What does one wear to the polo? It sounds pretty fancy, I had visuals of linen suits and ladies in big hats, lots of fake laughing and the “chinging” of champagne glasses. All I knew was, I wanted to wear a pocket square. There’s been a lot of pocket square action happening around me and all I knew is I wanted in on that action. Unfortunately the only thing I have remotely close to a pocket square is this little red silk thing I think I picked up at the Oriental Plaza once to complete a fancy dress outfit or something. Luckily pocket squares are the kinda things that can make there own statement, they just need to touch on something else in the outfit and ‘voila’ they work.

Here are the details of this outfit

Blazer and white shirt from H&M

Tie fromΒ Stuttafords

Belt from Paul Smith

Pants are 511 by Β Levis

Wingtips from Zara

I was kinda close with my image of the polo. We were in the BMW tent and it was fancy, with real laughter though, and ladies in hats. Misha was wearing something she called a ‘fascinator’ I think it worked and she looked lovely. Big thank you to the folks at BMW South Africa for having us, we had fun.

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