep, even that terrible stuff from the 80’s and 90’s. Gross! Hard to imagine that it dates back as far as 1915, something that started off as work wear has seen more changes than face books privacy settings – check out this awesome little timeline on the history of denim!

FL---Layersmedium-close-up---shirtFL---looking-over-balconywalking-B&Wmedium-close-upDenim on denim on denim on denim. It’s a thing.

Getting it right though, is a little more tricky than just wearing denim everything. I’ve got a few tips and tricks though that may just help you nail that Canadian tuxedo, so that you don’t end up looking like Justin Timberlake at the 2001 MTV music awards (seriously google that shit).

My rule for double, or even triple denim are pretty simple and usually work every time. The trick is contrast. Yep, thats it. Sounds a little obvious yes, but sometimes it’s the nuances that take it to the next level. So firstly and most importantly, you want contrast in colour, never pair the same colour washes (remember JT). Secondly, you want contrast in texture, so you don’t want to pair a distressed top with a distressed bottom and end up looking like a homeless guy. Lastly, if you’re gonna attempt a triple denim threat try and break it with something simple and non denim like a white T shirt.FL-WidePocket-squareWater---B&WFL---Landscapehalf-B&WAnd there you have it! A little rock and roll and a little dapper dandy thanks to the pocket square.

All the denim in this look is from the new Topman ‘This is Denim” collection. If you need to brush up on your turn-ups or double-ups make sure to check out the collection in store. If you need to brush up on your denim terminology and make sense of that last sentence, take a look here.

Okay. Stay fancy.

HeaderReviewing hotels isn’t easy! Taking pictures of hotel’s is even harder. Well, the picture taking part is easy. Point and click. Getting nice pictures that convey the feeling of the hotel beyond that of a brochure, can be difficult!

On our recent trip to Bali, we treated ourselves to the TS Suites for part of our 1 week stay – don’t worry, the Bali post is coming. It was by far the most fancy hotel I had ever stayed in, well, at least according to the pics on hotels.comI was amped!

Turns out, the pics weren’t wrong and it was actually going to be the fanciest place Ive ever stayed in. The place is super modern but with a bit of a Balinese edge to it (all be it a cheesy edge) in some places. The lobby is grand and the rooms are massive, but I guess for an all suite hotel, the rooms would have to be. The decor, as stated earlier, could maybe do with a slight update. I kinda wished they had picked a side, because the pseudo modern rustic vibe made me feel a little itchy. In saying that I’m hyper critical of aesthetics, but you decide for yourself. These arent the most amazing pics, but they give you a good sense for the place!

IMG_4123IMG_4486lobbyIMG_4399IMG_4382IMG_4374BedroomWeird decoration aside the place is spotless and the amenities are amazing. Our favourite in room perk was the complimentary mini bar. Yep! COMP LA’MENTARY! This simply means that everyday when you get back from your day out you feast on mini bar snacks and booze! It’s a pretty sweet deal!

There is however no sweeter deal, than what awaits you on the roof.

IMG_4090IMG_4442IMG_4095IMG_4456IMG_4427IMG_4434We spent almost all our time at this hotel up here. It truly is spectacular.

The pool is massive! Big enough that you can get away from the screaming kids when they gather. It’s also surrounded by pool loungers and we never had to search for a place to sit. Of course, it also has a pool bar with the obligatory Balinese happy hour of 2 for 1 cocktails. Watching the sunset over this pool with a Pina Colada in your hand is really what holidays are all about!

What else can I tell you that you wont find in the brochure or on a trip advisor review? Well, I can confirm that the staff are incredibly friendly and immensely helpful! They even go as far as checking you in to your room…while you’re in your room. Yep! They make sure you are entirely happy, then sit with you on the couch and let you check in! It really is the best service I have ever experienced.

Breakfast is good. Not great, but a good hotel buffet breakfast. We ate ours out by the pool, because, in case you missed it…the pool is EPIC!

The surrounding area is a little rough round the edges, but that seems to be most of Bali to be honest. The views aren’t terrific, or at least our weren’t but again, unless you’re on the beach looking at the ocean, then thats what you get in Bali. Oh, speaking of the ocean, you’re about a 15min walk away, but it’s a pleasant 15minutes surrounded by hawker stores and lots of great eateries.

Besides that, they really do everything they can to make the stay a good one, lots of things to do at the hotel, even a tiny little gym to workout in if thats your vibe. It was mine for a few days, but then I chose beer instead.

If you’re heading to Bali and are on a tightish budget I definitely recommend the TS Suites.

Okay. Stay Fancy.


Top-shot-2I recently visited the Calvin Klein store at the V&A Waterfront to take a look at the new Fall collection for 2015. I wasn’t disappointed!

I was met by black on black structured garments in a true Calvin Klein “always classic” style. Lots of dark wash denims in the Calvin Klein Jeans section with an equal amount of navy, black and charcoal in the Calvin Klein suiting department. Of course there’s a little white thrown in for contrast and textures everywhere (either in the prints or the fabric) to help create a little visual interest in the dark on dark layering.

They asked me to put together a little autumn look with a ‘What My Boyfriend Wore’ edge to it – didn’t even know I had one of those. I decided on a little mix of denim and dapper. All fancy up top in Calvin Klein and a little more casual below with some skinny Calvin Klein Jeans. The fit of these jeans really surprised me; they’re the perfect rise and sit just below the hip with just enough taper so that it doesn’t seem like I’m wearing jeggings! Of course I wanted to include my love for skulls somewhere (maybe that’s what the ‘What My Boyfriend Wore’ edge is that they’re talking about) so the dark pocket square with polka dot skulls gave enough pop to stick out but not overpower the classic navy blazer. The contemporary styling means the lapels are a little slimmer so I decided to give the lapel flower a miss. A couple of details with the classic watch and leather bracelet to match the never-fail-me black brogues and I was set.

What do you guys think?

Dancing-FLpocket-squaretop-shotFL-2shoesmid-shotFL-1If you guys are in Cape Town, I suggest checking out the V&A Waterfront store. They’re running a little promo this weekend with a free Calvin Klein tote bag for your purchase over R1000! Score!! Get there between 4pm and 8pm on Friday or 12pm and 4pm on Saturday so you can shop to the funky beats of the in store DJ all while sipping on complimentary drinks. Really, all shopping experiences should be that good.
Okay. Stay Fancy.

nc_chapscopu190915_049-1nc_chapscopu190915_052Our friends Barry and Natelee have recently moved to Dubai.

Now normally we’re not overly jealous about 40°C (104 °F) heat and beers that cost more than a decent pair of shoes. That was until she shared this new post on her blog and I let out a sad little noise somewhere between a whine and a wail! Now, I don’t want to give too much away because it’s her blogpost and her incredible photography, but I did think I’de give you guys a taste.

If you live in Dubai or are planning on visiting anytime soon, I would definitely go and get a trim at this place. Maybe even pick out a bike while you sip on your coffee.

Better make it an iced coffee, it’s still 40°C out!

nc_chapscopu190915_044nc_chapscopu190915_018nc_chapscopu190915_061nc_chapscopu190915_046nc_chapscopu190915_081nc_chapscopu190915_073nc_chapscopu190915_019Okay! That’s enough.

Go check out the full post here for all of the awesome and a full write up.

This has possibly reinvigorated my cafe racer dream…hmmmm – good thing i’ve just had a haircut or I would definitely be booking a ticket!

Okay. Stay Fancy.


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